Final Fantasy Xiv,Gameplay

Character Creation

Character creation in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is typical to most MMORPGs.

There are 5 races to choose from:

■Hyur – The typical “Human” race found in most MMO’s
■Elezen – The typical “Elf” race found in most MMO’s
■Lalafell – Small sized creatures reminiscent of the Tarutaru of Final Fantasy XI
■Miqo’te – Cat-like humanoids reminiscent of the Mithra of Final Fantasy XI
■Roegadyn – Hulking creatures reminiscent of the Galka of Final Fantasy XI
The customization is detailed enough to make a unique character without going too deep in details. Players can adjust height, facial features, voice, hair, facial hair, and other features. They then choose their character’s birthdate from a mythical calendar of 12 months of 32 days each. They then pick a “Guardian” or deity of sorts, which will modify some elemental resistance stats.

Finally, players choose a starting class. Each class has its own specific city-state base, and the game begins in that city-state.

There are 8 classes and 3 city-states to choose from:

■Archer – Gridania
■Gladiator – Ul’dah
■Lancer – Gridania
■Marauder – Limsa Lominsa
■Pugilist – Ul’dah
■Arcanist – Limsa Lominsa
■Conjurer – Gridania
■Thaumaturge – Ul’dah

Basic GameplayEdit
You can choose between playing with mouse and keyboard or you can choose to play on your gamepad. The skill HUD will adapts on your selected choice.
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Leveling and PartyingEdit
The Duty Finder menu in A Realm Reborn.
Added by MonterossaDuty Finder is a new party search system in A Realm Reborn. It allows the player to form a party with other players, including players from different worlds.
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A Black Mage using a limit break.
Added by DiamondEdgeA Realm Reborn will implement a limit break system for parties, in place of the Battle Regiments from version 1.0. The party will have a limit gauge that will increase over time, and once it hits certain thresholds, a limit break attack may be used by one of the party members, which will then empty the gauge. Depending on how much the gauge is filled, the party may gain access to more powerful attacks.

This gauge can be increased faster by performing actions determined as “fine play”, such as blocking enemy attacks. Limit breaks will have different effects depending on the job of the player who uses them.

In an early gameplay presentation, a Black Mage is shown triggering a limit break, which summoned a meteor-like spell to deal heavy damage to the target.
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