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FATE Grind Guide for FFXIV Heavensward

To further expand how fates work (many people still dont know):
For elite (single mob) or boss fates, aggro (healing aggro, dps aggro tank aggro) seems to be the key to success. (also to mention it, A/S ranks work this way too). so as a tank or healer, its possible to get more credit by using aggro (aoe healing) abilities then trying to just dps.

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For collection fates, you need 6+ items for FFXIV Gil. (people seem to think its more).for “kill the mob” fates, its based on number of kills you get (credit for the mob kill, which means either tagging the mob first, or doing enough damage on a claimed mob).

To further expand for leveling 2nd+ jobs:
battle leves (think u can get them as low as lv10. at lv10-20 they are actually very good exp. past that, they are meh)

FFXIV Gil Heavensward PVP Job Guide :DPS
Now that the new PvP mode, Seize, has been out for a couple of days, here is the general impression I’ve gathered on the performance of the different classes. Primarily, this is an evaluation of how the classes fare at level 60, moreso than their direct impact to success in the new mode which relies mostly on human factors than class compositions in DF.

Today we will talk something about FFXIV Gil.
Monks’ reliance on positional requirements for the maximum potency is a notable disadvantage in PvP, thus hampering monk’s ability to provide high damage burst relative to its dragoon and ninja brothers. However, the niche of monk in PvP is not as a high-burst melee dps, but rather as a mobile CC-machine with tons of utility, while still having access to the melee LB for assassination potential. Shoulder tackle is a gap closer with a 2s stun on a low 30s cooldown, shared only by plunge of dark knights. Axe kick also provides an AoE pacification against melees and tanks. Monks, along with dragoons, have access to fetter ward, which provides them with CC immunity for 9s, allowing you to melee LB priority targets with impunity following a shoulder tackle.

FFXIV leveling guide

Things you should do for coming FFXIV Heavensward

I’m sure you already know that,the Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is set to launch on Tuesday, June 23, 2015.Here are a checklist of things to do before the expansion drops.It makes sense to share it, so that others can benefit.


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1. Complete Your Story Quest
If you’re a newbie who’s wet behind the ears — like me — then the first order of business is to finish up all of the available story quests. This is going to take a long time if you’re starting fresh, and maybe even if you’ve been at it for a while.

The last entry you should see in your journal for the main story is the following: Quest Log > Complete > Main Scenario Quest > TBA.

If you see the name of a quest instead, then get it completed and turned in as soon as possible. You won’t even be able to start on the new story content in Heavensward until you’re all caught up.

2. Level Your Main Class and Crafting Profession
In XIV you can swap out classes and professions at any time by equipping new gear. No doubt you already know this, but it means you can max out every class, job and profession on a single toon.

If you can max everything out before Heavensward drops then excellent! If you can’t, then focus on your main class and your main crafting profession. This includes your main cross-class too!

It’s also a good idea to level up a tank class, as there are several benefits for doing this, one of which is that you can queue pretty quickly for duty roulettes.

If Heavensward introduces a new cross-class skill that you can only get when you’re max level on both classes, you’ll be kicking yourself in the ass for not preparing appropriately. If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about when I say “cross-class” then you should probably make a point to get up to speed.

3. Hunt Down Some Decent Gear
If you’re a noob like me, there’s no point in doing this until you meet the level cap.

Some will argue that Heavensward is going to introduce new stuff that renders previous gear useless, and that’s probably true. You should still do your best to find decent gear for your class and profession. Similar to when you’re leveling up, collect gear for any and all classes you regularly outfit.

I couldn’t even begin to list the best gear to farm or craft for each class but there are plenty of resources out there to help you find what you’re looking for.

4. Save Your FFXIV Gil
Seriously, don’t spend any of your gil and in the meantime save as much as you can. You’ll want to use any stored gil for teleports, equipment repairs, new gear, and requirements for flying mounts that are added in the expansion.

Since Heavensward content is for higher-level characters anything you do is going to be expensive. Prepare accordingly.

5. Join a Free Company
Obviously, this only applies if you haven’t done so already. Free companies are XIV’s version of a guild. More important than simply joining one, is making a few buds to play the expansion with. You’ll need to team up with a group of like-minded players to get through the new stuff so why not find some people you can tolerate beforehand?

If you’re having trouble finding a free company on your server that aligns with your goals, it might be time to consider a server change. You’ll definitely want to finalize that before the expansion drops.

6. Stock Up on Retainer Ventures
Once you get to a point where you can hire retainers, you’ll need retainer ventures to assign them tasks. Since the expansion raises the level cap to 60, these will come in handy when you’re trying to level up your retainers. Not to mention, you’ll want to send your retainers out on missions added in the new expansion as they’ll likely bring back some unique gear, loot or materials.

7. Max Out Your Grand Company Seals
If you scoffed at most of this list because you have a lot of it done already then why not shift your focus to grand company seals? It’s likely they will play a role in the new expansion, and they might even help you hit the new level cap faster. There are guides out there to maximize how many seals you earn per hour, if you really want to get serious with it.

So, there you have it and be ready in time for the Heavensward launch!

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Tips to make ffxiv gil with tradeskills



Tradeskills take the most time out of any of choices among varous way of making ffxiv gil, but the payoff can be well worth it. While you can choose any profession you want, here is what I recommend on how you should approach tradeskills:

Choose one gathering and two crafting professions. That will allow you to maximize your profits. Ensure the gathering profession provides materials for each crafting profession.

Don’t try to level them all the way up immediately. Every time I would gain five levels in a job, I would switch. This allowed me not to get bored, and to sell off the items I made.

Don’t be afraid to spend a lot of gil buying materials. Some materials can only be found by item drops from monsters, or from other professions. Once I hit level 25, I spent 10,000 gil buying materials to craft the items for my trade profession.

Do some levequests. Levequests aren’t necessary for gathering, but for crafting it can be. This will allow you to earn some gil and experience, while not using as many materials just making items. I recommend not turning in high quality items though, just normal items. Grand company quests can be run as well to earn experience and seals, however they won’t earn any gil.

Try to make high quality items. High quality items always sell, no matter what level you are. So strive to make high quality items. You will make your money back, and then some.


Travelling Around FFXIV with Cheap Gil

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Getting around is always a concern in large games like Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. While the travel systems in the game uses a bit of FFXIV Gil, it’s more convenient than those found in other games. Read on for more.

The first mode of travel you will encounter on your FFXIV account is the Aetheryte travel system. Each major city and most towns have a will haven Aetheryte crystal players can attune as their “Home.” Using the Return ability will then send the player to this crystal at no FFXIV Gil cost.

Part of the Aetheryte system is the Aethernet Shards. This lets players move around the different city areas without using FFXIV Gil. Very efficient if you have FFXIV items you want to sell or store.

If you’re hauling some FFXIV items between cities, your best bet is to use the Airships. This transportation service found in the three main cities does not cost any FFXIV Gil to use. You will need to wait between trips though.

If you have some FFXIV Gil to spare, or just have a fear of heights, you can try out Ferries. If any of the characters in your FFXIV account are in Limsa Lominsa or Vesper Bay, they can ride a ferry to travel to either destination. Have a safe trip!

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Knowing crafting classes better to earn more ffxiv gil

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Almost all MMORPGs nowadays have some sort of crafting ystem. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has one too, but it is markedly different from the rest. This is because they are treated like a character class instead of an add-on set of skills, making it more ideal for FFXIV Gil collectors. If you just made your FFXIV account and need more information, then read on.

The common implementation of crafting systems in other MMORPGs is to have them as extra skills. This means even though your character is a mage, somehow he/she has the strength to mine. In FFXIV, crafting professions are treated as character classes. As such, if you equip the right tool, your character’s class changes to the applicable profession. In the case of our caster, once he/she wields a mining tool, he/she stops being a mage and becomes a miner. Players are also free to use all the FFXIV Gil earning professions thanks to the free class system.

Since professions are considered classes, you’ll have to visit the various guilds to learn them. It might cost some FFIXV Gil to travel around, but you can always earn it back by selling crafted FFXIV items. You can find the guilds at the following cities:

1.Ul’dah: Alchemists, Goldsmiths, Weavers, and Miners Guild
2.Gridania: Carpentry, Leatherworking, and Botanists Guild
3.Limsa Lominsa: Armorsmit, Blacksmith, Culinarians, and Fishing Guild

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Tips and Tricks to Earn A Great Quantity of FFXIV Gil Fast

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In Final Fantasy XIV, how to make FFXIV Gil fast ? Monetary aggregates at different times and with what kind of features .In the following aricle we will share tips and tricks for you to get rich in ffxiv fast.

Players just after entering the game, only a few people practicing production, demand and few materials . So things are expensive, trading volume has less money reselling and making classes more difficult.

This time period is generally based on international services , and will remain for 2-3 weeks . Players generally do not have the full level before , pulled out a large number of gold coins are hard to come from a player’s hand . Consider the simple money , you can manufacture specialized collection class materials to sell, all players will be the first time to learn all the production and collection of professional career , so buy some hand in the production of finished collection class from the market every day can get a no small professional experience , for the production of those people will demand a lot of leveling the production of materials , they will consume a lot of red grade when small crystals, monsters drop materials, always play these strange , seriously affect your upgrade schedule initially it is very scientific. But just to make money , then the best selling . The simplest and most efficient is the most comfortable small crystal digging , miners can dig one out , and a hoe down is FFXIV Gil , players rarely have the patience to earn FFXIV Gil.

By the mid- section of people when fighting career after he started practicing full level of production , part of the production of the full level of production start making 55HQ professional package sale , this time reselling the best time there, because the presence of both supply and demand , the market became active Some strong flow of things one is just reselling items I mentioned above , you can clean out some low-priced gems for future appreciation . It would be a small way to make FFXIV Gil fast.

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Helpful Final Fantasy XIV Gil Farming Methods

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Gil is very tight in Final Fantasy XIV. After completing the initial round of quests, there are not many ways for gil to be brought into the game’s economy on a daily basis. Given that crafting is expensive to powerlevel and repair bills really start to add up at level 50, a lot of players have been looking for good ways to make ffxiv gil.

FFXIV Gil Method #1: Potash and Coke
Location: Castrum Meriadianum or The Praetorium
Required Level: 50
Gil Per Hour: 135k

Running either Castrum Meriadianum or The Praetorium for Tomestones of Philosophy is a time-honored tradition for level 50 players who are working on unlocking their Darklight set or Relic weapon. However, did you know that you can trade 125 Tomestones of Philosophy for Potash or Coke, two highly prized crafting ingredients that are used in top level recipes? You can get them from Auriana in Revenant’s Toll (the same vendor that sells Darklight gear).

Since few players want to part with their Tomestones (they want their Darklight gear), the price of these ingredients is quite expensive. At the time of this writing, market value for these two ingredients fluctuates from 60-85k gil a piece. Given that you can run Castrum Meriadianum or The Praetorium twice in an hour with a good group, it is possible to complete 5 runs (500 Tomestones of Philosophy) in 2.5 hours. This will give you enough Tomestones to buy 4 Potashes or 4 Cokes. At 85k gil each, that is 340,000 gil earned in just 2.5 hours of farming (or about 135k gil per hour)!

FFXIV Gil Method #2: Raptor Skins and Sinew
Location: Path between Camp Overlook and the Floating City of Nym (right outside the east exit of Camp Overlook in Outer La Noscea)
Required Level: 35
Gil Per Hour: 55k (at 50)

Just east of Camp Overlook, there is a relatively short strip of land that contains 10 Velociraptors. While there are only about 10 of them in the entire camp, they respawn very quickly, so even at 50 and with great gear, you never run out of enemies to farm.

The Raptors are particularly good to farm because not only do they drop valuable items with big demand, but they drop these items at an extremely high drop rate. In particular, in this location we will be farming Raptor Skins and Raptor Sinew. Raptors can drop up to 3 Raptor Skins at a time as well as a single piece of sinew.

Both of these drops are valuable. On my server, a single Raptor skin is worth about 200 gil and a Raptor Sinew is worth 350 gil. I managed to find 31 skins and 19 sinew in just 15 minutes – or about 13k gil worth of items. When you factor in the price bonuses for HQ items and the couple of lightning crystals I snagged by killing nearby elementals as I farmed, I ended up netting close to 14k gil worth of items in just 15 minutes.

FFXIV Gil Method #3: Snurble Tufts
Location: Burning Wall (East of Camp Drybone and Highbridge)
Required Level: 50
Gil Per Hour: 12k

Golden Fleece (the golden karakul that spawn in the Burning Wall) drop Snurble Tufts at a decent drop rate. While the drop rate is not great, it is not bad either, and there are more than enough Golden Fleece to go around. I was able to find 9 snurble tufts in 15 minutes, and at 350 gil a piece at the time, this worked out to 12,600 gil per hour. It ended up being no where near the amount of gil offered by running dungeons and farming raptors, so I scratched this one off the list.

FFXIV Gil Method #4: Water Crystals
Location: Urth’s Fount (Southeast of Quarrymill in Gridania)
Required Level: 50
Gil Per Hour: 8.8k

Water Elementals spawn thickly with no other enemies around deep in Urth’s Fount. My theory was that perhaps crystal drop rate would be high enough on these condensed enemies to make farming them worthwhile.

In the end, this was actually the least profitable of my tested methods. While I was able to find 26 crystals, it turns out water crystals just are not worth much. At 85 gil a piece, I was able to sell those 26 crystals for 2200 gil, which works out to 8.8k gil per hour.

While farming elementals worked in FFXI, crystals are just too easy to get via gathering in FFXIV. Unless the amount of crystals offered by mining or botany significantly drops, forget about farming elementals for now.

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Cheap FFXIV Gil for you fight in The Dream of Ice easy and fast

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Get Fashion Hairstyles in FFXIV With Cheap FFXIV Gil

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Do you like online games? Do you love to play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn? Do you often make up your characters in the game?

All of people are fond of beauty. For most of ffxiv gamers, you may hope that their character have different from others. To make up your own characters is an indispensable part of daily life in the game world. Many would like to spend a lot of ffxiv gil in buying equipment and decorations. What’s funny,You can design cool hairstyle for your strong characters in FFXIV: ARR. And you can choose a very cute hairstyle as well.

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The Key to Make FFXIV Gil by Profssion System

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s crafting system is unique among today’s MMORPGs. Unlike other online-games that tie a character to one or two professions, FFXIV lets players to use all professions. A single character on a FFXIV account can mine for ore as well as make armor and so on. This is quite ideal if you want to earn lots of FFXIV Gil.

Dedicated classes for crafting FFXIV Gil
Crafting classes work the same way as combat classes in the game. All it takes for a character to change crafting classes is a change of equipment. Using a mining tool turns your character into a miner for example. The drawback is that you also cease to be in your combat class once you equip a tool. This is incredibly convenient however if you’re in an area with a lot of materials you can sell for FFXIV Gil.

Spending FFXIV Gil to visit the various crafting guilds
Before you can start crafting FFXIV items to sell, you’ll have to unlock that crafting class. You can do this by spending some FFXIV Gil and travelling to the corresponding crafting guild. Below is a list where you can find them:

1).Ul’dah: Alchemists, Goldsmiths, Weavers, and Miners Guild
2).Gridania: Carpentry, Leatherworking, and Botanists Guild
3).Limsa Lominsa: Armorsmit, Blacksmith, Culinarians, and Fishing Guild