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How to Get and Use Scarecrow in ArcheAge Online

ArcheAge Scarecrow

Scarecrow is a very important part of crafting system in ArcheAge and every player must know about this object because of its useful features. Scarecrow in ArcheAge protects your property and crops from being stolen by other players.

How to get scarecrow?
You will get a small one after completing special quest in a starting zone. The quest is simple and will require several minutes to be completed. After this quest is finished you will get a small Scarecrow and a quest for getting the large one. This quest is much more difficult and will require to grow special plants, transport goods to other locations, get a donkey for this and even swim to other continent with your goods on a ship. After this difficult quest is finished you will get special item. You need to break your small scarecrow and use its recipe to craft large scarecrow.

How to use?
After you received a Scarecrow blueprint, use it in any territory available for construction. It will require money and labor power:

Small: Lumber pack that can be obtained from quest, 2 gold coins and 25 labor points.
Large: Big Lumber pack (crafted from 100 lumber packs) and 3 Gold coins.

Note: that territory doesn’t get protection after you use the blueprint. When you use the blueprint you pay tax and the territory will be booked for your character for a week. The protection will be added only after you deliver required resources and complete construction.

A player has to pay tax for keeping his scarecrow on a specific place. The taxes are paid on a weekly basis in advance. If you don’t pay the scarecrow will be destroyed and the blueprint will be sent to the owner. All property located on the territory will lose protection.

It’s easy to destroy your scarecrow. You just need to click a special button in the settings section of the farm. After it is destroyed you will get the blueprint by in-game post. All materials you spent for building it will not be returned. The blueprint can be used again in any other place if you wish.

Protection Settings
It’s possible to set up special settings that allow to restrict usage of your territory by other players. You can restrict the access fully meaning only you can plant and gather crops there. You can allow your family to plant and gather crops. You can allow these actions to your guild mates or even to all other players. Such customization is great.

Other Benefits
Large Scarecrow not only protects territory. It also allow you to craft special items for farming:

Special food for animals / cattle.
Potions for healing your cattle from disease.
Pet healing potions
Seed packs
Fuel for tractor

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Fast Leveling Guide for ArcheAge Players

There are many ways to leveling in ArcheAge, such as do quest, planting, trading, mining and so on. No matter which way you choose, you have to know the leveling quests, weapon, equipment, guild, etc.

Leveling Quests
ArcheAge unlike any games you played, please have a right attitude. Doing the ArcheAge quests is the fastest way to leveling, please completed each quest.

1. Read the tips of quest carefully, some particular quests are triggered in daylight and evening.
2. It is the most efficient to kill the strong mobs with your group.
3. Note the tips of small map, the marked on the map with the numbers of quests is the corresponding.
4. Skip the quest can not be completed in a short time.
5. For the quest in dungeons and elite monster, it is a waste of time for them and very difficult for beginners, please skip and do another quest. Recommended you do these quests after you have level 50.
6. Do the best find a 3-5 players to leveling with the same quests, it is the most fastest that do quests together.

Equipment and Weapon
You will get the equipment from quest in the leveling process, these equipment make you leveling enough. Note, do not throw your replacement equipment, please go to Blacksmith merchant to buy Evenstones to break down equipment into magical components that come in very handy for crafters.

You will face the battlefield map after you level 30, the quests are same with enemy, fight at any time and maybe you will meet the full level player, please avoid it before you level 50.


For this close beta, you need know without a good land for housing basically, and for weaponry and equipment crafting, high level player has a high craft level and need you much ArcheAge Gold. So recommended you try to planting, feeding, mining and trading. Learning a crafting and do not worry about the gold in ArcheAge. Do not try to learn Alchemy, Leatherworking and weaponry, these crafting need help with your friends in this closed beta event, what’s more, need your the proficiency of crafting.

Choose a good guild is very important in the game, please find a friendly, enthusiastic and lovely guild, or choose a family with your good friends.

Classes and Skills
For classes, choose your like, such as melee or remote, tank, dps or heal. Do not add skill points casually. Make sure your class and skills, do not change your skills after level 30, or you will find very difficult to leveling, PK and doing quests. So, do not change your skills before your full level.

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