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July 7th – July 14th210px Lightning cg soldier Final Fantasy :Featured Images
Render of Lightning dressed as a SOLDIER in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. As a pre-order bonus with the game, Lightning will be able to equip a SOLDIER 1st Class uniform, Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword, and the “SOLDIER Band” gauntlet. While wearing the outfit Lightning will perform Cloud’s signature Victory Pose, and the Final Fantasy VII version of the Victory Fanfare will play. The outfit is based on the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII design of SOLDIER, where they wear black uniforms in 1st Class instead of the purple outfits shown in Final Fantasy VII, and the Buster Sword uses its Compilation design with blade etchings and a gold handguard.

All SOLDIER members shown in Final Fantasy VII and related media have been male. The reason the organization apparently has no female members is unknown, but this outfit marks the closest instance thus far to a female SOLDIER.

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