Final Fantasy XIV service fees to discontinue on September 29th

Nothing lasts forever.  Sometimes it lasts for a year longer than you expect.

Final Fantasy XIV’s current version is approaching its twilight to make way for version 2.0. The servers will go dark, the new version will be tested, and perhaps most importantly, the game will once again discontinue the subscription fee. A recent dispatch from the development team confirms that service fees will be discontinued on September 29th, at which point all billing will stop and cannot be started again until the game relaunches.

Players with currently active subscriptions will be able to continue playing from September 30th up until the game shuts down on November 11th. (The last snapshot of character progress will be on November 1st, however, so the last 10 days of play will not be transferred to the new version.) Players whose subscriptions are already cancelled or will be cancelled after September 30th will not be able to play for free during this period, and the last day to reactivate a subscription or redeem any other codes will be the 29th. Read through the full dispatch for all of the details if you’re not sure where you’ll be after the end of the month, and keep your eyes peeled for more information as the relaunch draws closer.



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Takane ShijouTakane Shijou

Looking forward to seeing the testing phase for 2.0 kicking up in the coming months.  Have a bit of hope with what I’ve seen from the conventions and talk sessions,  Just not too sure I have enough motivation to log on till right before the servers come down.