Yoshi-P says something happening of FFXIV on January 7

finalfantasyxivarrpub090103 Yoshi P says somethings happening with FFXIV on January 7

With the exception of some lucky alpha testers, Final Fantasy XIV players didn’t have a game to play over the holidays. The title shut down a couple of months ago in preparation for its rebirth as A Realm Reborn. Now, however, it looks like FFXIV fans have something to look forward to come next week.

In a New Year’s greeting that talks about the release of FFXIV’s next incarnation in 2013, producer Naoki Yoshida tells players to mark January 7th on their calendars. Unfortunately, he gives no other information beyond this teaser, so the significance of the date is up in the air. Will it be a beta test, a launch, or something else completely? We just can’t say, but we will keep you updated when we find out!


 Yoshi P says somethings happening with FFXIV on January 7Whut

I hope it does well. Once a game looses graces with the MMO player base, its hard to claw your way back to the spotlight. There is just too much competition out there, so many MMO’s are being made that the players can now be fickle cats about the slightest thing…FOREVER, regardless of changes. Even with the complete overhaul and rebirth of FFXIV… I don’t get a positive feeling that they’re going to get the players they need.  I hope they do though.  Fingers crossed for ya, Square-Enix!

 Yoshi P says somethings happening with FFXIV on January 7khalusakuhei

More than likely beta signups, considering he said they’d be coming in early Jan.  And since it specifically says “Legacy Account” holders too, which don’t benefit from beta signups since we’re already qualified for beta, many are speculating the first of the benchmarks he’s been promising for the past year will finally be released!

Oh and actually FFXIV 1.0 was avail to play through the end of Dec.  They left the servers on for people that still had active accounts to log in and talk/play with friends!