How to Create FFXIV Character

As a new comer of Final Fantasy XIV, you should create your charaters firstly. If you

don’t character how to start your adventure and get your rewards of ffxiv gils. If

you have any questions of create role in the game, read the following paragraph, I

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1. After logging in, select “New” from the Character Selection screen.
2. Select your character’s race, clan, and gender.
3. Choose a preset appearance for your character.
4. Customize various aspects of your character’s appearance via the available menus.
5. Select your character’s starting discipline and class.
In FINAL FANTASY XIV, a player’s class is determined by the arm or tool in his/her

hand. The class chosen during character creation simply determines the items a player

begins the game with. Players can change their class at any time by simply equipping

different items they purchase, find, or create. Different class may bring different

game benefits of ffxiv gil, and skills.
6. Select your character’s nameday (birthday) and Guardian (patron deity).
7. Select whether to save the settings made in steps 1 through 6.
Users can save the race, appearance, class, and other data of their character to the

hard disk. The next time you select “New” from the Character Selection screen, you

can apply the data you saved in the creation of a new character. Character creation

interrupted by server error may be resumed without the need for repetitive selection.
8. Select the World that your character will inhabit.
Game Worlds
The World that your character will inhabit can be chosen during the character

creation process. Once selected, your World cannot be changed. To confirm which World

you belong to, simply refer to the Character Selection screen or to the “Welcome to

[World name]” message that is displayed upon logging into the game.
9. Input your character’s first and last name.
10. Select the city-state in which you wish to begin your adventure.