Diablo 4 Expert Guide: Mastering AOC with Level 24 Glyph

Diablo 4, the latest installment in the acclaimed action RPG series, continues to captivate gamers worldwide. One of the game’s highlights is the Ancestral Oath of Covenant (AOC), a challenging tier that tests players’ skills and strategy. This article provides a full breakdown of a high-end build suitable for a level 24 glyph, emphasizing gear requirements and strategies for navigating the higher tiers of AOC.

Diablo 4 Expert Guide: Mastering AOC with Level 24 Glyph

Essential Gear and Stats

The foundation of this build lies in its carefully selected gear, each piece contributing to a balance of damage output and survivability. Key components include:

  • Hocan’s Crest: A chest piece with four damage reduction rolls and Disobedience, offering essential armor and varied damage reduction (DR) types.
  • Ancestral Force Gloves: These are crucial for strength, attack speed, and Hammer of the Ancients enhancements, with flexibility for overpower or crit chance.
  • Red Ring of Fury and Tibolt’s Will: These D4 items provide significant damage boosts and Fury management, essential for maintaining high DPS.
  • Damage Reduction Pants with Iron Blood: Ideal for more challenging encounters, providing additional survivability.
  • Relentless Berserker Boots: These are necessary for cooldown reduction and maintaining Unstoppable, crucial for avoiding stuns.

Weapons and Resistance Management

A two-handed mace, such as Limitless Rage, offers a consistent damage boost. Focusing on strength damage while berserking and critical strike damage is essential. Earth Strikers are recommended for one-handed options, focusing on all stats, strength, crit, and berserking.

Resistances play a vital role in survivability. Ensure your gear balances resistances, particularly lightning, and poison, to maximize effectiveness against various enemy types.

Vampiric Powers and Skill Selection

Vampiric powers such as Domination and Prey on the Weak enhance the build’s effectiveness, while skills like Booming Voice and Furious Impulse are critical for maximizing damage output.

Final Thoughts

This Diablo 4 build is designed for players aiming to tackle the most challenging aspects of the game. It requires a blend of strategic gear selection, skill management, and an understanding of the game’s mechanics. While the gear requirements are high, the payoff in higher tiers of AOC is immensely satisfying.