Poe Items Trade Guides for beginners

On the third day of the general challenge alliance, the Poe Currency trade fair gradually stabilized. I personally recommend that the novice enter the game at this time. About 2-3 days, all the main tasks can be broken into the map stage, and the accumulated capital can be traded to upgrade the equipment.

(1) All genres are ranked first with resistance, and relevant information about the equipment can be found in this panda equipment.

(2) The genre must be bound to the legendary first to seek better, to play as a priority, do not need to pick the top

(3) Please use the bulletin version of the Saan Camp in the second chapter of the game, or the editor of the Chronicles. Please do not sell or buy on the World Channel. This is an officially determined violation of the law and will be banned by many people.

(4) Be sure to have a high-level warehouse page for equipment sales, put the warehouse industry publicly selected and put on the price, wait for other people’s secret language, invite to join the team, and arrange the place to buy and sell, please see the transaction items, the amount, etc., don’t be fooled.

(5) In the early stage of the league, you can get rid of it early, in order to change to the equipment you need, because the currency will depreciate, and the market will shrink in the late stage of the alliance. It is very likely that you will bring a pile of garbage back if you have not played anything.

(6) Please do not trade in cash. This is illegal and should not encourage the growth of a digital network.