Final Fantasy Xiv classes:Conjurer


Conjury calls upon the elements of earth, wind, and water and concentrates them to a potency at which spells can be weaved. Through practiced meditation on the essences of creation, conjurers draw forth and absorb aether from their immediate surroundings. A wand or cane made from unworked wood is then utilized to focus the aether until it manifests as the desired spell.

Versed also in magicks that restore and strengthen, conjurers are regarded as accomplished healers.

Combat Role

Conjurers produce spells by calling on the elements of earth, wind, and water. They are able to use spells that heal or strengthen players.

During battle they will be in the back lines using their repertoire to help keep their party members alive. Being part of the Disciples of Magic causes them to have lower health than most other classes, so they must take care to avoid damage at all costs.