Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack Music Blu-ray Will Be Released in Europe

Before Meteor: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack Music Blu-ray Will Be Released in Europe

Looks like today is the day of Final Fantasy XIV, with news on several topics hitting us like a machine gun. In the past few days we reported about the  Before Meteor: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack Music Blu-ray  that will be released in Japan this August. Many within the game’s community wondered if it’ll be released in the west, even because the code for the bonus minion included in the package will probably be region locked, making importing less practical.

Today we have a partial answer to that question, as a German Community Manager from Square Enix Europe shed some light on the issue while answering a question from a fan:

Hey, don’t worry. You will be able to purchase the soundtrack and receive the Dalamud Minion in Europe. We’ll soon make an official announcement, so please have a little patience.

The soundtrack on Blu-ray includes 104 tracks for over six hours of music and a MP3 version for each track to be used with one’s portable MP3 players. It will also come with a bonus track that will feature the “The End of an Era” trailer  with the music recorded in 5.1.

The tracklist has spans the whole score used for the original Final Fantasy XIV, including those composed after its release by Masayoshi Soken, Tsuyoshi Sekito and Naoshi Mizuta, in addition to those by Nobuo Uematsu.

Fans that will purchase the Blu-ray will also get a code to download a special “Dalamud minion” for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Details on on release date and pricing for the European market aren’t yet available.

Below you can see a rendering of the minion and the box art of the soundtrack. Of course, since it will be released in Europe, a North American release is also most probable.


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