Final Fantasy XIV shows off the vicissitudes of FATE and the new jobs

Strike a pose, there's nothing to it.

As Final Fantasy XIV dazzles onlookers at E3, those not at the convention have been getting a closer look at the title in anticipation of its relaunch. The latest official video keeps up that pattern, giving potential players a look at one of the relaunched version’s major new features — Full Active Time Events, abbreviated as FATEs. Which is a long way to say “dynamic events,” admittedly, but that’s just the way you roll in Eorzea.

FATEs appear all over the world, with some triggered randomly and others coming in at reliable intervals or via talking to an NPC. Once within range of a FATE, you are automatically added to the event and given a rundown of objectives and progress, with rewards being distributed based on overall participation and involvement.



Carbuncle! Ooh, I now think I really want to try out an arcanist in the OBT! Are the glasses part of the arcanist and scholar’s class armor? If so, that’s even more awesome. I noticed that they all write with their left hands as well. I hope that footage isn’t mirrored for some odd reason and (provided that is how they are intended to write) players don’t find so much fault with it that they end up changing it. I like to play left-handed characters when I can (that obviously isn’t very often). It would also be cool if you could pick your character’s handedness somehow, such as by changing which hand the book or other weapon is equipped to. I don’t think that would harm gameplay in any manner, but the animation department would most likely have to redo some animations, poses, etc.


Can you imagine how this would’ve been implemented if it was designed for FFXI 5 years ago?

1) You need to get a wyvern’s whisker in order to be eligible for a FATE.

2) The wyvern’s tear is located in a place that you must have completed the attunement quest for.  The wyverns are level 35, and the area they live in has a mandatory level cap of 30, so even if you’re level 90 when you step in you’ll be level 30.  Oh yeah, and since its FFXI if you die you lose 10% of your XP.

3) The website says that FATE’s happen randomly, but everyone knows that there is a 18-24 hours respawn timer.

4)  To activate the FATE you must trade your wyvern’s whisker to the invisible but targetable “unknown anomaly” point.  Only one person can trade a whisker at a time.  Only the first 18 people who successfully trade a whisker will be enrolled into the FATE.

5) 90% of the rewards from the FATE are some kind of animal dropping.  The remaining rewards are  items with poorly designed attributes.  Only 1 item is useful, and that one item commands a price of 50 million gil.

6)  The FATE is constantly camped by RMT.