Final Fantasy XIV: a realm of rebirth (PC) Review: Second FFXIV charm you?

Entertainment fuse jump straight into SQUARE-ENIX new Final Fantasy game action. Final Fantasy XIV: a realm of rebirth months has been in development since they shut down the server Final Fantasy XIV, as well as complaints about the game, a huge wave, they decided to personnel changes behind the scenes, the game is completely renamed now known as the rebirth of the realm. In the review, we take a look at all aspects of the game, which may cause it to be a huge success really is a waste of time like the last one heading. Watch the comments below, to see one of my games, can make or break the series of opinions. If you like traditional text, video post below it.
realm reborn
Final Fantasy XIV: rebirth occurred in the realm of Eorzea fictional land, five years later, the original version of the events. Final Fantasy XIV conclusion, the original dragon Bahamut escape prison labor start of the seventh moon shadow era apocalyptic event damage Eorzea. By God’s blessing, your character escaped destruction, the next five years into the running time. Eorzea recovery and reconstruction, the player must deal with coming from the north Garlean Empire threat of invasion.

Overall, the entire Final Fantasy XIV: a realm of rebirth experience is positive. Apart from the initial server load issues and downtime title has been greatly improved in the first game, except for some individual complaints, such as the need for a last name and the task of writing the text, almost everything was working and innovation. If you are a fan of Final Fantasy MMORPG genre and games in general, then I suggest picking up a realm of rebirth. It will not let you down and make you feel special part of the world, always creates the ultimate fantasy. SQUARE-ENIX has pledged to keep the game fresh and new constantly patched and updated quarterly. Let us hope that this rebirth to a great game, we expect the first time to solve, rather than its predecessor in infancy is stuck, the game will now be allowed to flourish.