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FFXIV world transfer is about to begin

Not happy, your world Final Fantasy XIV? Community representatives Camate extend a social message: The World Transfer Service “very soon.” Five days before the transfer will be free. Camate article provides a very detailed overview of the requirements and risks, but here is our summary: Transfer Requirements: You can not belong to a company for Read More

Final Fantasy XIV Global Transfer “is about to begin.”

Square has introduced a little bit of information on the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV World shuttle service. Producer Naoki Yoshida said character transfers will be provided free to everyone thanks to the players through the game introduced a variety of problems persist in the end a way of five days. If you intend to move a character, Read More

Mog Log: Final Fantasy XIV you want to make a living

Final Fantasy XIV has many stories are told, and now I’m back in the mess. Amdapor keeping is an interesting dungeon, for example, as a whole mechanics tomestones is fascinating to me. But it also brought me within spitting distance of some people describe the game, the real drawback is that there is no Read More