Final Fantasy XIV opening up the Grand Companies

They’ve been previewed on the main page, they’ve been hinted at in quest texts, but the Grand Companies of Final Fantasy XIV haven’t been seen in the game — at least, not until now. Along with all of the mechanical shifts, patch 1.18 is also bringing the long-awaited organizations into play, offering players new opportunities for adventure and advancement. A new official preview has placed the process for joining the Companies and adventuring with them in the spotlight, giving a clearer picture of what can be expected from the upcoming patch.

As previously noted, there will be a company in each of the three city-states, but players are not required to join the company corresponding to their home state. Rather, characters past rank 22 will be presented with a mission, and success will give the opportunity to join the company. There will also be a new part of the UI added to track a character’s standing with the Company of choice. The full preview should help get Final Fantasy XIV players excited for the patch, due to release late next week.