Final Fantasy XIV: Rebirth of the realm : Shooting to a new level

Final Fantasy XIV is a very short history of the game , but the rocks. The original incarnation , often referred to as this game is 1.0, is a mess. Compared to other markets, it is a skeleton of a game, little content and numerous bug. About a year later , Square Enix company threw in the towel , the development team removed from the project . Ultimately, it decided to reinvent it from the ground up . PS3 version was scrapped and start working , and what will become a realm of rebirth.

Online games are based on an ever-changing world, but to be successful, they must provide players with what they come . The original interface is designed to be the mouse and the controller, but unfortunately, it does not play a good either group . Thankfully , the rebirth of the realm has fixed this problem by providing a more familiar mouse and keyboard interface , and a new controller is based on the PS3’s XMB interface UI. Other MMO pillars and side missions such as search marketing , also made appearance. Use controller interface , I was able to play with the keyboard and mouse as well . I suggest there is a keyboard, but you only need it chat.

The realm of rebirth borrow other successful games, increased functionality , such as the fate of encounters, random target can complete additional experience. Final Fantasy XI from the operating system makes its return. Class character can be changed by changing the device will allow a character level for each category . Reached a high enough level , some kind of combination , the Working unlocked. These combine two classes, but are designed with grouping and dungeons remember. They do not as a separate adventure , there is less capacity than a normal class .
Unlike many online games, leveling is not generally just run pursuit, pursuit , you will find a hole between them should be filled dungeon. This fate is also good. The end result is a game that has a little more wear than the ” World of Warcraft” , but it makes the world feel a lot bigger when you have to stop and look around .

If it is not a number of Final Fantasy , this is not possible , it had been fixed . Thankfully , it is because although these startup errors , a realm of rebirth into one of the best games ever worst one .