Creating Roles for Final Fantasy XIV

ffxiv benchmark epl 801 Character creation benchmark now available for Final Fantasy XIV

You don’t know when the next (and final) beta test is starting for Final Fantasy XIV. That’s a bad thing, because it means you’re going through a fair bit of withdrawal. And while nothing can really fix the fact that you want to be playing but can’t, being able to play around with the character creator might at least help take the edge off. Which you can do today, as the newest benchmark and character creator is now available on the official site.

Aside from offering another chance to test your computer’s performance against the game, the new benchmark will allow you to create a new character. It also allows you to save the appearance data from that new character, which can be loaded up again in the launch version or the benchmark for further tweaking. So you could have your character ready to go the moment the game goes live later this month.