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FFXIV Heavensward New Jobs:Dark Knight, Astrologian and Machinist

Since the relaunch of Final Fantasy 14 as A Realm Reborn, Square Enix has had
massive success with the MMORPG. While there are bimonthly content updates to the
game, this Spring the company plans to release the first paid expansion for the
title, Heavensward. There are a lot of new features planned for the expansion, so
let’s get right down to business and look at what fans can expect from the first


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Heavensward introduces three new jobs: Dark Knight, Astrologian and Machinist. These
jobs will not have a sub-class like the previous jobs in Final Fantasy 14. You won’t
start as something else, then become a Dark Knight at level 30 like you did going
from Gladiator to Paladin or Conjurer to White Mage. It’s unknown if this will be a
continuing trend after Heavensward, but at this point none of the new jobs have

Dark Knight
At present there are three confirmed new jobs for Heavensward. The first is the Dark
Knight, but like many other jobs in Final Fantasy 14, it may not be exactly what
you’re expecting. The new version of the Dark Knight is a tanking class that uses
dark magic and a two-handed greatsword in combat. The Dark Knight is generally a
direct opposite of the Paladin, but in Final Fantasy 11 (Square’s other MMORPG) the
Dark Knight was a DPS (damage dealing) class. While very little is currently known
about the Dark Knight, it is expected they’ll have absorb spells and other dark
magic abilities.

The new healer in Heavensward is known as an Astrologian. This unique healing job
uses a Star Globe as a main weapon, with a deck of enchanted cards as a
supplementary tool. White Mage and Scholar, the other healing jobs in Final Fantasy
14, both have offensive abilities that allow them to DPS when necessary, or when the
party is not in need of healing. It’s expected for Astrologians to have a similar
ability using their enchanted cards, with the Star Globe serving as their primary
healing tool.

The Machinist is a new ranged DPS class, somewhat similar to a Bard. While many
assumed Heavensward would include a Corsair after a gun class was teased, it turned
out to be the Machinist instead. This new job uses a gun as their primary weapon,
with mechanical turrets that can be deployed as a secondary attack option. It’s
unknown if the turrets will offer support abilities similar to Bard songs, but in
previous Final Fantasy titles, engineer classes have support abilities. It wouldn’t
be too much of a stretch to assume Machinists will have similar capabilities.

FFXIV First Flying Mount :Black Chocobo Preview

Black Chocobos will be beginner flying mounts added in Patch 3 of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. They are first flying mounts. A flying chocobo is a single person “Airship”for every FFXIV player.

ffxiv mout


Getting a mount will be important in the story. The flying mounts will begin with the traditional Black Chocobos.

The FF14 flying mounts will be able to free-roam expansion areas, which have purposefully been designed with plenty of floating landmasses to explore.

The flying mount can fly over the entire map of the new area in Patch 3.0.However, it can not be use in the current game maps.
1).There will be no limit on the time it takes to fly.
2).Rewards will be given so that you can fly over the whole area right away
3).When you reach the level cap it will be very rewarding
4).There will be adjustments made to mount varity.The basics are done but they are tweaking the gimicks and types.
5).There will be no air battles other than for story/cutscenes etc
6).You will not be able to fight field mobs in the air etc.
7).Adventures will be able to go to the Dragon World Dravania

ffxiv mout

Crafting Tricks for Fast XP in FFXIV A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV or otherwise known as FFXIV is the next installment in extremely popular Final Fantasy series. If you are new to FinalFantasy it might be difficult to get your way around things at the beginning.

Final Fantasy XIV Gil

Final Fantasy XIV Gil


The most important thing you need to know and focus on is the way mastering different disciplines. There are four disciplines known as Disciples of Magic, Disciples of War, Disciples of Hand and Disciples of the Land, each of them containing classes.

? Disciples of Land allow players to gather items through out the entire world. Without them the Economy will suffer. They are the Botanist and the Miners.
? Disciples of Hand work together with the Disciples of Land. They are the crafters.
? Disciples of Magic are intellectuals that want to understand sorcery in all its forms.
? Disciples of War devote their time on mastering their weapons used for combat. They go through physical training to be prepared for the battles ahead.

Overall you should know that whether you want to kill stuff or to craft and learn stuff it’s good to be versatile in both. The way FinalFantasyXIV works is you can switch between classes and share abilities. You don’t get stuck with one “career” that you choose during the character creation. It’s a smart idea to level several classes to make the most of the best abilities. When you switch Disciplines, your Physical Level remains the same. Your Discipline Level dictates what skills you have access to.

This will allow you to have a lot more freedom and it will make Final Fantasy XIV quite solo friendly. A warrior who wants to be cured of poison can easily change into a White Mage himself. So, having plenty of inventory room is far more important than it was in Final Fantasy XI.

With all this being said I hope you have a better understanding of the concept behind all of the characters you will find in the Final Fantasy XIV’s world.

Are you looking for a Final Fantasy 14 crafting guide that you can use to help you level up by having a crafting character? There are a lot of crafters in the game that fall under the disciples of the hand, and I think that it’s a great choice to use when power leveling. Let’s get into it and find out some tips on how you can get this done.

Using Crafting to Power Level Up
This is one of the newly unique things to the games as opposed to other games. For the most part this is a whole new kind of game, because of these differences. When you have a certain set of tools or weapons in your hands you basically become a new class. If you have an axe or something similar you’d be a gladiator, and if you have botanist tools then you’re a botanist. Similarly, if you have fishing tools you’d be a fisherman. Your class changes that rapidly – and sure, you can be more experienced in one class or another, but the key is that you can rapidly change throughout the different areas if you want to do certain kinds of things.

Gaining Experience By Crafting
Another unique thing in this game is that you can literally level up and gain experience by crafting. If you’re an alchemist then you literally gain experience by making new batches of things, and you’ll be able to level by doing this alone. This is really unique as it turns your “profession” into an actual class that you can have a mastery in. One thing that this accomplishes is that you can be more passive and not really have to defeat mobs and do other things that really would become tedious and frustrating.

Doing Quests & Leveling With Crafting To Speed You Up
You should accept bunches of quests and try to work in crafting whenever you can. If you have a gathering class too then you can easily gather things that you need, send them to your other character (or collect them on the same one,) and then craft them. While leveling and gathering other things you can easily work this in to substantially increase your leveling speed.

It’s highly recommended that if you want to take your crafting skills to a higher level, along with your character’s level and if you want to earn more gil, that you follow this step to step guide.