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Quick and fun guide to make ffxiv gil with Guildhests

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If doing quests with other friends or other players are your thing in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, you’ll enjoy Guildhests. These party quests reward teamwork with cheap FFXIV Gil, experience and FFXIV items.

Only characters level 10 and above on a FFXIV account can join Guildhests. To find a Guildhest, simply hop onto Guildhest queue and the game will party you with other players also looking for a group to join. When the party is ready, you’ll then be sent to the instanced area the quest takes place in. Upon completion, the party will receive experience, FFXIV Gil and items.

As of writing there are 10 Guildhests players can do in the game. These are unlocked on a class every five levels. These quests also have objectives that vary from beating bosses, to sieging enemy fortifications. How much FFXIV Gil and experience you get also depend on the quest and how many times your class has done it.