Final Fantasy Xiv classes:Pugilist


The path of the pugilist is one of incessant training aimed at mastering the traditional techniques of hand-to-hand combat. Though pugilists command formidable power when unarmed, they are wont to use metal, leather, and bone weaponry to maximize their destructive potential.

Their preference for fighting at close quarters makes negotiating distances an absolute necessity. Many among them accomplish this by avoiding burdensome armor, allowing for maximum mobility while they move in for the kill.

Combat Role

Pugilists are quick, close range warriors. They rely on having high mobility, but at the cost of armor. During battle, they will be doing very rapid damage, with a high DPS (Damage Per Second).

Pugilists use Evasion as their main source of defense. Unlike other  Disciplies of War, a Pugilist does their absolute best to never be hit, using their skills and passive traits to simply dodge attacks where other classes would simply tank through the damage.