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3 basic methods that how people are cheating in FFXIV

 Generally people use alts or pay money to play against others that are willing to throw games. It is not directly against the TOS (GM confirmed) and because of this, cheating is pretty rampant. So if you want to win, it’s what you have to do.




How the points work

Everyone starts off being worth 100 points. If you beat that person, their point worth will slowly drop 1-2 points at a time, stabilizing somewhere around 89-90 if all you do is play one another and he consistently loses. This, in theory encourages you to play other players.

If another player reaches the top 20 board however, their point value begins to dramatically increase, starting at 101 points for 20th position, and ending at around 130 for defeating someone in 1st.

Additionally, and here’s the kicker, you get bonus points playing a real person, and even more points if that person has a stronger deck than you, somewhere around ten points per tier. For example, if I have a 1-star deck and go up against a 3-star pro with a 5-star hero card, given that he is undefeated and not in the top twenty position, I will receive around 130-135 tournament points, which is a lot more than average.

How People Are Cheating

There are 3 basic methods.

  • Paying people to lose -If you have money, you can offer 100k per match for fc members, friends, and total strangers to lose to you. If that person hasn’t lost or played a match yet, he’s worth 100 virgin points. Do this 35-55 times and you will end up somewhere in the top ten. This is inefficient and very time consuming. Not my recommendation for cheating.
  • Waking up at 4 am on a Tuesday when the tournament starts – At the start of every tournament the board is clear, so as soon as anyone scores, they immediately fly to the top of the board and are worth a stupid amount of points. So you get a 1-star deck, find someone that has a 3-star deck and have them lose all their matches during that initial 4 am window. You will start off winning 145+ points per match, which will slowly decline as you play. Most likely you will be in the top 3 if you time this right, potentially 1st. This, combined with the first method, is what I normally do to win.