Diablo 4’s Season 2: Mastering All Classes to Level 100

Season 2 of Diablo 4 has re-engaged players, even those bored by the game initially. This article explores how one player leveled all classes to 100 and tried various strategies. We’ll share the best builds and advice for mastering the game’s hardest parts.

Diablo 4’s Season 2: Mastering All Classes to Level 100

Druid – The Speed Demon of Ghoa Ruins

Our adventurer started with the Druid class, leveraging the Landslide and the Stormclaw builds to maximize clear speed. Highlighted is the unique Movement buff from a chest item that makes Druids unmatched in speed, especially in Ghoa Ruins, setting them apart from other classes.

Barbarian – From Underdog to Champion

Initially avoided due to a lack of S-tier endgame builds, the Barbarian class saw a turnaround in fortunes. The player’s Rend build, developed without following mainstream guides, eventually became part of the meta, showcasing the potential for players to shape the game’s strategic landscape.

Necromancer – The Safe Bet for NMD 100’s

The Necromancer class stood out for its reliability and safety, with gear like Grandfather, Shako, and the Ring of Starless Skies waiting to boost performance at level 80. The Bonespear build, in particular, was a breeze, emphasizing the Necromancer’s dominance in tackling Nightmare Difficulty level 100s.

Rogue – The Fun of Exploiting Glitches

A rogue build exploiting a known bug provided an unexpectedly enjoyable experience despite the class being deemed the weakest this season. This highlights the impact of creative builds and game mechanics on player enjoyment.

Sorcerer – The Unique-Dependent Class

Initially avoided, the Sorcerer class relied heavily on specific unique items. The journey with the Sorcerer was challenging but ultimately rewarding, demonstrating the importance of strategic planning and resource management.

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Uber Runs and Unique Items

Uber runs in Diablo 4 have brought players many treasures, but some, like Lycander’s Staff and Doombringer, are still hard to find. If you want to complete your collection, consider checking out D4 items for sale. The player also critiques Andariel’s Visage, noting issues with its Life Steal mechanic that may not work as expected.


Reaching level 100 with all classes in Diablo 4 is a testament to strategic diversity and player commitment. Season 2 has provided a platform for experimentation, revealing the strengths and weaknesses of each class. Hunt at your own pace and preference!