Final Fantasy Xiv:Gogmagog

The Gogmagog (ゴグマゴグ, Gogumagogu) is a twin-headed entity that appears in Final Fantasy XIII-2, originating from the Dying World at 700 AF. Due to the time paradoxes that have occurred since three years after the fall of Cocoon, Gogmagog has been trapped in the Void Beyond and, seeking to escape, partially appears in random locations across time, said to be looking for its lost half. Legends say it was banished in the Void Beyond by its mortal enemy, Aloeidai. Other theories stated in fragment entries speculate that Gogmagog is a species rather than a single entity, or that Gogmagog is a fal’Cie banished to the Void Beyond as punishment for attempting to travel the timeline.

Fragment Entries

See also: Fragment/Monster Bits.

After defeating bosses new fragment entries are sometimes revealed. Gogmagog’s and Aloeidai’s entries are revealed after each boss battle against them.
Gogmagog Fragment Alpha

Gogmagog is a giant of the Void Beyond. Banished from this world for violating the laws of time, the beast forever wanders the Void in search of escape.

Many enchantments were needed to contain its immense power. The charms and magic seals that cover the beast are mute testament to the courage of those who banished it.

Gogmagog Fragment Beta

Ancient documents provide scant information about the true nature of Gogmagog. Researchers believe that there may be two Gogmagogs, and that the name refers to the species, not the individual.

Others believe that Gogmagog is a fal’Cie who was punished for trying to travel the timeline. This may well be the most compelling explanation for the beast’s immense power.

Gogmagog Fragment Gamma

The legends are not clear on the reason why Gogmagog searches for an escape from the Void Beyond. Some say that what he truly seeks is oblivion. Should he find a way out and be reunited with his lost half, only then will he find release.

A certain passage in the legend reads thusly: ‘Gogmagog once believed he had found his missing half within the Void Beyond-it was, however, but a shadow of his past self, searching endlessly through the mists of time.’

Aloeidai Fragment

Aloeidai is the mortal enemy of the giant Gogmagog. The legends say that in order to exact revenge against Gogmagog, who had caused him to be banished from his homeland, Aloeidai cursed Gogmagog to wander forever in the rifts between eras.

Aloeidai loathes all things that live in this world, and when he is defeated, he twists the surrounding spacetime in an effort to take his enemies with him into death.


At 3 AF, half of the Gogmagog emerges from a time portal in New Bodhum and attacks the town’s citizens before they fend off the beast with guns. While Serah, Mog, and Noel make their way through New Bodhum to the meteorite crashsite, the Gogmagog appears, causing a time distortion and Cocoon to disappear. They beat the entity, and Cocoon reappears. Another Gogmagog appears the next morning as Serah and Noel travel to the Time Gate, but they defeat it as well.

At 700 AF, after Serah saves Noel from becoming trapped in an eternal dream, they fight the Gogmagog’s complete form in the Dying World. After defeating it for the final time, the Dying World brightens up, revealing the barren world’s true form.