FFXIV limits XP earning after eight hours

Final Fantasy XIV game director Nobuaki Komoto has confirmed that his upcoming MMORPG

curbs your experience points completely after 15 hours’ play in a single week in the

interest of balancing the game for people who can’t play it all the time.

“First off, the main concept behind FFXIV is allowing those players with little time

on their hands to play effectively, and game balance is based off of that,” Komoto

told fans in comments translated by FFXIVCore (thanks VG247).

“Furthermore, it is being designed to not give those with more time on their hands to

play an unfair advantage.”

The idea seems to be that after eight hours’ play in a single week you gradually stop

earning so much XP and skill points, and if you continue playing for another seven

hours you stop earning them entirely.
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Later in his post, Komoto wrote that these figures may be tweaked. “We have plans to

make the limit more palatable in answer to all the tester feedback we received

concerning this,” he said.

“Also, since experience points fatigue carries over despite changing weapons, we plan

to make it not so harsh.”

Judging by Komoto’s comments, the game automatically resets your earning potential at

the end of the week.

“Surplus experience is currently not being used,” he added. “However, we have

received many comments suggesting some sort of reward be put into effect regarding

it, and we think that’s a pretty interesting idea. We don’t want to get ahead of

ourselves, though, and we’re currently investigating the possibilities.”

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