The Best Equipment In Dragon Ball Legends

Equipment play a very important role in Dragon Ball Legends. In general, they give large Stat Bonuses with some giving more unique and niche Abilities such as increasing Inflicted Damage to specific tags when equipped to Characters. However, there are hundreds of options available, and some equipment are better than others, figuring out which is the best Equipment will require a fair amount of research. So this guide will show you the best Equipment that you can use to enhance the abilities of favorite character in your DBL Accounts.

  1. This Is The Kaioken (Strike Fighters) Type: Gold
    Equip Condition: Melee Type
    Slot 1: Base Strike Defense UP – 6%-15%
    Slot 2: Base Strike Attack Up – 5%-12.5%
    Slot 3: Base Strike Attack Up – 5%-18%

For players who rely heavily on their Strikers, This is the Kaioken is easily the best piece of Equipment and is based on Goku’s signature Kaioken technique. Based on where this is placed, this Equipment can beef up either the defenses or the attacks of a Strike-based Fighter; something that melee characters can definitely make use of when fighting others in melee range. Someone like Android 18, who, despite her Blast Arts, can dish out more damage to the popular Saiyan Tag may get an immense power boost from this item.

  1. Saiyans Don’t Do Limits! (Future, Vegeta Family) Type: Gold
    Equip Condition: Melee Type
    Slot 1: Base Blast Defense UP – 5%-12%
    Slot 2: Base Critical UP, Base Strike Attack UP – 5%-10%
    Slot 3: To Blast Attack for each Tag: Future battle member UP – 2%-5%

Saiyans Don’t Do Limits! is an ideal piece of Equipment for your kits, particularly for Melee Types that can benefit from the defense against Blast Attacks, while at the same time, enjoying boosts in Criticals and Strike Attacks. Most interesting is how this Equipment is also very suitable for Vegeta Family Teams, as a lot of their members also have the Future Tag.

  1. I Want To Fight! (Hybrid Saiyan) Type: Gold
    Equip Condition: Son Family
    Slot 1: Strike Defense or Blast Defense UP – 6%-18%
    Slot 2: Special Move Damage UP, Ultimate Damage UP – 5%-12.5%
    Slot 3: Base Health or Damage to Regeneration UP – 5-12.5%

It’s during the birth of Gohan and the arrival of Raditz that Goku and his family realized that Gohan is half-Saiyan, making him the first among various hybrids to arrive in Dragon Ball lore. This is likely the reason why there is a separate Hybrid Saiyan Tag dedicated to them, and why I want to fight! is one of the best choices for their Equipment. At its core, this Equipment not only boosts a Hybrid Fighter’s defense against Strike or Blast Attacks, but it also gives them massive boosts in both Special Moves and Ultimates. When used properly with the likes of Trunks and Goten, it can turn them into powerhouses in their respective teams.

  1. It’s All You, Gohan! (Son Family) Type: Gold
    Equip Condition: Son Family
    Slot 1: Base Strike Defense UP – 6%-13%
    Slot 2: Base Blast Defense UP – 6%-15%
    Slot 3: To Strike Attack for each Tag: Son Family battle member UP – 2%-5%

Those who want to make the most optimized Goku family builds may want to rely on It’s all you, Gohan! for fast-paced, up-close setups. With this Equipment, Strike-intensive Son Family members get not just base defensive buffs, but also attack buffs for Tag-based Strike Attacks, ensuring that players have an advantage even when going on the defensive with moves such as switching Fighters mid-combat. This Equipment is a great defensive supplement to other more offensive-focused Equipment due to its added survivability.

  1. Android #18 (Female Fighters) Type: Gold
    Equip Condition: Female Warriors, Girls
    Slot 1: Base Strike Attack UP – 8%-20%
    Slot 2: Base Health UP – 6%-15%
    Slot 3: Damage to RED after 30 timer counts UP – 6%-15%

While there are a lot of male Fighters who often take the lead in the series, it’s often female Fighters such as the former villain Android 18 that become proof that girls in the franchise aren’t to be messed with. Android 18 is also a must-have due to her specialization against the PVP-prevalent Saiyan Tags. She becomes a behemoth as well with the Android #18 Equipment, as not only does this boost her base Strike Attack and Health, but it also boosts her damage against aggressive Red Fighters.

  1. Battle Of Saiyans (Saiyan) Type: Gold
    Equip Condition: Saiyan
    Slot 1: Base Strike Defense UP – 10%-18%
    Slot 2: To Strike Defense for 15 timer counts when faced with Saiyan UP – 4%-10%
    Slot 3: Base Health UP – 4%-10%

Given the number of Saiyans in the Dragon Ball series, it’s no surprise how a huge part of the fanbase would likely have the most powerful Saiyans in their Dragon Ball Legends team. This item remains an ideal piece of Equipment for any Saiyan with a focus on Strike attacks, as the buffs they provide can help them go toe-to-toe against tougher foes in both PVP and PVE setups. As a result, this Equipment serves as a decent starting ground when building more optimized Saiyan builds for different occasions.

  1. Boundary Breaking Vegeta (Vegeta Family) Type: Gold
    Equip Condition: Vegeta Family
    Slot 1: Base Blast Attack UP – 6%-13%
    Slot 2: Special Move Damage UP – 5%-10%
    Slot 3: To Strike Attack for each “Tag: Vegeta Family” battle member UP – 2%-5%

As proven with the Vegeta Family Tag in Dragon Ball Legends, prideful Vegeta and his son the humble Trunks prove to be some of the most competent Fighters the game has to offer. And, with Boundary Breaking Vegeta, their specialization in long-distance combat becomes more prevalent. With this Equipment, not only do they get a buff for their base Blast Attack, but they also get boosts to their Special Moves. They get increased chances of unleashing a Strike Attack for each Vegeta Family member in the team too, giving players a lot more incentive to focus on growing a team featuring the bloodline.

  1. I’ll Send It Back! (Regeneration) Type: Gold
    Equip Condition: Regeneration
    Slot 1: Base Strike Defense UP – 6%-15%
    Slot 2: Base Health UP – 4%-10%
    Slot 3: Blast Defense UP for each Element: Yellow battle member. – 6%-15%

Characters in Dragon Ball who can regenerate on their own have earned a special place among Dragon Ball Legends Fighters. Classified under the Regeneration character type, Fighters like Cell, Majin Buu, and Piccolo are almost always tanks due to their innate durability. However, it’s I’ll Send It Back! that exemplifies their capabilities. For instance, a tank like SP Good Buu GRN can use this Equipment for its Slot 3 buffs when working with other Yellow members, especially against Purple foes who are strong against Greens. Players who plan on making tanks out of Regeneration characters should consider this one of their must-haves.

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