Final Fantasy XIV introduces a ‘rock’ emission apology

PAX 2013 - Yoshida talks Final Fantasy XIV's 21, 22, 23, and more
Final Fantasy XIV at PAX Prime this year, a sizeable presence. Large sitting square lectures and group interviews, we also manage a separate session with producer Naoki Yoshida, in addition to all of the hustle and bustle.

Yoshida asked to player feedback, since its introduction, has undergone a complete game. His tongue-in-cheek answer, admit it’s a lot of connections and server are concentrated in response to questions, he amiable reaction of laughter from the crowd. People who have been playing the game the feedback has been very positive, and he explained that he also said that the team is actively working to increase the capacity, the number of players in order to provide more positive experience.

It was also pointed out that Yoshida personally do a lot of game content inspection. Many of the shots posted on his producer letter, and his playing is actually taken. His favorite job is Thamaturge and black mage, although “Of course, he played all the work, and all of them are good.” Yoshida said, black mage gave him the best opportunity to end the damage, the real test the mess, but the rest of the development team is always asked him why he did not do more damage!

Preview what speech ended. The team has been making games 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 patches, Yoshida said, has been written and the future expansion of the plot. Housing and PvP wolf den are ready, daily tasks and hard battle dungeons and instances, all of which will in 2.1. This is not all of the core content of Yoshida explained. There will be something journeymen and solo player, a “great deal” of the content in each patch release something for everyone thanks.