Mastering Steals in NBA 2K23

The first step to becoming a pro at stealing in NBA 2K23 is understanding the controls. The game offers two primary controls for stealing: the right stick and the square button, or the X button if you’re on Xbox.

When it comes to passing lane steals, holding the right stick to the right, left, down, or pressing the square button triggers the same animation. The game will give you the animation pointing toward the passing lane. There’s a bit of randomness sometimes, but for the most part, the game is consistent in reaching out toward the passing lane. sells tons of cheap NBA 2K23 MT for a long time.

For on-ball steals, the controls work similarly. Right stick to the left and right, and pressing the square button will randomly use the left or right hand. The only difference is that flicking the right stick down triggers a unique swipe-down animation.

The Difference Between Swipe Down Steals and Normal Steals
The swipe-down steal animation is not just for show; it has a practical application. Based on testing, swipe-down steals are better for close contact steals than the square button. The difference isn’t huge, but it’s noticeable.

It’s also worth noting that swipe-down steals are likely more effective when stripping layups or dunks. This is because these are close contact situations, and the swipe-down motion is designed for this type of steal.

Recommendations for Effective Stealing
While the choice of controls ultimately depends on your playstyle, pressing the square button is recommended for most players. This allows you to focus on other aspects of the game without overthinking the controls.

However, if you’re comfortable with quickly moving your thumbs from the stick to the buttons and back, using the right stick down for close-contact steals can be a better option.

Mastering steals in NBA 2K23 can give you a significant edge in your defensive game. Understanding the controls and knowing when to use the right stick down or the square button can make a big difference in close contact situations.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the NBA 2K series, these tips can help you improve your game and become a more formidable opponent on the court.

Remember, practice makes perfect. So, get on the court and start practicing those steals!

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Get a better dunk score in 2K23

The high dunk rating in NBA 2K23 cannot be achieved without the cooperation of the shot meter. Timing is the key to dunking. Whether it’s a layup, a dunk, or an aerial, all finishes need to be done with the shot meter, and you need to time the dunk or layup in the player’s green box. In addition to mastering these skills, you’ll need to pick the best dunk kit for you.

Learn to use the dunk meter correctly.

  • Press and hold the dunk button (usually the X or square button) to enter the dunk meter mode while on offense.
  • In dunk meter mode, you must complete dunks or layups in the green zone on time to get a higher success rate and score.
  • You can practice and improve your player’s skills and abilities to get better at using the dunk meter.

Set up the appropriate dunk package for your player.
Choose the dunk and layup animations that fit your player type and height in MyCAREER > MyPLAYER > My Animations > Dunks and Layups. Depending on the stats in the player build, you can choose from some packages such as Posterizer Badge, Slithery, and Rise Up Badge. To get a lot of momentum driving to the basket, aim for open spots and use movement without the ball to open up space, using a variety of moves and bluff cuts. With so many dunk packages in the system, it can be a daunting task to pick the best one for you. The best dunk packs for players over 6’10 are Swings and Bigs, while the best dunk pack for this size is Lebron James, which has great dunk animations and combines with the Limitless Takeoff badge to give you unstoppable dunks. If you choose a smaller guard under 6’10, the best dunk bag for this body type is Michael Jordan, which allows you to dunk near the free-throw line.

The most gorgeous and fastest dunk bag

Straight Arm Tomahawks is the most gorgeous and fastest dunk bag in 2K23. Equipped with gold takeoff, silver poster, and silver slithery, slashing feels better by using your right hand for dunking. For best results, your dunk attribute can’t be lower than 80. If your dunk can’t reach the requirement, you can complete a daily challenge or season challenge to get the highest level rewards, such as tokens, NBA 2K23 MT, and diamond players, and use the tips you get to upgrade your dunk. If you have HoF takeoff, you can take off and dunk from long range when approaching the basket. The dunk meter is also about to reach the best position at the top. If you wanted to run a feed meter, I’ve seen some dunk users who use the feet meter so that it’s not in the way of their dunk, and they use the arm timing as a visual cue like where they would pretty much really.

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