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A Town (町, Machi?) is a game element in the Final Fantasy series, where the player is able to rest, revive its characters, buy armor, items, weapons or magic spells, hear rumors and various information given by NPCs or even catch ferries to other areas. They are often in the heroes’ way to their goal, and are crucial on quests, since various events necessary for the story to progress may take place in these areas.

They are usually accessed via World Map and are void of Random Encounters, although boss battles may occur inside. Also, some towns may be located near castles, or castles may even be towns themselves. In some few cases, access into Towns is restricted until a certain point in the game, and can also only be visited until a certain point in the game.

The usual background music for towns in early installments of the series is each game’s Town Theme, which is usually a calm and peaceful melody.


Final Fantasy IV

The Feymarch.
Added by CrazyswordsmanIn Final Fantasy IV, Towns where no Inn exists could be seen for the first time. Castle-Towns also appeared for the first time in this game.

List of Towns:

■Dwarven Castle
■Cave of Eblan
■Hummingway Home