Naoki Yoshida Discussed About Final Fantasy XIV Housing And Eureka

Recently, Naoki Yoshida, FFXIV Producer and Director discussed about housing, confirms relic armor and eureka. The team of FFXIV is working on bringing new content with the upcoming Patch 4.2 and beyond, stay tuned FFXIV4Gil or visit here. Naoki Yoshida points out that the main reason for the success of FFXIV, since the failure of the original version, they developed the game with the players.

Final Fantasy XIV

Today, Let’s Talk About FFXIV Housing, Confirms Relic Armor And Eureka

On The Implementation Of Relic Armor
Naoki Yoshida: Yes, we actually already have solidified our plans for this. This content will be packaged within the Forbidden Land of Eureka content, and thus will be implemented at the same time.

On Plans To Update Housing System
Naoki Yoshida, Producer and Director: I first want to apologize to all of the players and free companies who were unable to purchase land and to whom we caused a lot of stress due to the shortage of housing plots. The development team is already working on adding more plots for Patch 4.2, but we are also planning to introduce new processes to the plot purchase specifications.

On Lessons Learned From Diadem And Changes We Can Expect To See When Eureka Is Implemented
Naoki Yoshida: We have designed the game in a way that entices players to strive for high item level weapons or equipment, or enjoy the aspect of leveling up with our content updates. We tried a few different things with the Diadem, Eureka was developed based on our experiences from creating that content. The idea behind Eureka is to give players the opportunity to experience content that has a completely different set of battle rules from field or instanced content.

When asked what he’d do with the game if given unlimited resources and technology, Yoshida’s response is for the community. At the same time, in recent interview with Naoki Yoshida, he also discussed about whether or not he would ever leave FFXIV, he says that he loves Final Fantasy XIV and isn’t ready to leave it. More Naoki Yoshida’s interview details, read more at here.