Final Fantasy XIV teasing players with a rideable goobbue

Every so often, there are pieces of information put out that are transparently false, stories so insane you know they simply must be fabricated… like the idea that Final Fantasy XIV would promise the introduction of a new mount and that said mount would be one of the toothy monsters known as a goobbue. It’s the sort of thing that could be immediately ignored as being a series of enterprising photoshopped pictures if not for the fact that it’s being passed along by the official site.

Yes, apparently, the lumbering beasts that terrorize players in both Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV will be added to the stable of mounts alongside chocobos. The preview video itself (embedded just after the break) states that they’ll only be available for a limited time before version 2.0; the lore article claims that the very idea seems absurd even in the game world, but there it is. Hopefully players can learn how to obtain the mount soon, with the added caveat that we’ll probably have to believe it’s a real thing at that point.