Final Fantasy XIV Crafting Guide

If you think that the Final Fantasy 14 is just about fighting monsters and completing

quests, you would have a wrong understanding with this game. Millions of people

choose this game for it could bring much fun, and in the FF world, you could always

find new things to do. Among them there is crafting which enables you to create items

from some raw materials. In this Final Fantasy XIV crafting guide, I would talk about

this skill in detail.
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Crafting in the Final Fantasy is a repetitive process which is much more tedious, but

once you have done well at that, it would bring you great profits. For that I think

the great thing is Final Fantasy XIV crafting could lower your cost. Along your

leveling in the FF world, you would need FFXIV gil to buy better weapons or items,

and once you begin to crafting, you could save much gils for your character. Except

for that, crafting is a good way to supplement your leveling up. Earning some

experience points is wonderful thing when you crafting items.

Before we start this Final Fantasy XIV crafting guide, you must know that not all

classes in the game can do crafting. In FF world, there are 8 classes are able to do

crafting, which are alchemist, armorer, blacksmith, carpenter, culinarian, goldsmith,

leatherworker, and weaver. There classes are considered as Disciples of the Hand.

Along your game playing, if you can equip their respective tool, you can start

practicing as one of these classes at any point in the game. Let me take an example

to explain that in detail.

An alchemist would use an alembic as his main tool, and mortar as the secondary tool.

If he wants to get these tools, he would look for the appropriate NPC in each starter

city. At the same time, he would search the shopping areas for them. At this point,

you should know that the better tools are mostly result in better quality products.

After you have the right tools for your class, you would need the proper raw

materials to crafting items. There are three common ways available for you to obtain

these materials. They are shopping areas, adventuring, and other players. Among these

areas, I would look high of adventuring for it is extremely effective. By this way,

you could not only get the materials you want, but also get Final Fantasy gil and

experience points along the way. If you want to do things faster, you would need

shopping areas.

After doing that, you would have to learn the basic tech of crafting. This is easy to

do, for you could just simply choose the Synth option from the right side bar of the

game, but before you doing that, you could take a better understanding of the main

hand and off hand options, for this is indicate your tools using along your crafting

process. Using your options effectively is essential for your crafting, for that they

have great effect on the failure bar and success bar of your synthesis.

Having fun in the Final Fantasy world, you need to learn many skills to leveling up

fast, upgrading your weapons, and earning gils, all of these are affect on your game

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