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Take part in the FFXIV Hairstyle Degign Contest

Now the Final Fantasy XIV Hairstyle Design Contest begins, and gamers now can take part in the voting activities of Hairstyle Design Contest. It is said that the ambitious aestheticians from across the realm have been submitting their special and fancy dos, and the development and operation teams have cut downed the entries to 25 of the top hairstyles for both male and female. Well, it is high time to choose and see who will make the final cut! Gamers can submit your votes for your favorite entries and decide the winner of this Hairstyle Design Contest. Well, after the contest has been finished, then the most welcomed hair style will up to the storage rack of Final Fantasy XIV official store. It must costs you a lot of Final Fantasy XIV Gil to got one, but do not worry, now our website FFXIV4GIL.com is selling cheap FFXIV Gil with a instant delivery and 24 hours online service.




Let us have a look on the Prizes:
Grand Prize: 2 entries (one from each category)
Implementation of your hairstyle design into the game
“Noble barding” chocobo barding

Runners-up: 10 entries
“Noble barding” chocobo barding
Voting Participation Sweepstakes:

Players who “Like!” finalist entries during the voting period will be entered into a Sweepstakes, and the Final Fantasy XIV team will be randomly selecting 140 players and awarding them with a Scarf of Wondrous Wit.

The Voting time is from September 1, 2015 to September 6, 2015 at 11:00 p.m. PDT. Just hurry up, enter the Final Fantasy XIV and vote your favorite players and gain the rewards!

Following are the vote entrance for both male and female.
Male Hairstyle Design: http://sqex.to/fYd
Female Hairstyle Design: http://sqex.to/kxk


The Secret to Get More Free FF14 Gil Quickly

ffxiv gil

Do you want to learn how to get more FFXIV gil without having to spend real money? Well, if you want to learn how to get more money in FF14 quickly and easily, here are a couple of things you will need to know.

Earn Free Gil Fast By Doing Leves
One of the best known ways of earning money in this game is by doing Leves. Leves are quests that offer a nice reward of equipment and Gil upon completion.

There are two types of leves; Battlecraft and Fieldcraft leves.

Battlecraft quests are involved with killing monsters. These quests are best suited if you are playing as a Discipline Of War class as they can easily slay monsters with their power.

Fieldcraft leves involve gathering specific objects and can only be completed if you are playing as the Discipline of the Land class.

Earn Free Gil Quickly By Crafting
Another good way to have a big bankroll in FF14 is by crafting. One downside to this method is that it could take a painfully long time to make the weapon or armour. However, if you can successfully sell the item that you have crafted, you can earn a huge profit from it.

Remember, the more rare the item, the higher the price. So focus on crafting an item that is very rare to get the most money that you can.

Earn Free Gil Fast By Gathering
Gathering materials can also help your bankroll grow in FF14. Some players do not want to go out and gather their own materials they need to craft an item. If you have the materials that they will need, people will pay a nice price for them.

So what you want to do is go out and try to mine the rarest materials possible. Now that you have them, go and sell it to potential crafters.



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ffxiv gil

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FFXIV Gil Making Guide:How to Farm Safe and Fast FFXIV Gil

ffxiv gil

If you are asked whether we can farm ffxiv gil or not, i am pretty sure that the answer will be YES.But the question here today is whether you know how to farm ffxiv gil and how to farm ffxiv gil fast ?

I bet every FFXIV fans understands how crucial the role of ffxiv gil plays in the process of a battle or combat.FFXIV gil is still in the highest demand .The hint is farming ffxiv gil is not always a boring and never ending thing that done by yourself alone,make ffxiv gil and rich is always happen in a community.Here,let’s share some ideas.

1.Choose a perfect time to farm ffxiv gil
First step is how to survive in the game.You need to focus on geeting your characters up to a stable level when they can make decent amount of ffxiv gil themselves before wasting your precious play time on the slow ffxiv gil farming.You need to remember that as long as you have enough gil to meet your basic demand ,do not hurry to farm ffxiv gil.Because farming at higher level will be much safer and faster.

2.Crafting skills will be highly required to farm ffxiv gil
Once you get a higher level,and also have some extra gil during the leveling,it is time for you to invest your ffxiv gil for rewarding activities.Choose the best crafting skills you like, of course this will requre much gaming experiences and knowledge,it is always better to follow the ffxiv game guide.Once you know the crafting skills better,it is easier to make yourself rich in FFXIV.Meanwhile,you can also pick up some cheap items which you can sell quickly and make profits faster.

3.Always be aware of take benift of FFXIV Auction House
We do believe that when you pass the second step,you are now kinda rich in the game,but being richer is always the dream.Never forget to use the Auction House to buy and sell items,especially those rare items and worth investing.It is not a big deal if you make 30 million a day by buying and selling with the Auction House,as long as you have enough FFXIV gil yo run the business.

Above the points are our experience and understanding of farming ffxiv gil fast .Keep that in mind,and you wil find farming ffxiv gil cheap is not always a boring thing ,it can be enjoyable and quite smart thing doing in the game.Imaging that one day when your character if famous in the Auction House,hundreds of people are PM you for buying and selling great items,how much FFXIV gil you will make per day?


ffxiv gil guide

Strategy to Earn A Great Quantity of FFXIV Gil Fast

ffxiv gil guide

In Final Fantasy XIV, how to make FFXIV Gil fast ? Monetary aggregates at different times and with what kind of features below and see us together look .

Players just after entering the game, only a few people practicing production, demand and few materials . So things are expensive, trading volume has less money reselling and making classes more difficult.

This time period is generally based on international services , and will remain for 2-3 weeks . Players generally do not have the full level before , pulled out a large number of gold coins are hard to come from a player’s hand . Consider the simple money , you can manufacture specialized collection class materials to sell, all players will be the first time to learn all the production and collection of professional career , so buy some hand in the production of finished collection class from the market every day can get a no small professional experience , for the production of those people will demand a lot of leveling the production of materials , they will consume a lot of red grade when small crystals, monsters drop materials, always play these strange , seriously affect your upgrade schedule initially it is very scientific. But just to make money , then the best selling . The simplest and most efficient is the most comfortable small crystal digging , miners can dig one out , and a hoe down is FFXIV Gil , players rarely have the patience to earn FFXIV Gil.

By the mid- section of people when fighting career after he started practicing full level of production , part of the production of the full level of production start making 55HQ professional package sale , this time reselling the best time there, because the presence of both supply and demand , the market became active Some strong flow of things one is just reselling items I mentioned above , you can clean out some low-priced gems for future appreciation . It would be a small way to make FFXIV Gil fast .

ffxiv gil

Easy Strategies to Make Much Money in FFXIV Fast

Like with previous Final Fantasy series, the currency used in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is called gil. In the game, FFXIV gil is used to buy equipment such as weapons and armors as well as items and other accessories. Gil in Final Fantasy XIV can be used to purchase items from shops as well as from other players who have items up for sale. There are several ways to make gil from completing mini games, fighting and winning battles to selling items that are obtain or crafted. Some classes are more adept in making gil.


So how to get much cheap FFXIV Gil? Of course, you can never be rich if you just now how to save gil, you have to know how to get gil fast.Besides doing main quest, you can also spend some time on crafting. Choosing a proper job can bring you rich feedbacks. We strongly suggest Alchemist as your crafted items can be sold easily at high price in the market. Of course, knowing how to craft HQ items and take the best use of all kinds of crafting skills is also of critical importance.

There is no doubt that we can make FFXIV Gils by ourself, but it will a little hard and waste a lot of time, the Gils you can make also limited. Don’t worry, ffxiv4gil .com offer a lot of cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil, if you don’t want to make Gils by yourself, you can choose this site to get some cheap Gils.


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Final Fantasy XIV :A letter from the producer ,LI

Hello again, all you FFXIVers out there! Yoshi-P here, bringing you my fifty-first Letter from the Producer.
It’s already been a month and a half since release, and after adding several new Worlds, optimizing the servers, and expanding the data centers, it’s full speed ahead for the development team as we prepare for the first big patch.
Looking over data from each World, it’s great to see so many players in every level range. Whether it’s exploring the nooks and crannies of Eorzea, chasing after FATE, braving through dungeons for Allagan tomestomes, or taking on the Binding Coil of Bahamut, everyone seems to be settling into their own play style as they find their place in the community.
As for myself, I’ve finally defeated Titan in the main story, and am now in snowswept Coerthas. I’ve been going it incognito on the public servers, and it’s been a lot of fun playing with you all. I can never resist a shout for help to venture through lower level dungeons, so it’ll probably be a while before I reach end game.
Speaking of end game, I’d like to take a moment to address our players who have completed the main scenario, and are now working to complete relic quests and fight against the hard-mode primals. We realize how difficult it’s been to acquire Cheap FFXIV Gil tomestones and have taken measures to alleviate this problem. Although we had a few setbacks necessitating an extension of the planned maintenance on October 15, as well as a subsequent emergency maintenance, we’ve added additional instance servers for Amdapor Keep as well as the Wanderer’s Palace. We’ve also increased the number of tomestones obtainable in these dungeons, and made adjustments to gil received from within. Patch 2.1 will introduce even more ways to accumulate tomes, so please bear with us.
End game players have also encountered problems with the fifth turn of the Binding Coil of Bahamut. This issue was to be addressed with the patch on October 15, but unfortunately we’ve confirmed that the problem still persists. Please rest assured we are working diligently to resolve this issue so that players can resume play in this instance as soon as possible.
Our first update will be fairly substantial, and can be divided into three key parts. First and foremost, we want players to have more options to enjoy themselves in Eorzea. We’ll be introducing daily quests and treasure hunts for those looking to play solo, and various system adjustments will make it easier to obtain Allagan tomestones of philosophy and mythology with your party mates. You can also expect to see new dungeons, the Crystal Tower, extreme primal battles, and the return of Good King Moggle Mog. There’s also housing and the Wolves’ Den to look forward to, both of which are being fine-tuned and debugged as we speak.
Second, we’ll be implementing feedback from you, the players. Not only will the user interface be updated, but we’ll also be adding an item-sort function, item level restrictions on the Duty Finder, the MVP system, and a number of other new features.
Last but certainly not least, we’ll be introducing the salon where players can customize character features such as hair and face paint, and a party search function for individual Worlds. This wouldn’t be a FINAL FANTASY if it didn’t have a story, so expect to see new developments in the main scenario, and perhaps even the return of a certain someone from Version 1.0.
More details will be revealed during the upcoming LIVE letters. I’m planning to host one every month up until the release of 2.1, and I hope you tune in to all of them!
And that’s all from me for today. See you again on October 19, at the ninth Letter from the Producer LIVE!
Source:  gamerescape

Witness the epic rebirth of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Witness the epic rebirth of one of the biggest RPG franchises in history as Square Enix release Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Final Fantasy XIV originally released 3 years ago but despite the popularity of the Final Fantasy franchise, the game was considered a failure by developers, players and critics. Since that time Square Enix have taken the game offline and spent 3 years developing it’s rebirth in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The game launched in late August and despite some typical launch day woes, players and critics welcomed the latest MMO adaptation with welcome arms.
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is arguably one of the biggest MMO projects to Cheap FFXIV Gil grace the online world today. It’s filled with innovation, unique features and tons of side content. One of the most popular features of the game is the FATE system. FATE quests are dynamic events that occur randomly throughout Eorzea. As players participate in their regular daily activities they can encounter special events that require collaboration with other players in order to succeed. Imagine exploring the fantastical world of Eorzea as a giant Malboro attacks a nearby settlement, forcing players to respond as they combine arms to defeat a serious threat. These are FATE quests.
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn also utilizes a similar class system to that in Final Fantasy XI. Players are able to select a class during character creation but are free to change once they reach a certain level, even combining the abilities from two different classes to create their own unique mix. This unique feature spreads further into the combat system, offering players one of the most interactive features seen in an MMO game.
Players are able to activate abilities in quick succession to utilize additional effects, damage and other bonuses. This puts players in control of the combat, rather than mindlessly activating abilities with no thought other than maximum damage. Limit Breaks also make a return as groups of players can accumulate damage to activate a massive Limit Break capable of deal devastating damage and adding awesome status effects.

Final Fantasy’s Lightning strikes again and Wii remotes get a Super Mario makeover

If you’ve always wanted to play the PlayStation Vita on your television, well, starting this month, you finally can. Dubbed PS Vita TV, this little console lets you do just that — and so much more.
PS Vita TV fits in the palm of your hand, is hooked up to your television and takes PS Vita cartridges. Simply pop in a cartridge, and play using a PlayStation 3 controller.
What makes this micro-console truly interesting is that once the PS4 is released in Japan next February, the PS Vita TV will also allow Cheap FFXIV Gil PlayStation 4 streaming and remote play to any television in your home. For example, you can connect the PS Vita TV to a television that isn’t hooked up to your PS4 and then stream PS4 games, as well as paid video services, to that TV. Just think how many living-room arguments this will prevent.
Priced at ¥9,480, the PS Vita TV will go on sale Nov. 14.
Source: japantimes