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Point of No Return

The following article is based on a subject that has not been officially named in any official Square Enix material; the current title is merely a placeholder.
Point of no return in Final Fantasy XII.
Added by KeltainentoukokuuThe Point of No Return is a term used to describe the point, in-game, that happens a little before the Final Boss. From this point, it is impossible to turn back, and, as such, the only way to go is toward the boss. Usually, a save point can be found right before it.

Also, a message, usually a spoken monologue by the main player, will appear, questioning if the party should continue. In several remakes there is no Point of No Return because once the Final Boss is defeated, the player can save their game and return to the World Map where they can access version-exclusive bonus dungeons.

Final Fantasy IV
The Point of No Return in Final Fantasy IV is found directly after running up the stairs and the confrontation with Zemus on the final floor of the Lunar Subterrane in the moon’s core. Straight after that the script, including two scripted battles, will take the player to the final confrontation with Zeromus. In the Advance remake, there is no true Point of No Return, as after the party kills Zeromus, an all-clear file can be saved and the bonus dungeon, Lunar Ruins, can be accessed.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude
The game is entirely linear – after being flown to a new location the previous region and nearby locations are inaccessible.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
After traveling to the True Moon in the final Tale, the player cannot return to Earth. Within the Depths and Bottommost Depths of the True Moon however, the player can turn back any time they wish up until the actual battle with the final boss.