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FFXIV Heavensward Makes You Get a Real Job

A Realm Reborn let you play as your preferred character class, with options ranging from archers and black mages to pugilists and dragoons. Previously, in order to turn from Thaumaturg to Black Mage, you had to pursue another class and have their powers combine at a specific level. It promoted learning new classes, but felt incredibly grind-based and didn’t totally make sense. Heavensward offers new jobs, but the reasoning actually works for me, including the level downgrade.

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Upon arriving in Ishgard, there are a range of new side quests to undertake in the city itself. I found myself in the factory where I was sent on a quest that resulted in opening up the machinist job. The option to shoot guns and set up turrets? Sign me up! However, I obviously knew nothing about it and didn’t have the skills to handle the better weaponry. As a result, my level 50 black mage transformed into a level 30 machinist when changing class. It made sense, although it’s still a bit frustrating that my character couldn’t equip the excellent gear that I already had and loved. Time to get new gear, and level up all over again. Instead, I’ve just stuck with being a black mage for now, but maybe when I have time again I will level up my machinist.

Yes, the new jobs are just as addictive as the old ones. From fishing and mining to killing things as the various classes and fulfilling your entire hunting log, there is just so much to do in the reward loop that you can easily lose many hours doing things that are totally unrelated to the story at hand.

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FATE Grind Guide for FFXIV Heavensward

To further expand how fates work (many people still dont know):
For elite (single mob) or boss fates, aggro (healing aggro, dps aggro tank aggro) seems to be the key to success. (also to mention it, A/S ranks work this way too). so as a tank or healer, its possible to get more credit by using aggro (aoe healing) abilities then trying to just dps.

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For collection fates, you need 6+ items for FFXIV Gil. (people seem to think its more).for “kill the mob” fates, its based on number of kills you get (credit for the mob kill, which means either tagging the mob first, or doing enough damage on a claimed mob).

To further expand for leveling 2nd+ jobs:
battle leves (think u can get them as low as lv10. at lv10-20 they are actually very good exp. past that, they are meh)

FFXIV Gil Heavensward PVP Job Guide :DPS
Now that the new PvP mode, Seize, has been out for a couple of days, here is the general impression I’ve gathered on the performance of the different classes. Primarily, this is an evaluation of how the classes fare at level 60, moreso than their direct impact to success in the new mode which relies mostly on human factors than class compositions in DF.

Today we will talk something about FFXIV Gil.
Monks’ reliance on positional requirements for the maximum potency is a notable disadvantage in PvP, thus hampering monk’s ability to provide high damage burst relative to its dragoon and ninja brothers. However, the niche of monk in PvP is not as a high-burst melee dps, but rather as a mobile CC-machine with tons of utility, while still having access to the melee LB for assassination potential. Shoulder tackle is a gap closer with a 2s stun on a low 30s cooldown, shared only by plunge of dark knights. Axe kick also provides an AoE pacification against melees and tanks. Monks, along with dragoons, have access to fetter ward, which provides them with CC immunity for 9s, allowing you to melee LB priority targets with impunity following a shoulder tackle.