Elden Ring Guides: Faith Build with Fire at its Core

Faith builds center around Fire Art Weapons, and these Elden Ring Items with fire attacks scale optimally with Faith. This build is particularly unique as it maximizes the damage of several types of Ashes of War, typically favored in power builds.

Good items to build

Flaming Strike: Offers enhanced power.
Black Flame Tornado: Particularly potent when used in a faith build.
Magma Blade: Features the spinning slash combo and provides a magma AOE (Area of Effect).
Flame of Red Mains: Useful against teams that chase the player.
Blasphemous Blade: It has a deceptive hitbox and is effective in confined spaces.

The prices of these items are very low. You only need to spend a small amount of money to get these cheap Elden Ring Items in the U4GM mall, which is very convenient.

If the opponent has strong fire resistance or is fighting on water, then if you want to maximize the power of the build, you need to have a two-handed sword with a sacred sword as a second weapon.

Stats Breakdown

  • Strength: 26 (Allows the use of the Knight Rider Glade, the hardest-hitting halberd on flame art Also benefits the Blasphemous blade and the magma blade due to their strength scaling.)
  • Faith: 50 (Central to the build, enhancing the power of flame art weapons.)
  • Endurance: 34
  • Mind: 14
  • Health: 60

The attributes of this Elden Ring Account are allocated in actual battles to bring out the player’s maximum combat potential. Black Flame Tornado and Flaming Strike can cause a lot of damage to the enemy in battle, and Blasphemous Blade can inflict heavy damage to the enemy in small space battles. A fatal blow, the Magma Blade can effectively interrupt the enemy’s attack, and the spinning slash can catch the enemy off guard.

Tactical use in actual combat

From the above battle video, it is not difficult to find that this configuration of the build can cause a lot of damage to the enemy in the battle. The weapons used in the build can be easily obtained by buying Cheap Elden Ring Runes.