Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII poster blows whistle on PC release

Final Fantasy series lineage can be a complicated business, so pay attention: Lighting Returns isn’t a remake of Final Fantasy XIII, as its title might mislead you into concluding; nor is it even a direct sequel to that game. It’s actually the sequel to Final Fantasy XIII-2, and sees the end of the Fabula Nova Crystallis story arc first begun in FFXIII. This strikes me as precisely the sort of confusion destined for a series that began with a proclamation of finality.

Anyway. It’s due out on Xbox 360 and PS3 later this year, as well as – remarkably enough – the PC.

UPDATE: Square Enix senior PR manager David Yang told DualShockers: “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be available for the PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms only. The poster ad in question erroneously indicated PC as a platform.”

Booo. Original story follows.


That latter point has been revealed exclusively to ambulators on the streets of LA, where a poster is currently advertising the game ahead of what must surely be a planned E3 appearance.

Squint hard enough and you can make out the thoroughly unsexy PC logo that tends to sit alongside its Xbox and PS3 equivalents in multiplatform game adverts.

Square Enix are hosting a press conference tomorrow, Tuesday June 11, where they’re promising to show the “future of Final Fantasy”. Highly irregular though it may be, it seems that future might make room for our fair platform.

We have reborn MMO Final Fantasy XIV, of course, but the series proper has almost always steered away from the PC. How would you feel about a change to all that?