“A new age is upon us…and we fight, to make it ours.”
—Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Game Trailer

180px FFXIV 2.0 Concept Final Fantasy Xiv:Development

To complete the cycle of modifying the game after the initial reception, Square Enix announced a “2.0″ update of the game named Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. A Realm Reborn is not an expansion pack, but an entire reworking of the game built from the ground up. The project’s Alpha testing began in November 2012.

The update will require an all new client, available for download to players around the release date. It uses a different engine and will drastically redesign the game world map and boast completely different graphical and server structures; the new engine is said to be better optimized for both lower end PCs and the PlayStation 3. The main storyline will be slightly modified to fit in with the new Eorzea, but ultimately be the same, happening five years after the fall of Meteor.

180px FFXIV   Magitek Armor Final Fantasy Xiv:DevelopmentSeveral other features are planned to be released around that date, including Player vs. Player (PvP) content. They have mentioned the addition of Miqo’te males, Highland Hyur and Roegadyn females as playable races, more character creation options, summoning and pet systems, auction houses (expanding on the current Market Wards), dungeon maps readable by disciples of the land, chocobo-back battles, player-run companies, and other adjustments and new systems, though many of these may appear after the 2.0 client has been released.

Recent artworks show concepts of Magitek armor from Final Fantasy VI planned to be a player mount, and inclusion of more monsters from earlier titles such as Behemoth and Iron Giant.
FFXIV PS3 InterfaceA screenshot of Playstation 3 version, showcasing the new UI.

During E3 2012, new information regarding the release for the PlayStation 3 version and the 2.0 revision of the game, along with new screens and artwork of the content for the update, was released.180px FFXIV PS3 Interface Final Fantasy Xiv:Development It included concept art for Typhon, a series recurring enemy, Fenrir with a design similar to that of the one seen in Final Fantasy XI, new screenshots of male Miqo’te as a Paladin and another as a Dragoon, as well as many new weapons and equipment. The first gameplay presentation was shown at Gamescom, and the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary event on September 1st featured a keynote with Naoki Yoshida.

On July 5, 2012, Square Enix launched a new teaser site.

The Alpha Test, carried during the last several weeks of 2012, was an encouraging success. Many praised the Alpha for having far more content than was needed to conduct server stress tests.

180px Uldah ARR 03 Final Fantasy Xiv:DevelopmentThe Beta Test application site is currently open, and the ARR beta commenced on February 25th, 2013, with testing currently in Phase 3. Legacy members and players with a Final Fantasy XIII Members Registration Code will be given priority for selection in Phase 1 of the Beta, but more testers will be invited regularly until the game’s launch; Phase 4 is currently slated to be an “open beta” in which progress made will carry forward into the release game, and in which virtually everyone who applied for testing beforehand will be allowed in.

Barring any last-minute emergencies, ARR is currently scheduled to launch on August 27, 2013, on both the PC and with the long-awaited PlayStation 3 version. Players who pre-order ARR will get “early access” to the release game ahead of the official launch date.

Final Fantasy Xiv: Naoki Yoshida

Naoki Yoshida

Naoki Yoshida Final Fantasy Xiv:Personnel: Naoki Yoshida

Naoki Yoshida, referred to by friends and fans alike as Yoshi-P, is a game developer and director who joined Square Enix in 2004, working mostly with the Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road games. After the poor reception received by Final Fantasy XIV, he was appointed as the new producer and director for the game, due to his track record as a talented game designer and hardcore MMO player.He’s been known as being very open to the players about his plans, often posting on the official forums late in the nights. He has admitted to sometimes getting sick due to his tight work schedule, and becoming addicted to coffee for the same reason.

In one interview, he has stated that his favorite Final Fantasy game is Final Fantasy VII and that he wants to make a MMO as “powerful” as that game was.


·The Wandering Minstrel character is modeled after Naoki Yoshida, and the NPC dialogue refers to his involvement in the project after the initial release. The same model was also used to represent Yoshida’s character when showcasing the wallpaper reward obtained during the 2011 Firefall Faire event.
·If a player goes where the Wandering Ministrel was after patch 1.23a, he can be teleported to a prison cell where they can speak with the minstrel once more. The NPC will talk about the seventh umbral era poem and explain the meaning behind it’s verse, as it is draws parallels to the “rebirth” of Eorzea and then comments about having seen a new world beyond the void. This can be seen as a sort of Developer’s Room, as the ministrel represents Yoshida.
·Yoshida was also a hardcore player of Dark Age of Camelot, and mentioned in an interview that Mythic Entertainment even heard about his character.
·Before joining Square Enix, Yoshida worked on some Hudson Soft games such as the Bomberman and Tengai Makyo series.

Final Fantasy Xiv:Takashi Tokita

Takashi Tokita

 Final Fantasy Xiv:Personnel:Takashi Tokita

Born January 24th, 1965, Takashi Tokita (時田 貴司, Tokita Takashi?) is a game developer for Square Enix and currently the head of its development divisions. He joined the company in 1985 and, just like his fellow staff member Kazuhiko Aoki, he played several roles in the development of Final Fantasy series, ranging from Director to Supervisor.Tokita got into the video game industry when he originally went to Tokyo to become an actor at the age of eighteen, but saw an advertisement looking for a graphics designer at an old software house.He was initially a part-time employee doing graphic design work and sound . After that , He switched to full-time when he became the lead designer of Final Fantasy IV in 1991.Tokita feels that Final Fantasy IV is the first game in the series to really pick up on drama and the first Japanese RPG to feature “such deep characters and plot”.

Other than his work on the Final Fantasy series, Tokita has a few other projects at Square Enix to his name. He has directed Chrono Trigger and produced the Hanjuku Hero series and Nanashi no Game for the Nintendo DS. These projects were slated for English localizations, but were cancelled by focus groups. Tokita has expressed an interest in creating games with quirky characters. His other notable work was Live A Live, a choose-your-own story RPG for the Super Nintendo, which never left Japan. To an extent, this game was the basis of the idea for the tales in The After Years.Tokita is also well known for having directed Parasite Eve and written the game’s story but later games in the series have been handed off to other director.

A debug item in The After Years named the “Tokita Sword” was named in his honor. It gives any character equipped with it maximum stats and can break the damage limit of 9,999.

Final Fantasy Xiv:Huge Materia

Huge Materia
“An extremely large materia.”
—Description, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. 250px ObservatoryHG Final Fantasy Xiv:Items:Huge Materia

The Huge Materia (ヒュージマテリア, Hyūji Materia?) in Final Fantasy VII are extraordinarily powerful Materia, produced in the core of a Mako Reactor. They are high density Materia that have 330 times the power of a regular Materia. The Huge Materia bear an uncanny resemblance to the traditional Crystals of the Final Fantasy series.

When Shinra Electric Power Company decides to destroy the Meteor, they set out to gather the four Huge Materia and fire them on the Shinra No. 26 rocket into the Meteor. Cloud Strife and the party want the Materia for themselves and attempt to stop Shinra, though the game continues even if the party is unsuccessful.

Acquiring Huge Materia

The first Huge Materia is found in North Corel and must be taken from a runaway train. If they succeed, Barret is hailed a hero, and the player will be given the Ultima Materia. If the player catches up with the train but does not stop it they will not get the Materia and will have to pay for the Ultima Materia. If the player fails to catch up to the train they get neither the Huge Materia or any chance of getting Ultima.

The second Huge Materia can be found in Fort Condor and is won after the battle minigame. The player does not need to win the minigame, they simply must face the boss that attacks the group. If they lose to the boss Fort Condor is defeated and the Huge Materia is lost.

The third is found on the Bottom of the Sea near Junon and on the sunken red submarine. If the player fails to destroy the submarine in the torpedo minigame, the Huge Materia is lost.

The final one must be saved from the Shinra No. 26 rocket while in space by inputting a code. If the party fails to guess the code in time, the Huge Materia will be lost.
After the party escapes the rocket in an escape pod it will plow into Meteor, but fail to destroy it. Even if the player fails to save the Huge Materia, Shinra’s plan will still fail.

If the player loses any one of the Huge Materia, they miss out on the blue Huge Materia. If this happens, the player can still get Bahamut ZERO from Bone Village. If the player loses two Huge Materia they miss out of the red and blue Huge Materia, and if they only save one Huge Materia it will be the yellow one. It is possible to lose all four and if the party arrives to Bugenhagen’s observatory with no Huge Materia in their possession, the party will be unable to access the upper floor of the observatory for the rest of the game.
Master Materia

If all the Huge Materia the player saved are gathered and taken to the observatory in Cosmo Canyon, Bugenhagen will let the player store them there. If Cloud has both the Bahamut and Neo Bahamut Summon Materia, they will receive the Bahamut ZERO Materia through the blue Huge Materia. Through the other three, Cloud can gain use of the three Master Materia, but each one comes at a price.

By mastering all of the possible Materia orbs in a specific group — e.g., all green Magic Materia orbs — Cloud can obtain the Master Magic Materia, but will have to sacrifice all the “MASTERED” (fully grown or full stars) normal Materia. Since all mastered Materia immediately “give birth to” or spawn an identical Materia at the basic level (one star), it is possible to have all mastered Materia, as well as the Master Materia. Master Materia does not gain Ability Points.

The three Master Materia are Master Magic (green), Master Command (yellow), and Master Summon (red). Because the Master Command Materia does not possess all the available commands, the player doesn’t have to master all Command Materia to get it. Master Materia can be created for an infinite amount of times.

If the player failed to score any Huge Materia the set of Master Materia can still be acquired from the Kalm Traveler.

Final Fantasy Xiv:Unrevisitable Locations

Unrevisitable Locations200px FFIX Ice Cavern Final Fantasy Xiv:Locations:Unrevisitable Locations
Unrevisitable locations are locations that are accessed automatically during the storyline and inaccessible upon being left, thus, only visitable once in the entire play-through. Many unofficial guides and walkthroughs warn players of these locations beforehand, especially if they contain useful items.


Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The player can revisit some areas in different Tales, but in some Tales they may be unrevisitable. Some locations become unrevisitable after the Point of No Return in a Tale, but reloading the player after completing the Tale may place them back at an earlier location, so areas that can be revisited upon reloading are not noted here.

In Ceodore’s Tale the player cannot re-enter the Adamant Isle Grotto and Mythril after leaving the area. In Rydia’s Tale the Underworld and all locations within become inaccessible after traveling to Agart. In Edge’s Tale the player visits the Dwarven Castle, Tower of Trials, Mount Ordeals and the Impact Crater with the members of the Eblan Four, and can only visit them in Edge’s Tale once.

In Porom’s Tale the locations visited in flashbacks – Kaipo, the Ancient Waterway, Mist and the Feymarch – cannot be revisited in the final part of the Tale. In Kain’s Tale, the Mist Cliff, Kaipo, Ancient Waterway and Damcyan cannot be revisited.

In The Crystals, the final tale, many cave areas are blocked off by meteor strikes or cave-ins or otherwise cannot be re-entered. These locations are – Underground Waterway, Devil’s Road, Mist Cave, Ancient Waterway, Antlion’s Den, Impact Crater, Mt. Hobs, Mount Ordeals, Adamant Isles Forest, Agart Mine, and Tower of Babil. Additionally the Red Moon is inaccessible outside of The Lunarian’s Tale.

1000px The imperial invasion Final Fantasy Xiv:Locations:Unrevisitable Locations

Final Fantasy Xiv:The Featured Images

Artwork of Sara Altney and the Djinn from Yuukyuu no Kaze Densetsu: Final Fantasy III Yori. Roughly translated as Legend of the Eternal Wind: Final Fantasy III, the manga is an adaptation of Final Fantasy III starring four named protagonists; Muuchi, Doug, J. Bowie, and the sole female, Melfi. The manga considerably predates the DS release of the game which introduced Luneth, Arc, Ingus and Refia, and also follows a different plot, omitting the Cloud of Darkness in favor of an unnamed demon, and though it is depicted with the Guardians of the Dark Crystals accompanying it, they do not appear to be unique entities.

In the game, the Djinn curses the village of Kazus and Castle Sasune, turning the villagers into ghosts. The only way to break the curse is with a Mythril Ring, which can banish the Djinn. Sara possesses such a ring, and the Warriors of Light meet her in the Sealed Cave where she has gone to find the Djinn. Unfortunately the Djinn has been infused with the power of darkness and is immune to the ring’s power, forcing the Warriors of Light to fight him, and afterwards the weakened Djinn is banished. In the DS version, after the Djinn’s defeat the Wind Crystal teleports the party to the Crystal Chamber in the Altar Cave and grants them their first Jobs.

1000px FFIII Manga Djinn Color Final Fantasy Xiv:Featured Images

FFXIV:Artwork of Agnes Oblige

BDFF Woman Final Fantasy Xiv:Artwork of Agnes Oblige Artwork of Agnes Oblige from

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy.

She is the guardian of the

Wind Crystal, and at the

beginning of the game sets out

to purify it. She comes across

Tiz Oria and joins him in his

search, the two eventually

allying with Edea Lee and

Ringabell to form the Warriors

of Light of the game. The art

serves as the cover for the

game’s soundtrack, and

depicts Agnes’s default attire.

The fairy hovering above

Agnes is Aerie, a fairy that

accompanies the party and

provides advice to them

throughout the game.


Final Fantasy XIV Reveals the Scholar

final fantasy xiv scholar 01 Final Fantasy XIV Reveals the Scholar

After the sort of launch that Final Fantasy XIV had, most developers would have thrown in the towel and let the whole thing burn to the ground. But Square Enix isn’t most developers. They took a hard look at what they had released into the world, then said, “Hey, we can fix this.”

The result of these efforts is A Realm Reborn, which will be coming to PC and PS3 on August 27, and PS4 at an unconfirmed later date. We went hands-on with the PS3 version at E3 this year, and what we found was a perfectly competent and enjoyable experience that, to be quite frank, surprised us quite a bit.

But the good news keeps rolling in. While we were exploring the showfloor at the Los Angeles convention center, Square Enix was busy announcing yet another class (or job, as they’re called in the Final Fantasy universe) that we can expect to see when A Realm Reborn goes live.

The Scholar class has an almost Harry Potter look, with round glasses and a spell book tucked under one arm, but the most interesting feature is that he/she has a fairy companion to aid in battle. According to the official Final Fantasy XIV site: “These learned men and women defended the freedom of their tiny nation with their unique command over spell-weaving faeries, utilizing the creatures’ magicks to heal the wounded and bolster the strength of their allies.”

It sounds like this will be primarily a healing/buff class. How exactly will the Scholar factor into group play? We’ll probably have to wait until August to find out.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (PS3/PC) – Beta Preview

Final Fantasy XIV was released approximately 2 years ago now. It had a very rocky debut and was hindered with bugs, issues, lack of content. The development team was sacked, and since then Square-Enix (SE) has been doing their best to salvage FFXIV. Had the name not been part of a historic heritage that saved them from bankruptcy I do not believe SE would have gone through the trouble they have to what is clearly a complete remake of the game. Everything from the battle system to the menu system, interaction, all has changed. But is the update an improvement, or is this simply just a re-skinned version of the previous attempt and ultimately doomed to have the same fate as FFXIV 1.0 (initial release).

So let’s talk about the changes from 1.0 to 2.0 (ARR). Without going into too many spoilers, the game takes place 5 years after the “End of an Era” video that ended the main FFXIV 1.0 game. The world is mostly the same as previously however, it’s shrunk. Areas are smaller and now, rather than true open world, you now have a zoning system akin of Final Fantasy XI which personally, I did not like but did understand why they went with this approach in the end. For what it is, the game does a good job in getting you started.

Questing was made simple, and joining a guild was straight forward. Unlike other MMO’s, FFXIV has always had this single player element to it. Almost like the game itself could not decide whether or not it was a single player or a multiplayer MMO game. However, I also believe this is one of the strong points of the game. You are never left with nothing pointless to do. The game implores a ‘Levi’ system which are quests that you can either do single handily or in a group. The Levi’s range from crafting, battle to fishing quests. They are an aid to the player in progressing in the early stages, and if they remain as useful, as they were in 1.0, then they will be useful at all stages of your playing time.

ffxiv Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (PS3/PC)   Beta Preview

The beta allowed you to pick a certain job and that job would determine where you start in the world of Eorzea. You have your usual classes from the original: Marauder, Pugilist, Archer, Lancer, Conjurer and Thermotauje. These then after a certain requirement are meant transform into jobs such as Warrior, Monk, Bard, Dragoon, White Mage and Black Mage respectively. Each class and job has their own merits and specific skill set and should be explored till you find the right job for you. Changing jobs is also very easy. Switching your weapon alone is sufficient to change your job entirely. This can be done anywhere on the battlefield or town except raids. This adds a complete different dynamic to the game as you are able to chop and change at will depending on the situation of battle you’re in.

So what of the battle system? The battle system has vastly changed from the previous rendition of the game. However, in doing so, the game’s HUD is fully customisable to your very own pleasure. You can move EVERY menu about anywhere you want on screen, allowing total customisation. This is very useful and allows the user to create the experience in the manner they want. The battle system is both active and auto. You have the option for auto-battle, but also the choice to manually take over. Think Final Fantasy XII and you’re half way there. It’s hard to explain, however it works. It works so well, I would like to see something similar in their future titles. As well as your regular abilities you unlock as you level up, you have quested abilities via your guild and the ultimate Limit breaks. These limit breaks are only available in groups of 4-8 players. With 4 players getting access to Level 1 Limit breaks and 8 players getting access to Level 2 limit breaks. The only down side is, that only one person in the party is able to use this ability, however depending on the type of job that uses the limit break, it also has a area of effect on all your party, from increased defence to heightened attacks, or even Regen. It’s an ability that will be used strategically in the midst of battle to overcome the foes and dangers that present themselves against you.

SE have also added a new system to the game. Called FATE (Free Active Time event). These take place throughout the Eorzean world. Entry is simple, run in range and you’re immediately part of the event. The event ranges from killing normal enemies to killing huge bosses. These are very fun watching everyone try and take down such powerful enemies. To make sure the game is kept in balance, if you are above the recommended level you have the option of lowering your level for the event. If you choose not to you will not be rewarded. As you progress to higher level areas, higher level FATE battles are present. These battles are a great way to let loose on some gung-ho fighting and gain a generous amount of experience points. Previously in FFXI similar events were available, but SE finally got it right with this system and it’s definitely a winner.

FFXIV Miqote Hairstyle Wallpaper Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (PS3/PC)   Beta Preview

Graphically the game runs in 720p and SE did a fantastic job, in keeping the frame rate a solid 30 fps and also keeping the visuals, the lighting and the overall experience looking as it does. Top marks to SE for such an amazing achievement. The environments looked detailed, well done, well thought out. You can feel their heart and soul went into the environments to make them as fresh and interesting as possible and glorious graphics add to their vision. What you are left with is a stunning looking game, a little rough around the edges but that is to be expected with a game of this scale, add to that the game is still in beta, so still room for last minute fine combing.

Character creation is vast and complete. You can spend hours literally trying to customise your character to the exact way you want, I was very impressed. You even get the choice in this version of 2 extra types of a race. Male Miqo’te and female Roegadyn. These are nice additions and from what I understand, people from the 1.0 era will have the choice of changing their character appearance when the game is finally released.

On to the matter of control, this is sadly where I feel the PS3 falls flat. Despite being controller friendly, the game does not support a virtual keyboard like its predecessor on the Xbox 360 did on Final Fantasy XI. However with that said, anyone playing a MMO without a keyboard of some sort is not going to fully appreciate the game. For chatting to your guild members, a keyboard is certainly a must. SE has tried their best to include all functionality with button combinations but there’s simply not enough. To fully utilise the game, you will still need a keyboard and mouse for the PS3. Yes, mouse support is available on PS3. Essentially you could play Keyboard and mouse full time if you wanted to. This should not be seen as a negative however, more of a positive of choice. If you want to play with the controller, for the most part you can. Keyboard you can.

d50dc332 9d72 4fe0 84bf c8150b0e672c zps5d741432 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (PS3/PC)   Beta Preview

Raids as you would expect are the heart and soul of the game barring the main campaign. They are restricted to minimum of 4 players with SE saying some will require up to 24 players! I participated in the 4 player raids and the experience was very fun, refreshing, engaging and entertaining. You worked as a team to stay alive and looked out for each other doing your best to get the enemies attention as your team mates health got lower and lower. Thoroughly enjoyable and I can’t wait for another chance to experience it again.

So from this preview am I excited for the future of FFXIV ARR? Very. Am I looking forward to the next beta? Without a doubt. Has the game impressed me beyond that of the original release? Absolutely. It’s everything a casual player could want. The game is very solo-friendly yet at the same time rewarding for grouping-up and playing together. That being said, Yoshi has made it clear that end game fanatics will not be forgotten and difficult and engaging content aimed at those players are also being developed in time for launch. With all that being said and done, how do i view this game. Simple. The game has issues and glitches but it’s in beta stage I expect this and will not strike it down for such things. It’s a fantastic game and deserves a second chance. Play the beta now while it’s free or during open-beta which should be soon. You won’t be disappointed!

Final Fantasy Xiv,Gameplay

Character Creation

Character creation in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is typical to most MMORPGs.

There are 5 races to choose from:

■Hyur – The typical “Human” race found in most MMO’s
■Elezen – The typical “Elf” race found in most MMO’s
■Lalafell – Small sized creatures reminiscent of the Tarutaru of Final Fantasy XI
■Miqo’te – Cat-like humanoids reminiscent of the Mithra of Final Fantasy XI
■Roegadyn – Hulking creatures reminiscent of the Galka of Final Fantasy XI
The customization is detailed enough to make a unique character without going too deep in details. Players can adjust height, facial features, voice, hair, facial hair, and other features. They then choose their character’s birthdate from a mythical calendar of 12 months of 32 days each. They then pick a “Guardian” or deity of sorts, which will modify some elemental resistance stats.

Finally, players choose a starting class. Each class has its own specific city-state base, and the game begins in that city-state.

There are 8 classes and 3 city-states to choose from:

■Archer – Gridania
■Gladiator – Ul’dah
■Lancer – Gridania
■Marauder – Limsa Lominsa
■Pugilist – Ul’dah
■Arcanist – Limsa Lominsa
■Conjurer – Gridania
■Thaumaturge – Ul’dah

Basic GameplayEdit
You can choose between playing with mouse and keyboard or you can choose to play on your gamepad. The skill HUD will adapts on your selected choice.
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Leveling and PartyingEdit
The Duty Finder menu in A Realm Reborn.
Added by MonterossaDuty Finder is a new party search system in A Realm Reborn. It allows the player to form a party with other players, including players from different worlds.
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A Black Mage using a limit break.
Added by DiamondEdgeA Realm Reborn will implement a limit break system for parties, in place of the Battle Regiments from version 1.0. The party will have a limit gauge that will increase over time, and once it hits certain thresholds, a limit break attack may be used by one of the party members, which will then empty the gauge. Depending on how much the gauge is filled, the party may gain access to more powerful attacks.

This gauge can be increased faster by performing actions determined as “fine play”, such as blocking enemy attacks. Limit breaks will have different effects depending on the job of the player who uses them.

In an early gameplay presentation, a Black Mage is shown triggering a limit break, which summoned a meteor-like spell to deal heavy damage to the target.
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