Monopoly Go: Important Tips For Maximizing Rewards

Monopoly Go Tips

If you are an avid player of Monopoly GO, you must know that there are no legitimate tap-in cheats available for the game to win. But if you can master some important tips to maximize rewards, you will surely become the richest and most successful player in Monopoly GO! Let’s quickly jump into the guide.

First, you must know some codes can provide you with free dice, which are released daily. Beware of websites that claim to offer thousands of free dice. Such claims are simply not possible and even if you were to obtain them, your account may be flagged by Scopely for inspection, potentially resulting in its closure.

Instead, you can collect around 25 free dice every 8 hours within the game itself. To do this, open the game, tap on the three lines at the top right corner of the page, select “shop,” and scroll all the way to the right in the top section to find and collect your free reward. This free reward refreshes every 8 hours and typically includes approximately 25 free dice, along with some money. It may also include stickers and special event tokens.

Remember to log in once every 24 hours to collect the daily treats. These treats accumulate throughout the week and tend to become more substantial with each passing day. In addition to Monopoly Go dice, you can also receive 1-star gold cards on certain days.

In addition to the daily prizes, there is a meter located at the top of the game screen. As you collect prizes daily, this meter fills up and reaches milestones, offering additional rewards. Once you reach the final reward, the meter resets. It takes more than a week to complete the meter, usually around 2 weeks.

Every day at 13:00 UTC, Quick Wins are reset, presenting you with three new opportunities to potentially earn free dice. Quick Wins are relatively easy to complete and if you are active enough to complete at least 6 out of 7 tasks every week, you can not only win individual prizes but also accumulate Quick Win points to claim the weekly prize, which often includes valuable items like gold-pink sticker packs, shield skins, or in-game money.

During Flash Events, which occur periodically alongside the main events and tournaments, you have another chance to win rewards in the game. Flash Events include Mega Heist, Cash Grab, Wheel Boost, Board Rush, Cash Boost, Landmark Rush, Free Parking and High Roller. These events provide an additional avenue for earning rewards, but their appearance is unpredictable and relatively short-lived, lasting anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour, every few hours.

Adding Facebook friends can also yield significant rewards. The number of rewards you can obtain for adding Facebook friends has been capped at 1,000 free dice due to widespread cheating. For every friend (up to 10) on Facebook who downloads and plays Monopoly, you can receive 100 free dice.

By collecting enough tokens and skins, you can unlock additional free rewards in the game. To check your progress and current collection, tap on the three lines at the top right of the game screen and select “My Showroom.” Here, you can view your tokens and tap on the M symbol to see the requirements for the next reward. Similarly, tap the shield icon at the bottom of the Showroom to view information about Shield Skins.

Main events are prominently featured in the game app and typically last between 2 and 4 days. These events offer thousands of dice and valuable sticker packs as rewards, which you can obtain by reaching various milestones. Completing main events can be challenging, so it is advisable to stop at a suitable point, especially when the next reward requires an excessive number of points or after winning a substantial amount of dice. If you do not purchase dice, it may be best to wait for the next main event.

Tournaments are similar to main events, with milestone rewards based on points earned. Tournaments are usually shorter in duration, lasting 1 or 2 days, and offer final rewards based on your ranking among other players in your group. Various strategies can be employed to achieve a higher position, such as waiting until the last hour to join an easier group or intentionally not participating in a few tournaments to eventually be placed in an easier group. Be cautious of last-minute competitors who may snatch the top prize and ensure you have enough dice in reserve for a final push if necessary.

To complete sticker collections, consider trading with other players. It is advisable to trade with individuals who have a good reputation to avoid falling victim to scammers who may keep your card. However, the best way to complete the sticker sets and album is to buy stickers online! We recommend you buy Stickers for Monopoly Go on U4gm, Which delivery time is in a few minutes and 100% safe to buy without a scam happening.

When building in the game, it is recommended to wait until you have enough money to complete the entire level. The general rule is that the cost to build the complete level is 100 times the cost of the first landmark of that level. By following this approach, your shields will remain full, ensuring you regain your dice whenever you land on them. Be aware that you can still be attacked in Bank Heist and Mega Heist, putting your entire account at risk.

If you have the time, manually rolling the dice and selecting the multiplier for each throw can be advantageous. This allows you to adjust the multiplier based on the likelihood of landing on a square with a good reward. If the next throw seems unlikely to yield a favorable square, you can set the multiplier to a lower value.

The High Roller Flash event can potentially result in massive tournament scores, but it is a game of chance and probability. Using this event can quickly deplete your dice, so as a free-to-play player, it may be best to avoid it. Even when I have over a thousand dice, I usually stick to a maximum multiplier of x10.

Landing on Jail with a high multiplier can provide an opportunity to win a substantial number of free dice. While I have not personally tried this trick, I have heard about it in various Discord channels. The idea is to aim for Go to Jail with the highest possible multiplier and hope to roll a high double to get out of jail. This way, you can earn dice equal to the score of one of the dice multiplied by the multiplier used to enter jail. Keep in mind that the potential gains may be outweighed by the risk of losing more dice.

With these tips, you can maximize your rewards quickly and get the best experience in Monopoly Go!