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Tricks to upgrade quickly in Final Fantasy XIV

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Before 15 level, you do not charge to buy weapons and armor, as you will bound canyon this akin segment, accomplish abiding you accumulate active the capital quest, because if the assignment does not alleviate the aerial boat, you can not even ability 15 leave town

1-15 level, novice rapid escalation phase, you will carry out tasks around the entire Xinshoucun and understand familiar with this area, to get your career guidance. To make sure you always go along with the task, which will increase your understanding of your professional skills 3, you will leave the town began a journey undertaken around the suburbs. Do destroy the little monster task will give you a lot of experience.

Even if your level is beyond the current monster task, those who experience it is still worth to complete. The higher the level of the monster task is not possible, make sure that the task level closer to the level of your character, then you can get more experience points reward. For example, the task level than you get lower level than your reward is higher than the high level of two tasks.