The First Descendant – How To quickly Level Up Weapons?

This guide is intended to be a quick guide on how to level up your weapons in The First Descendant. This is distinct from increasing proficiency, which you achieve simply by defeating enemies. Here, we’re focusing specifically on upgrading the weapon levels.

Quickly upgrading weapons requires players to obtain weapon blueprints and collect necessary items. Buy cheap TFD Campaign Boost services can quickly obtain a large amount of materials. Use the discount code “harry” at U4GM to enjoy discounts and save more!

Step 1: Obtain Your Weapon Blueprint
Initially, you will need to acquire a weapon blueprint, which you can research and craft. A common early blueprint is for the SMG known as Thunder Cage. Researching this blueprint takes about 4 hours. Once crafted, the weapon starts at level one, which is not very useful as you progress in the game. Thus, upgrading it becomes essential.

Step 2: Gather Necessary Items
To upgrade your weapon, you need access to a workbench, which we’ll cover shortly, and specific items like the Phase Exchanger. There are two types of Phase Exchangers:

  • Common and Rare Firearms Phase Exchanger: Suitable for standard weapons.
  • Ultimate Firearms Phase Exchanger: Required for more advanced weapons like the Thunder Cage.

These can be crafted using money and materials, which are obtained by dismantling unwanted weapons in your inventory.

Step 3: Locate the Research Station
You can find the Research Station in the central hub of the game. It’s quite straightforward to locate, and here you can craft the necessary Phase Exchangers.

Step 4: Find a Weapons Workbench
Workbenches are available at most outposts throughout the game world, besides the main hub. At the workbench:

  1. Go to the weapon level transmission section.
  2. Select the weapon you wish to upgrade (e.g., Thunder Cage).
  3. Choose a higher-level weapon from your inventory to use for the upgrade. For instance, if you have a level 22 weapon, you can use it to elevate your Thunder Cage to the same level, significantly boosting its stats. Step 5: Upgrade Your Weapon
    Confirm your selection and upgrade the weapon. The process is quick, and you’ll see your weapon’s level and stats increase immediately.

That’s it! Your weapon is now upgraded and more potent, helping you tackle tougher challenges in The First Descendant. Remember to dismantle any unneeded weapons for materials, and keep an eye out for workbenches in the game world.