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Visit The Forbidden Country Eureka Anemos Again In FFXIV

The forbidden country Eureka Anemos emerges from the mists in FINAL FANTASY XIV, thanks to Patch 4.25 released today. This mysterious new area has not yet been explored, untamed and subject to constantly changing elements. Here, players are challenged to master new combat techniques and to obtain and improve powerful new weapons. The patch also provides the latest chapter in the adventure of the extraordinary Inspector Hildibrand, and the seventh season of The Feast PvP.


The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos is a huge, unknown area that brings with it some important gameplay changes:

  • Field Area-style gameplay: Up to 144 players can be in the same area. In doing so, they are encouraged to hunt for infamous samples together with other adventurers and to pursue common goals.
  • Progression of players: Players can earn elemental EXP to use their ability to use the elements. They can also use the new Magia Board function to customize their elementary affinities, which will certainly come in handy when exploring Eureka.
  • Custom combat mechanisms: The battles get new strategic depth with an element system. This system allows players to use a Magia Board to match the elementary affinity of their attacks to their enemies. Before they go out, players with a Magia Melder can adjust the elements of their Magia Board. It is the art to adjust the setup as well as possible to the goal of the adventure.
  • Rewards: Players can find protean crystals while exploring Eureka and return them to the famous blacksmith Gerolt for the improvement of weapons and equipment.

With the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Free Trial, new players can join the millions of adventurers in the Eorzea area. The free trial version lets everyone enjoy all content up to level 35, create up to eight playable characters, and try different playable races, classes and jobs without playing time restrictions.

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Version 4.25 Of Final Fantasy XIV Would Be Available From March 13

Final Fantasy XIV, the MMORPG that Square Enix has spoiled so much, continues to have the support of its developer. That is why just over a month after receiving the great update 4.2, which came full of content, it has been possible to know that version 4.25 of the title would be available to all players from March 13.


Along with the submitted confirmation, several images have been shared about the news that will come with the aforementioned update 4.25:

In some of these we have the possibility to appreciate what will be the new and mysterious area of the game, whose name is “The Forbbiden Land of Eureka Anemos”. Apparently, this is an island that is not shown on the map and that precisely should not be in the place that is. This unexplored territory will await all sorts of secrets and dangers so that Final Fantasy XIV users can look more than ever their adventurous spirit, in addition to having a unique progression system that will give a little twist to the traditional gameplay of the work.

Final Fantasy XIV can be purchased on PlayStation 4 and PC after several months ago support for PlayStation 3 ceased. A big update for Final Fantasy players! This is quite exciting! The new content will be available within a few days, so just seize the limited time and gather enough money and necessary gears and players ahead. If you need gils in game, you can buy cheap FFXIV Gil on FFXIV4GIL.

Final Fantasy XIV Will Be Held The Little Ladies’ Day

Also this year in the Final Fantasy XIV will be held the Little Ladies’ Day: a special event that counts the presence of a now famous idol complex called Songbirds. The young ladies will return to perform and the players will naturally be spectators, with three new emotes that will allow you to go wild with the glowsticks and give a sign of liking.

The event will take place between 1 and 14 March and you must be at least level 15 to participate. Make sure you have completed all the seasonal missions before the Little Ladies finishes to get your special rewards.


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FFXIV Heavensward Makes You Get a Real Job

A Realm Reborn let you play as your preferred character class, with options ranging from archers and black mages to pugilists and dragoons. Previously, in order to turn from Thaumaturg to Black Mage, you had to pursue another class and have their powers combine at a specific level. It promoted learning new classes, but felt incredibly grind-based and didn’t totally make sense. Heavensward offers new jobs, but the reasoning actually works for me, including the level downgrade.

ffxiv professions

Upon arriving in Ishgard, there are a range of new side quests to undertake in the city itself. I found myself in the factory where I was sent on a quest that resulted in opening up the machinist job. The option to shoot guns and set up turrets? Sign me up! However, I obviously knew nothing about it and didn’t have the skills to handle the better weaponry. As a result, my level 50 black mage transformed into a level 30 machinist when changing class. It made sense, although it’s still a bit frustrating that my character couldn’t equip the excellent gear that I already had and loved. Time to get new gear, and level up all over again. Instead, I’ve just stuck with being a black mage for now, but maybe when I have time again I will level up my machinist.

Yes, the new jobs are just as addictive as the old ones. From fishing and mining to killing things as the various classes and fulfilling your entire hunting log, there is just so much to do in the reward loop that you can easily lose many hours doing things that are totally unrelated to the story at hand.


Heavensward Guide: How to Play as an Astrologian

Astrologian is first and foremost a healing class. Perhaps more so than any of the otherFFXIV healing classes before it. What Astrologian lacks in damage dealing capability, though, it more than makes up for in healing prowess and versatility.

FFXIV guide

One important thing that is worth mentioning before we get into it: Astrologian benefits GREATLY from the Conjurer cross class skills. At the bare minimum, you’re probably going to want to get your Conjurer to 34 for Protect, Stoneskin, and Cleric Stance, if you plan on taking Astrologian seriously. Party members will definitely notice that they aren’t getting Protect and Stoneskin and your overall DPS will suffer without Cleric Stance.

Astrologian’s signature ability in Heavensward is Draw. Draw randomly picks one of six (beneficial) effects and applies them to a targeted party member. You then have 15 seconds to decide if you want to lock this buff in, or reassign it to someone else. The idea is you want to see which card was drawn and then reapply it to someone that gets the most out of that buff. For example, if you draw The Bole you’ll most likely be giving that to the tank since it reduces damage taken. If you draw The Ewer (MP Regen), throw it onto a partner healer, a caster DPS, or yourself.

Aside from Draw and its basic curing abilities (Benefic 1 and Benefic 2), Astrologian has a powerful instant cure ability by the way of Essential Dignity. Although this ability has a cooldown, it instantly cures without a cast time and heals for more potency the more damage the target has taken.

Lightspeed is your typical “oh sh!t” ability. Using it makes most spells nearly instant cast at the expense of some potency. Make sure to use that if you need to pop off some quick Benefics or Heloios (your AoE healing spell). You could also use it offensively to rapidly land some Malefics

Luminiferous Aether is an Astrologian’s best friend as it reduces your enmity generated AND refreshes your MP. Awesome! You newly earned ability, Diurnal Sect increases your attack speed and when used with certain actions that you’ll learn later on, adds an additional healing Regen effect. And of course, Astrologian has its own native status remover by way of Exalted Detriment.

And that just about does it as far as beginner Astrologian tips are concerned in FFXIV: Heavensward. As you level up, you’ll acquire new abilities that you’ll need to work into your rotation. But as long as you understand the basics, you’ll be in a great position to learn how to use these new abilities with ease!

FFXIV leveling guide

Things you should do for coming FFXIV Heavensward

I’m sure you already know that,the Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is set to launch on Tuesday, June 23, 2015.Here are a checklist of things to do before the expansion drops.It makes sense to share it, so that others can benefit.


ffxiv notes


1. Complete Your Story Quest
If you’re a newbie who’s wet behind the ears — like me — then the first order of business is to finish up all of the available story quests. This is going to take a long time if you’re starting fresh, and maybe even if you’ve been at it for a while.

The last entry you should see in your journal for the main story is the following: Quest Log > Complete > Main Scenario Quest > TBA.

If you see the name of a quest instead, then get it completed and turned in as soon as possible. You won’t even be able to start on the new story content in Heavensward until you’re all caught up.

2. Level Your Main Class and Crafting Profession
In XIV you can swap out classes and professions at any time by equipping new gear. No doubt you already know this, but it means you can max out every class, job and profession on a single toon.

If you can max everything out before Heavensward drops then excellent! If you can’t, then focus on your main class and your main crafting profession. This includes your main cross-class too!

It’s also a good idea to level up a tank class, as there are several benefits for doing this, one of which is that you can queue pretty quickly for duty roulettes.

If Heavensward introduces a new cross-class skill that you can only get when you’re max level on both classes, you’ll be kicking yourself in the ass for not preparing appropriately. If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about when I say “cross-class” then you should probably make a point to get up to speed.

3. Hunt Down Some Decent Gear
If you’re a noob like me, there’s no point in doing this until you meet the level cap.

Some will argue that Heavensward is going to introduce new stuff that renders previous gear useless, and that’s probably true. You should still do your best to find decent gear for your class and profession. Similar to when you’re leveling up, collect gear for any and all classes you regularly outfit.

I couldn’t even begin to list the best gear to farm or craft for each class but there are plenty of resources out there to help you find what you’re looking for.

4. Save Your FFXIV Gil
Seriously, don’t spend any of your gil and in the meantime save as much as you can. You’ll want to use any stored gil for teleports, equipment repairs, new gear, and requirements for flying mounts that are added in the expansion.

Since Heavensward content is for higher-level characters anything you do is going to be expensive. Prepare accordingly.

5. Join a Free Company
Obviously, this only applies if you haven’t done so already. Free companies are XIV’s version of a guild. More important than simply joining one, is making a few buds to play the expansion with. You’ll need to team up with a group of like-minded players to get through the new stuff so why not find some people you can tolerate beforehand?

If you’re having trouble finding a free company on your server that aligns with your goals, it might be time to consider a server change. You’ll definitely want to finalize that before the expansion drops.

6. Stock Up on Retainer Ventures
Once you get to a point where you can hire retainers, you’ll need retainer ventures to assign them tasks. Since the expansion raises the level cap to 60, these will come in handy when you’re trying to level up your retainers. Not to mention, you’ll want to send your retainers out on missions added in the new expansion as they’ll likely bring back some unique gear, loot or materials.

7. Max Out Your Grand Company Seals
If you scoffed at most of this list because you have a lot of it done already then why not shift your focus to grand company seals? It’s likely they will play a role in the new expansion, and they might even help you hit the new level cap faster. There are guides out there to maximize how many seals you earn per hour, if you really want to get serious with it.

So, there you have it and be ready in time for the Heavensward launch!

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Crafting Tricks for Fast XP in FFXIV A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV or otherwise known as FFXIV is the next installment in extremely popular Final Fantasy series. If you are new to FinalFantasy it might be difficult to get your way around things at the beginning.

Final Fantasy XIV Gil

Final Fantasy XIV Gil


The most important thing you need to know and focus on is the way mastering different disciplines. There are four disciplines known as Disciples of Magic, Disciples of War, Disciples of Hand and Disciples of the Land, each of them containing classes.

? Disciples of Land allow players to gather items through out the entire world. Without them the Economy will suffer. They are the Botanist and the Miners.
? Disciples of Hand work together with the Disciples of Land. They are the crafters.
? Disciples of Magic are intellectuals that want to understand sorcery in all its forms.
? Disciples of War devote their time on mastering their weapons used for combat. They go through physical training to be prepared for the battles ahead.

Overall you should know that whether you want to kill stuff or to craft and learn stuff it’s good to be versatile in both. The way FinalFantasyXIV works is you can switch between classes and share abilities. You don’t get stuck with one “career” that you choose during the character creation. It’s a smart idea to level several classes to make the most of the best abilities. When you switch Disciplines, your Physical Level remains the same. Your Discipline Level dictates what skills you have access to.

This will allow you to have a lot more freedom and it will make Final Fantasy XIV quite solo friendly. A warrior who wants to be cured of poison can easily change into a White Mage himself. So, having plenty of inventory room is far more important than it was in Final Fantasy XI.

With all this being said I hope you have a better understanding of the concept behind all of the characters you will find in the Final Fantasy XIV’s world.

Are you looking for a Final Fantasy 14 crafting guide that you can use to help you level up by having a crafting character? There are a lot of crafters in the game that fall under the disciples of the hand, and I think that it’s a great choice to use when power leveling. Let’s get into it and find out some tips on how you can get this done.

Using Crafting to Power Level Up
This is one of the newly unique things to the games as opposed to other games. For the most part this is a whole new kind of game, because of these differences. When you have a certain set of tools or weapons in your hands you basically become a new class. If you have an axe or something similar you’d be a gladiator, and if you have botanist tools then you’re a botanist. Similarly, if you have fishing tools you’d be a fisherman. Your class changes that rapidly – and sure, you can be more experienced in one class or another, but the key is that you can rapidly change throughout the different areas if you want to do certain kinds of things.

Gaining Experience By Crafting
Another unique thing in this game is that you can literally level up and gain experience by crafting. If you’re an alchemist then you literally gain experience by making new batches of things, and you’ll be able to level by doing this alone. This is really unique as it turns your “profession” into an actual class that you can have a mastery in. One thing that this accomplishes is that you can be more passive and not really have to defeat mobs and do other things that really would become tedious and frustrating.

Doing Quests & Leveling With Crafting To Speed You Up
You should accept bunches of quests and try to work in crafting whenever you can. If you have a gathering class too then you can easily gather things that you need, send them to your other character (or collect them on the same one,) and then craft them. While leveling and gathering other things you can easily work this in to substantially increase your leveling speed.

It’s highly recommended that if you want to take your crafting skills to a higher level, along with your character’s level and if you want to earn more gil, that you follow this step to step guide.


The Secret to Get More Free FF14 Gil Quickly

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Do you want to learn how to get more FFXIV gil without having to spend real money? Well, if you want to learn how to get more money in FF14 quickly and easily, here are a couple of things you will need to know.

Earn Free Gil Fast By Doing Leves
One of the best known ways of earning money in this game is by doing Leves. Leves are quests that offer a nice reward of equipment and Gil upon completion.

There are two types of leves; Battlecraft and Fieldcraft leves.

Battlecraft quests are involved with killing monsters. These quests are best suited if you are playing as a Discipline Of War class as they can easily slay monsters with their power.

Fieldcraft leves involve gathering specific objects and can only be completed if you are playing as the Discipline of the Land class.

Earn Free Gil Quickly By Crafting
Another good way to have a big bankroll in FF14 is by crafting. One downside to this method is that it could take a painfully long time to make the weapon or armour. However, if you can successfully sell the item that you have crafted, you can earn a huge profit from it.

Remember, the more rare the item, the higher the price. So focus on crafting an item that is very rare to get the most money that you can.

Earn Free Gil Fast By Gathering
Gathering materials can also help your bankroll grow in FF14. Some players do not want to go out and gather their own materials they need to craft an item. If you have the materials that they will need, people will pay a nice price for them.

So what you want to do is go out and try to mine the rarest materials possible. Now that you have them, go and sell it to potential crafters.


FFXIV Gil Making Guide:How to Farm Safe and Fast FFXIV Gil

ffxiv gil

If you are asked whether we can farm ffxiv gil or not, i am pretty sure that the answer will be YES.But the question here today is whether you know how to farm ffxiv gil and how to farm ffxiv gil fast ?

I bet every FFXIV fans understands how crucial the role of ffxiv gil plays in the process of a battle or combat.FFXIV gil is still in the highest demand .The hint is farming ffxiv gil is not always a boring and never ending thing that done by yourself alone,make ffxiv gil and rich is always happen in a community.Here,let’s share some ideas.

1.Choose a perfect time to farm ffxiv gil
First step is how to survive in the game.You need to focus on geeting your characters up to a stable level when they can make decent amount of ffxiv gil themselves before wasting your precious play time on the slow ffxiv gil farming.You need to remember that as long as you have enough gil to meet your basic demand ,do not hurry to farm ffxiv gil.Because farming at higher level will be much safer and faster.

2.Crafting skills will be highly required to farm ffxiv gil
Once you get a higher level,and also have some extra gil during the leveling,it is time for you to invest your ffxiv gil for rewarding activities.Choose the best crafting skills you like, of course this will requre much gaming experiences and knowledge,it is always better to follow the ffxiv game guide.Once you know the crafting skills better,it is easier to make yourself rich in FFXIV.Meanwhile,you can also pick up some cheap items which you can sell quickly and make profits faster.

3.Always be aware of take benift of FFXIV Auction House
We do believe that when you pass the second step,you are now kinda rich in the game,but being richer is always the dream.Never forget to use the Auction House to buy and sell items,especially those rare items and worth investing.It is not a big deal if you make 30 million a day by buying and selling with the Auction House,as long as you have enough FFXIV gil yo run the business.

Above the points are our experience and understanding of farming ffxiv gil fast .Keep that in mind,and you wil find farming ffxiv gil cheap is not always a boring thing ,it can be enjoyable and quite smart thing doing in the game.Imaging that one day when your character if famous in the Auction House,hundreds of people are PM you for buying and selling great items,how much FFXIV gil you will make per day?