TERA – 3 Ways Strategies for Making Money Via Dungeons

Virtually every dungeon in the game will give some reward in terms of gold. It is important to be efficient when it comes to farming gold from dungeons. This approach, however, is likely the most fun for players. As it is a very natural experience for PvE players. Making Tera Gold with dungeons is almost a dessert or well-made side to the main course. Players should not feel too pressured with this strategy.



Ghillieglade is a solo instance with a daily cap of twice a day or four times a day for Elite players. Elite players should note that Ghillieglade cannot be reset with instance reset scrolls. Ghillieglade can be accessed by buying the item “Velik’s Opportunity” from the Vanguard Initiative Quartermaster for 15 Vanguard daily points. A paltry sum but one that can add up for non-Elite players. Elite players will get a persistent Velik’s Opportunity scroll on their special UI tab essentially making all their Ghillieglade runs free. Upon using the scroll, a player must use the exit teleporter to go to the Ghillieglade instance.

Ghillieglade has 2 difficulty settings. A normal mode and a hard mode. The normal mode is done easily by progressing through the dungeon. A player will first protect the Gatekeeper from various mobs coming in waves, and then defend the Guardian by drawing bam aggro away from it while it recovers. Upon completion, the player will fight Banyaka (The Ghillieglade boss) with the benefit of crystals that give extra damage. Ghillieglade on hard mode is activated by skipping the Gatekeeper and Guardian entirely. There will be no crystal for extra damage and Banyaka will be significantly buffed. In addition, the Guardian and Gatekeeper will show up as enemies with the potential to stunlock the player.

Akeron’s Inferno (Normal Mode)

Akeron’s Inferno is a fulminate recommended endgame raid with a daily cap of one attempt. Elite players will have twice this amount. Akeron’s Inferno can also be reset with both the Elite instance reset scroll and the Instance reset scroll. An Elite player exhausting the maximum number of runs using both scrolls can run Akeron’s Inferno up to 6 times. Akeron’s Inferno is a 10man raid that drops principally Wroth gear. However, if a player joins the raid via Instance Matching, the player will automatically get 2 Amethyst, 2 Wroth gear, and 2 Schisma treasure chests upon completion.

This reward where a player truly makes money from the dungeon. The amethyst is worth 30g each to any vendor in the game. The 2 Wroth gears, when dismantled, provide tier 6 feedstock. The Schisma chests have the potential to give Schisma weapons. These are tier 7 endgame gears that can be dismantled for tier 7 feedstock. Each weapon will give 48 tier 7 feedstock, and with feedstock selling for an average of 22 gold each, a schisma weapon box could potentially earn a player ~1000g. This is near equivalent to 4 ghillieglade runs a day and essentially means that 1 Akeron’s Inferno run could actually make nearly 2x the amount of 4 ghilieglade runs.

However, all based on luck when opening the treasure chests. There is a chance to receive an amethyst instead of a weapon. Players should note, however, that the drop rate is actually quite high, a character running 4 akeron’s infernos a day should expect to see at least 4 weapons. That is essentially 4k a day from Akeron’s Inferno via Instance Matching. Individually, with no schisma drops from the treasure chests, an Akeron’s Inferno run will give a minimum of 545g and 90 vanguard points a run for Elite players.

Bathysmal Rise

If you are an experienced player you are probably thinking. “Ghillieglade… I can understand, same as Akeron’s Inferno… but Bathysmal Rise!? What is he smoking??” Allow me to explain. Bathysmal Rise, for those unfamiliar, is a 7-man dungeon that drops Fulminate gear. It is a dungeon full of new 65s wiping in the face of an instance that is actually mechanically difficult for once. A player knowledgeable of the mechanics, however, shall find this instance extremely easy.

Now I shall explain why this is a priority dungeon for players wanting to make gold. In terms of Vanguard points, it is incredibly efficient. The Vanguard daily for Bathysmal Rise is near equivalent to Akeron’s Inferno (And more profitable than Shattered Fleet and Vault of Kaprima). Most importantly, however, it is quick. A Shattered Fleet raid and a Vault of Kaprima raid usually average anywhere between 15-30 minutes. However, grabbing a friend or a random that is well geared, Bathysmal Rise can easily be done in 10-15 minutes.

All three strategies are fine ways of making money via dungeons. However, the highest potential earnings are most definitely from Akeron’s Inferno Instance Matching. That is almost enough to buy a month of Elite status! And if you have any demand for cheap Tera buy Gold, you can justify just visit our website!