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Final Fantasy XIV: The Eorzean Symphony Delivered Some Dates For West

Since September 2017, the Eorzean Symphony brings together the Japanese crowds of Final Fantasy XIV. Square Enix has therefore revealed to the general public that it will be exported to the West this year. Indeed, the composer Masayoshi Soken, director of sound for FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, delivered two dates for these concerts organized by the Japanese firm. The first will take place mid-June in Los Angeles, which remains inaccessible for many fans of Europe, but not for our friends in Quebec. The second concert will be organized in Germany at the end of August, which is much more interesting for the French. Pre-sales for both events has started from February 20th and tickets may be leaving very quickly.


Below is all information provided by Square Enix:

Los Angeles, United States: Friday, June 15 – Saturday, June 16, 2018

Location: Dolby Theater
Presales: from February 20th.
Tickets:, from February 26 at 10 am
Beginning of the concert: 8 pm / opening of the doors at 7 pm

Dortmund, Germany: Friday 24 August – Saturday 25 August 2018

Location: Konzerthaus Dortmund
Presales: from February 20th.
Beginning of the concert: 8 pm / opening of the doors at 7 pm

Beside this, Naoki Yoshida, producer and director of FFXIV has made some announcements around the forbidden land Eureka Anemos, an unprecedented territory includes new rules of combat. It appears in the world of Hydaelyn with the implementation of patch 4.25 and becoming a major venue coveted by the players of Final Fantasy XIV for any player wishing to improve the last Anemos ancient weapons. If you need gils while playing in FFXIV, you can buy gils on ffxiv4gil. You can get 2% discount with code if you buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil on FFXIV4GIL.

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FATE Grind Guide for FFXIV Heavensward

To further expand how fates work (many people still dont know):
For elite (single mob) or boss fates, aggro (healing aggro, dps aggro tank aggro) seems to be the key to success. (also to mention it, A/S ranks work this way too). so as a tank or healer, its possible to get more credit by using aggro (aoe healing) abilities then trying to just dps.

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For collection fates, you need 6+ items for FFXIV Gil. (people seem to think its more).for “kill the mob” fates, its based on number of kills you get (credit for the mob kill, which means either tagging the mob first, or doing enough damage on a claimed mob).

To further expand for leveling 2nd+ jobs:
battle leves (think u can get them as low as lv10. at lv10-20 they are actually very good exp. past that, they are meh)

FFXIV Gil Heavensward PVP Job Guide :DPS
Now that the new PvP mode, Seize, has been out for a couple of days, here is the general impression I’ve gathered on the performance of the different classes. Primarily, this is an evaluation of how the classes fare at level 60, moreso than their direct impact to success in the new mode which relies mostly on human factors than class compositions in DF.

Today we will talk something about FFXIV Gil.
Monks’ reliance on positional requirements for the maximum potency is a notable disadvantage in PvP, thus hampering monk’s ability to provide high damage burst relative to its dragoon and ninja brothers. However, the niche of monk in PvP is not as a high-burst melee dps, but rather as a mobile CC-machine with tons of utility, while still having access to the melee LB for assassination potential. Shoulder tackle is a gap closer with a 2s stun on a low 30s cooldown, shared only by plunge of dark knights. Axe kick also provides an AoE pacification against melees and tanks. Monks, along with dragoons, have access to fetter ward, which provides them with CC immunity for 9s, allowing you to melee LB priority targets with impunity following a shoulder tackle.


FFXIV Heavensward Job / Class System details

Due to players have a great numbers of confusion about how the class system works in FFXIV: ARR, then I hope this guide could help you to clear up the matters.the guide of toady may help the players to do less idole work and may help the players save such a great numbers of FFXIV Gil. Well, but to have full fun in this game, the Final Fantasy XIV Gil is still necessary, so buy the safe FFXIV Gil please click here.




First of all, players must have no idea of the difference between disciples, classes and jobs else which make the players get confused. Tis time, we just have a look on the disciple.

in Final Fantasy XIV, there are 4 disciple types in the game. The types of Disciple in FFXIV are nothing more than common headlines for the 4 different ways to do anything in FXIV. They are Disciples of War by using physical weapons for battle, Disciples of Magic by using magic for battle, Disciples of the Land which used to collecting, and Disciples of the Hand which used to crafting. The notice is that Disciples do not have any levels that cannot progress anyway.

Next, let us turn to the Classes. According to the game, we know that the classes could be listed from 1 to 50, while unlike any other MMO games, a single character can upgrade as many classes as they want. In order to change your class, just equip the weapon and tool specific to the class that players want to become whenever you are not in the situation of fight. What gamers should do is to finish the original leading quest line before they can change jobs. What you should notice is that the level 10 leading quest allows gamers to change class but it is not wise to gather all of the classes unless players unlock aircraft travel. To unlock it, players also need to talk to a different NPC one time for each class. We know that the NPC is always the head of NPC association for the class which could be found in one of the 3 capital cities. If players level a Marauder to 35 and then decide to try healing as a Conjurer, just change gamers’ weapon to a wand and they will be set back to level 1 to start leveling as the new class. If players change back to a Marauder, they will go back to level 35 and keep leveling it from where they left off. Their base stats change depending on their current class and level.

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FFXIV 2.15 Valentine’s Day-A Valentione’s Day Preview


The most romantic day Valentine’s Day is upcoming, in FFXIV there is also a celebration, A Valentione’s Day. For FFXIV players, A Valentione’s Day is an event that can’t miss out, because it is a choice to find out “the other part of your heart”. Imagine that you encounter your love in FFXIV on Valentine’s Day, how romantic it is! Don’t miss out it! Maybe you don’t have to play alone.The buds of ardor and affection shall soon bloom, but who will receive the tender blossom that is your love?
Event Items
1.Paramour Barding (Other): A gaudy suit of chocobo armor designed for use during Valentione’s Day celebrations.
2.Flame of Passion (Outdoor Furnishing): Outdoor lighting certain to heat up any relationship.
3.Valentione’s Cake (Tabletop): A decadent chocolate cake emblazoned with the House Valentione coat of arms.

VIT Bonus: +4% (Max 18)
Gear Durablity Bonus: +2
EXP Bonus: +3%
Duration: 30m
Cannot be retrieved once placed.
Can be used up to 10 times

4.Prismatic Heart (Left & Right): This peculiar contraption creates illusions by weaving together myriad shades of light. Produces the other side of a heart.

Event Schedule
From Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 12:00 a.m. to Monday, February 16, 2015 at 6:59 a.m. (PST)

Where Did Our Loves Go
Quest Location: Old Gridania – Lisette de Valentione

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Tips to make ffxiv gil with tradeskills



Tradeskills take the most time out of any of choices among varous way of making ffxiv gil, but the payoff can be well worth it. While you can choose any profession you want, here is what I recommend on how you should approach tradeskills:

Choose one gathering and two crafting professions. That will allow you to maximize your profits. Ensure the gathering profession provides materials for each crafting profession.

Don’t try to level them all the way up immediately. Every time I would gain five levels in a job, I would switch. This allowed me not to get bored, and to sell off the items I made.

Don’t be afraid to spend a lot of gil buying materials. Some materials can only be found by item drops from monsters, or from other professions. Once I hit level 25, I spent 10,000 gil buying materials to craft the items for my trade profession.

Do some levequests. Levequests aren’t necessary for gathering, but for crafting it can be. This will allow you to earn some gil and experience, while not using as many materials just making items. I recommend not turning in high quality items though, just normal items. Grand company quests can be run as well to earn experience and seals, however they won’t earn any gil.

Try to make high quality items. High quality items always sell, no matter what level you are. So strive to make high quality items. You will make your money back, and then some.

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Get FFXIV Gil at Cheap Price for The Flying Mount Black Chocobo

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Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn is a wonderful MMORPG where there are a unique battle system, enjoyable story plots, beautiful scene and good music. Players are able to feel that the game world just likes a real world. They can manufacture various items and potion as well as raise their own pets like Chocobo. Sometimes, they have to mine raw material to make equipment. In order to have enough gil, players need to accept quests and complete them.

FFXIV Gil is the kind of currency in A Realm Reborn. Players can spend it on all kinds of activities in the game world. For example, if you want to buy some food for your classes, you can use some gil. You can also spend “money” in renting Chocobo if you do not have your own mount. Even teleport will cost a large amount of ffxiv currency every time. In all, using gil is as fast as river water, but earning is too slow.

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Quick and fun guide to make ffxiv gil with Guildhests

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If doing quests with other friends or other players are your thing in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, you’ll enjoy Guildhests. These party quests reward teamwork with cheap FFXIV Gil, experience and FFXIV items.

Only characters level 10 and above on a FFXIV account can join Guildhests. To find a Guildhest, simply hop onto Guildhest queue and the game will party you with other players also looking for a group to join. When the party is ready, you’ll then be sent to the instanced area the quest takes place in. Upon completion, the party will receive experience, FFXIV Gil and items.

As of writing there are 10 Guildhests players can do in the game. These are unlocked on a class every five levels. These quests also have objectives that vary from beating bosses, to sieging enemy fortifications. How much FFXIV Gil and experience you get also depend on the quest and how many times your class has done it.


Travelling Around FFXIV with Cheap Gil

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Getting around is always a concern in large games like Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. While the travel systems in the game uses a bit of FFXIV Gil, it’s more convenient than those found in other games. Read on for more.

The first mode of travel you will encounter on your FFXIV account is the Aetheryte travel system. Each major city and most towns have a will haven Aetheryte crystal players can attune as their “Home.” Using the Return ability will then send the player to this crystal at no FFXIV Gil cost.

Part of the Aetheryte system is the Aethernet Shards. This lets players move around the different city areas without using FFXIV Gil. Very efficient if you have FFXIV items you want to sell or store.

If you’re hauling some FFXIV items between cities, your best bet is to use the Airships. This transportation service found in the three main cities does not cost any FFXIV Gil to use. You will need to wait between trips though.

If you have some FFXIV Gil to spare, or just have a fear of heights, you can try out Ferries. If any of the characters in your FFXIV account are in Limsa Lominsa or Vesper Bay, they can ride a ferry to travel to either destination. Have a safe trip!

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Tips and Tricks to Earn A Great Quantity of FFXIV Gil Fast

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In Final Fantasy XIV, how to make FFXIV Gil fast ? Monetary aggregates at different times and with what kind of features .In the following aricle we will share tips and tricks for you to get rich in ffxiv fast.

Players just after entering the game, only a few people practicing production, demand and few materials . So things are expensive, trading volume has less money reselling and making classes more difficult.

This time period is generally based on international services , and will remain for 2-3 weeks . Players generally do not have the full level before , pulled out a large number of gold coins are hard to come from a player’s hand . Consider the simple money , you can manufacture specialized collection class materials to sell, all players will be the first time to learn all the production and collection of professional career , so buy some hand in the production of finished collection class from the market every day can get a no small professional experience , for the production of those people will demand a lot of leveling the production of materials , they will consume a lot of red grade when small crystals, monsters drop materials, always play these strange , seriously affect your upgrade schedule initially it is very scientific. But just to make money , then the best selling . The simplest and most efficient is the most comfortable small crystal digging , miners can dig one out , and a hoe down is FFXIV Gil , players rarely have the patience to earn FFXIV Gil.

By the mid- section of people when fighting career after he started practicing full level of production , part of the production of the full level of production start making 55HQ professional package sale , this time reselling the best time there, because the presence of both supply and demand , the market became active Some strong flow of things one is just reselling items I mentioned above , you can clean out some low-priced gems for future appreciation . It would be a small way to make FFXIV Gil fast.