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TERA – 3 Ways Strategies for Making Money Via Dungeons

Virtually every dungeon in the game will give some reward in terms of gold. It is important to be efficient when it comes to farming gold from dungeons. This approach, however, is likely the most fun for players. As it is a very natural experience for PvE players. Making Tera Gold with dungeons is almost a dessert or well-made side to the main course. Players should not feel too pressured with this strategy.



Ghillieglade is a solo instance with a daily cap of twice a day or four times a day for Elite players. Elite players should note that Ghillieglade cannot be reset with instance reset scrolls. Ghillieglade can be accessed by buying the item “Velik’s Opportunity” from the Vanguard Initiative Quartermaster for 15 Vanguard daily points. A paltry sum but one that can add up for non-Elite players. Elite players will get a persistent Velik’s Opportunity scroll on their special UI tab essentially making all their Ghillieglade runs free. Upon using the scroll, a player must use the exit teleporter to go to the Ghillieglade instance.

Ghillieglade has 2 difficulty settings. A normal mode and a hard mode. The normal mode is done easily by progressing through the dungeon. A player will first protect the Gatekeeper from various mobs coming in waves, and then defend the Guardian by drawing bam aggro away from it while it recovers. Upon completion, the player will fight Banyaka (The Ghillieglade boss) with the benefit of crystals that give extra damage. Ghillieglade on hard mode is activated by skipping the Gatekeeper and Guardian entirely. There will be no crystal for extra damage and Banyaka will be significantly buffed. In addition, the Guardian and Gatekeeper will show up as enemies with the potential to stunlock the player.

Akeron’s Inferno (Normal Mode)

Akeron’s Inferno is a fulminate recommended endgame raid with a daily cap of one attempt. Elite players will have twice this amount. Akeron’s Inferno can also be reset with both the Elite instance reset scroll and the Instance reset scroll. An Elite player exhausting the maximum number of runs using both scrolls can run Akeron’s Inferno up to 6 times. Akeron’s Inferno is a 10man raid that drops principally Wroth gear. However, if a player joins the raid via Instance Matching, the player will automatically get 2 Amethyst, 2 Wroth gear, and 2 Schisma treasure chests upon completion.

This reward where a player truly makes money from the dungeon. The amethyst is worth 30g each to any vendor in the game. The 2 Wroth gears, when dismantled, provide tier 6 feedstock. The Schisma chests have the potential to give Schisma weapons. These are tier 7 endgame gears that can be dismantled for tier 7 feedstock. Each weapon will give 48 tier 7 feedstock, and with feedstock selling for an average of 22 gold each, a schisma weapon box could potentially earn a player ~1000g. This is near equivalent to 4 ghillieglade runs a day and essentially means that 1 Akeron’s Inferno run could actually make nearly 2x the amount of 4 ghilieglade runs.

However, all based on luck when opening the treasure chests. There is a chance to receive an amethyst instead of a weapon. Players should note, however, that the drop rate is actually quite high, a character running 4 akeron’s infernos a day should expect to see at least 4 weapons. That is essentially 4k a day from Akeron’s Inferno via Instance Matching. Individually, with no schisma drops from the treasure chests, an Akeron’s Inferno run will give a minimum of 545g and 90 vanguard points a run for Elite players.

Bathysmal Rise

If you are an experienced player you are probably thinking. “Ghillieglade… I can understand, same as Akeron’s Inferno… but Bathysmal Rise!? What is he smoking??” Allow me to explain. Bathysmal Rise, for those unfamiliar, is a 7-man dungeon that drops Fulminate gear. It is a dungeon full of new 65s wiping in the face of an instance that is actually mechanically difficult for once. A player knowledgeable of the mechanics, however, shall find this instance extremely easy.

Now I shall explain why this is a priority dungeon for players wanting to make gold. In terms of Vanguard points, it is incredibly efficient. The Vanguard daily for Bathysmal Rise is near equivalent to Akeron’s Inferno (And more profitable than Shattered Fleet and Vault of Kaprima). Most importantly, however, it is quick. A Shattered Fleet raid and a Vault of Kaprima raid usually average anywhere between 15-30 minutes. However, grabbing a friend or a random that is well geared, Bathysmal Rise can easily be done in 10-15 minutes.

All three strategies are fine ways of making money via dungeons. However, the highest potential earnings are most definitely from Akeron’s Inferno Instance Matching. That is almost enough to buy a month of Elite status! And if you have any demand for cheap Tera buy Gold, you can justify just visit our website!

Final Fantasy XIV Online GO – The Collection App For The Road

“Final Fantasy XIV always aims to give players the most immersive experience,” Publisher Square Enix begins his video.

With the implementation of a smartphone app, players are now no longer tied to their home computer to do what they love to do: collect resources.

Players will be notified via their mobile phone about nearby resources and then go there with their smartphone. Arrived players can gather about the app by simply tapping the screen ores or the like.

Players can enhance their experience with Final Fantasy XIV Online GO by purchasing the “Harvest Bar”. According to Square Enix, this is “not a simple plastic stick” but a “very special plastic stick”.

If you want to learn more about the revolutionary app, check out here: With a new app, you can now collect nodes outside in Final Fantasy XIV. It is very important to take the time to level up at the beginning of the game. Whenever you need gils, you can turn to FFXIV4GIL for help. FFXIV4GIL has cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil for sale.

The Producer Of FFXIV Focus On Making The Main Scenario Something

As FFXIV producer, Yoshida, a Realm Reborn is the first time he worked on it, prior to this, he was focused on Dragon Quest, including Dragon Quest X, the fantasy series’ foray into the MMO genre. But now, he sees himself as a Final Fantasy fan first, and a developer second. The recent interview about him also come out, in this interview, he detailed answered many questions for FFXIV, you can head over to FFXIV4Gil, and find more video and other videos & news.

Final Fantasy XIV

Players have been playing A Realm Reborn and its various expansions for over four years now. Keeping players engaged – no matter if there is new story content available to them or not – represents arguably the greatest challenge developers of MMOs will face, and A Realm Reborn is no different in that regard. FFXIV: A Realm Reborn is a huge turn point for Final Fantasy XIV, it make this game reach a new level.

Yoshida says, FFXIV is an MMO, but before that it’s an RPG, and before that it’s a Final Fantasy game. Yoshida added:” at the heart of that rests a focus on making the main scenario something that players care about. We have spent a huge amount of time making sure that the story is as vital to this game.” However, it’s important for the players to let us know what it is that they want us to make and I have always thought that it is very important for Final Fantasy to embrace this.

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Naoki Yoshida Discussed About Final Fantasy XIV Housing And Eureka

Recently, Naoki Yoshida, FFXIV Producer and Director discussed about housing, confirms relic armor and eureka. The team of FFXIV is working on bringing new content with the upcoming Patch 4.2 and beyond, stay tuned FFXIV4Gil or visit here. Naoki Yoshida points out that the main reason for the success of FFXIV, since the failure of the original version, they developed the game with the players.

Final Fantasy XIV

Today, Let’s Talk About FFXIV Housing, Confirms Relic Armor And Eureka

On The Implementation Of Relic Armor
Naoki Yoshida: Yes, we actually already have solidified our plans for this. This content will be packaged within the Forbidden Land of Eureka content, and thus will be implemented at the same time.

On Plans To Update Housing System
Naoki Yoshida, Producer and Director: I first want to apologize to all of the players and free companies who were unable to purchase land and to whom we caused a lot of stress due to the shortage of housing plots. The development team is already working on adding more plots for Patch 4.2, but we are also planning to introduce new processes to the plot purchase specifications.

On Lessons Learned From Diadem And Changes We Can Expect To See When Eureka Is Implemented
Naoki Yoshida: We have designed the game in a way that entices players to strive for high item level weapons or equipment, or enjoy the aspect of leveling up with our content updates. We tried a few different things with the Diadem, Eureka was developed based on our experiences from creating that content. The idea behind Eureka is to give players the opportunity to experience content that has a completely different set of battle rules from field or instanced content.

When asked what he’d do with the game if given unlimited resources and technology, Yoshida’s response is for the community. At the same time, in recent interview with Naoki Yoshida, he also discussed about whether or not he would ever leave FFXIV, he says that he loves Final Fantasy XIV and isn’t ready to leave it. More Naoki Yoshida’s interview details, read more at here.

ffxv gil

FFXIV4Gil’s New Product FFXV Gil is on Sale

Final Fantasy XV is a ground-breaking fantasy based on reality – with revolutionary gameplay, awe-inspiring graphics, and cutting-edge technology. Escaping the flames of war, Noctis, the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Lucis, embarks on an epic journey with his best friends in the hopes of finding the strength to take back his homeland and end the battle.

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“No matter what you want to do in Final Fantasy XV, Gil is always necessary. Without an ample amount of Gil in FFXV, your chances of lost battles increases dramatically. Expensive gear, powerful weapons, and impressive skills could be obtained if you had just a little more FFXV Gil than you are willing to grind will prove to be a detriment to your victory as an adventurer. The higher content means the more dangerous threats, when your armor cannot absorb a high damage from boss and your sword cannot hurt the beast anymore will you consider to get a new equipment? How could you fight the primal if your gear is too weak? How would you craft if you can’t afford for required material? How could you show off your house when you do not have any decorative stuff?” FFXIV4Gil CEO said.

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FFXIV Heavensward Guide:The Singularity Reactor Primal Fight

This fight is technically a Primal, but different as they are summoned using the bodies of the Archbishop and the Heavens’ Ward. It’s based on the summon from FFVII, Knights of the Round. The fight itself isn’t difficult, but there is a lot of stuff going on.


ffxiv gil



  • Ascalon’s Might: A heavy-hitting frontal cleave.
  • Ascalon’s Mercy: A multi-directional conal AoE.
  • Ancient Quaga: A room wide AoE dealing moderate damage.
  • Lightning Storm: Randomly targets three people with a lightning attack.
  • Meteor Rain: Places an AoE circle on random targets. It seems as the fight progresses it targets more people.
  • Knights of the Round: Summons other knights to use their special abilities. These are easy to dodge even if you’re not sure what the knight does.
  • The Dragon’s Eye: Buffs King Thordan.
  • The Dragon’s Gaze: You need to look away during this attack. Just turn your character around, it inflicts terror and vulnerability up if you don’t turn away.
  • Chaos Phase: I like to refer to this as Chaos phase because there is so much happening, it’s almost impossible to track everything. What you need to know in this phase I’ll detail here. Ser Janlenoux and Ser Adelphel need to be killed to progress the phase. They both use the skill set of Ser Adelphel so nothing new. Comet Circles need to be killed, before their comets hit the field. Then kill the Meteor Circle in the middle.
  • Light of Ascalon: After the Meteor Circle goes down, Thordan will reappear and bombard players with Light of Ascalon. It does negligible damage and knocks players back.
  • Ultimate End: After the Light of Ascalon spam, all the knights come together with Thordan to use Ultimate End, a room wide AoE doing considerable damage. After this, just burn Thordan down. He just wildly swings his sword around so there’s nothing left but to kill him.

Steps about how you shape the role what you choose

I prefer to play the ffxiv to relax myself rather than watch TV. One of the biggest reason is that I can shape the role according to my love. Here are some easy steps .

ffxiv tips

ffxiv guide

When choosing your role’s look, you can even pick the background environment they’re displayed in, their pose, and attire. As for attire, roles can be displayed in either their race’s starting clothes, their job clothes, or their smallclothes . These options are for cosmetic purposes only.

After that, you’ll be able to choose their birthday and patron god or goddess. There are 12 different elemental Patron Deities and every character gets Elemental Attribute Power bAfter that, you’ll be able to choose their birthday and patron god or goddess. There are 12 different elemental Patron Deities and every character gets Elemental Attribute Power based on the deity they chooseased on the deity they choose.

Then  you choose your role’s class. For more information about classes, check out the Classes section. Depending on your class, you’ll end up in one of three starting zones: Gridania, Ul’dah, or Limsa Lominsa.

you want The last section of role creation is choosing your world, or server.If to group up with a lot of friends it’s recommended to  choose one server near the region you live in and play there.

Once you’ve created your role and gone through all these steps, you’ll be treated to a cutscene. Afterwards, you’ll be able to start gaining ffxiv gil and adventuring right away.

The second “Final Fantasy XIV Gil” game

This is only the second “Final Fantasy XIV Gil” game that you can play with others, and the only one available exclusively for PC. A successful party of adventurers should have someone to damage the monsters, or “DPS,” someone to heal the party and someone to maintain the attention of the monsters, known as the “tank.” Tanking in FFXIV is a loftier prospect than in most massively multi-player online games.

Final Fantasy XIV Gil

The first.Start as the marauder class and take it to rank six. This will get you the ability “bloodbath,” which gives your health back with your attack.
The second.Switch to lancer for four ranks. You will gain the ability “ferocity.” This will raise the damage of your next attack and, when used in conjunction with “bloodbath,” will net you more health.


The third.Rank up in the gladiator class indefinitely. It will give you all the crucial skills needed for defense and holding the anger of the monsters.The fourth.Watch each battle actively. Use the abilities given by your three classes to provoke and maintain the anger of the creatures.This will free up your less hardy friends to damage the monster, or even to heal you. If you can keep everyone happy in a party, they will all keep you happy.


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Final fantasy hardcore fans

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What I love about Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is tied innately to my love of the franchise in its early years. A Realm Reborn does just as its name implies, it gives birth to a fresh, living world brimming with activity and detail. It’s startling how much the experience, which historically has been tied to a single-player wandering alone in a large, unfamiliar world, is not just captured but accented by a massively-multiplayer environment. Cities, taverns especially, are filled with wildly diverse players — adventurers! — crafting or going about their routines. Outer areas of the world are wide-open, quiet outside of battle, but consistently beautiful to behold. Where battle is met in the various corners of each area, adventurers congregate briefly for battle before returning to their own, personal quests. Perhaps best of all is the main story-line, which requires each player to travel to all corners of Eorzea. Ensuring players see every corner of the world is A Realm Reborn’s gift to its players.

At its heart, however, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a two-headed beast. One head is an old friend, embodying a single-player Final Fantasy experience that rekindled my love of the franchise and my hope for its future. The other head is an unremarkable core MMO experience grounded in uninspired MMO tropes. Battling this beast can at times be extraordinary and at other times unforgivably dull. Yet one head does not come without the other, and so it stands as many MMOS do: a game with moments of brilliance intermingled with a near constant tedium and dullness. This comes to a head at end-game, where the main story-line finishes and standard MMO gear-grind takes over. It wasn’t long after I reached 50 that I decided my time with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was over, but I wouldn’t given up 1-49 for the world. Well, most of it.

As there are series of final fantasy game , which one is your favorite?

FFXIV 2.1 version updating

“Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn” in the official website recently released details about the upcoming update on December 17 version 2.1 new housing system, version 2.1 will add new content main storyline, really difficulty true king Mo Coulee crusade, three new Man of God, self-built housing systems, treasure hunt system, 4V4 arena system, random copies, beauty shops, daily tasks.

Players will need to purchase a piece of land, regardless of whether you are members or not are able to purchase land in any city, but memebers can buy Guild authorized land. Currently each player can only buy a piece of land, in the future or to open multiple pieces of land for purchasing .



After that the players also need to purchase a piece of land to obtain housing permits, licenses can be purchased at the NPC , when you have land and housing permits, you will be able to build your own house it.
The Appearance of the house four parts are integrated settings: roof, exterior walls, doors, windows, you can customize the selected roof decoration, wall decoration, house and fence.
Some furnishings can be placed in the garden outside the house, the player can move, rotate and delete these outdoor furnishings. The number of display can be placed in your garden will depend on the size of land owned

Once the placement of furniture and furnishings in the house or garden, you can not conduct secondary trading

Interior furnishings parts very much, wallpaper, flooring and interior lighting can be customized to adjust. A wide variety of furniture will be used to decorate the interior of your estate, including tables, lamps, plants, wall shelf, carpet, and more. Some furniture can be placed on the table, such as a lamp.
With the 2.1 version of the FFXIV GAME open, more interesting content will also be added to the game: Inter handmade (can be made airship), room music player, Chocobo bird rooms, electronic bulletin boards, clothing dummy model (put on your equipment as shown).