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FFXIV Heavensward Job / Class System details

Due to players have a great numbers of confusion about how the class system works in FFXIV: ARR, then I hope this guide could help you to clear up the matters.the guide of toady may help the players to do less idole work and may help the players save such a great numbers of FFXIV Gil. Well, but to have full fun in this game, the Final Fantasy XIV Gil is still necessary, so buy the safe FFXIV Gil please click here.




First of all, players must have no idea of the difference between disciples, classes and jobs else which make the players get confused. Tis time, we just have a look on the disciple.

in Final Fantasy XIV, there are 4 disciple types in the game. The types of Disciple in FFXIV are nothing more than common headlines for the 4 different ways to do anything in FXIV. They are Disciples of War by using physical weapons for battle, Disciples of Magic by using magic for battle, Disciples of the Land which used to collecting, and Disciples of the Hand which used to crafting. The notice is that Disciples do not have any levels that cannot progress anyway.

Next, let us turn to the Classes. According to the game, we know that the classes could be listed from 1 to 50, while unlike any other MMO games, a single character can upgrade as many classes as they want. In order to change your class, just equip the weapon and tool specific to the class that players want to become whenever you are not in the situation of fight. What gamers should do is to finish the original leading quest line before they can change jobs. What you should notice is that the level 10 leading quest allows gamers to change class but it is not wise to gather all of the classes unless players unlock aircraft travel. To unlock it, players also need to talk to a different NPC one time for each class. We know that the NPC is always the head of NPC association for the class which could be found in one of the 3 capital cities. If players level a Marauder to 35 and then decide to try healing as a Conjurer, just change gamers’ weapon to a wand and they will be set back to level 1 to start leveling as the new class. If players change back to a Marauder, they will go back to level 35 and keep leveling it from where they left off. Their base stats change depending on their current class and level.

FFXIV leveling guide

Au Ra (Males) Fantastic Artwork in FFXIV Heavensward

I’ll be honest; on paper, the Au Ra are absolutely everything I’ve ever wanted out of a New Race. The artwork depicts the males as muscular, imposing, powerful-looking warriors, although still having more handsome features (as opposed to the Highlanders, who have some funky-looking Faces).

I love the story — or at least, implied story — behind them, that they are descendants of Saint Shiva, who is said to have laid with dragons, giving them a unique “vibe”. When Yoshi-P was on-stage, describing them, he said all of the words I wanted to hear; they would be large and powerful, but dangerous looking, unlike the Roegadyn, who’ve always seemed too friendly, even “cuddly”, to be considered truly imposing.

Now take a look at this:

The Male there looks awesome. He’s lean enough that he could be quick on his feet, yet solid enough to deliver a crippling punch, or swing a truly heavy Greatsword (and if you’ve seen the new Dark Knight weapons, you can attest to how heavy-looking those things are).

Now let’s take a look at the actual in-game counterpart that was shown:


The Males there basically look like Elezen, but with horns. They look “skinny”, not the proud-looking warriors that the Artwork depicted. I “get” that it might “make sense”, given they seemingly share some Elezen heritage, but no two Races should ever look quite so similar. Now, given that Heavensward is likely still some time away, it’s entirely possible that these are a very early model — given credit by the fact that, as seen in the video, the horns weren’t actually full attached to their heads.
It is my sincere hope that the team will beef-up the Males more, particularly in their chest, shoulders, and neck. Keep the thin waist-size, as in the artwork, but make their torsos much more ripped. I ask this because, in all honesty, Race-selection is the primary reason I’ve not been more committed to FFXIV, as I feel like I’m stuck choosing between three “pretty boy” races, and the oh-so-lovable Roegadyn, none of which feel “dangerous” or “imposing” to me.