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FFXIV ARR Mining Leveling Guide – Locations and Strategies for Fast EXP

Leveling a Discipline of the Land (DoL) class in Final Fantasy XIV is often considered painful, but it does not have to be. I recently decided to level up my Miner (which was only level 6 from legacy) all the way up to 50, and on my way I discovered a number of time-saving tips and tactics that I will be sharing below in order to make FFXIV power leveling up Mining much easier. By applying these tips and techniques, leveling up Mining from 1-50 may even be faster than leveling up a DoW or DoM class from 1-50!

ffxiv powerleveling

ffxiv powerleveling

Below, we will first discuss an overview of the best way to approach 1-50 and then discuss tips and tactics to make leveling faster as you follow through with the plan. Next up, the specific locations of the best mining camps based your current level will be listed in detail.

Quick Note: About Mining Camps and Nodes
Mining “camps” spawn in groups of 4 nodes that all offer similar items as a reward. These 4 nodes persist and are unique to you – you do not have to worry about what other players are doing as they will not be able to mine from the nodes you see on your screen.

Nodes operate on a forced respawn system: only two can be down at a time. If you mine all 4 nodes, the first two you mined will have already respawned. If you mine 3 nodes, one the first one you mined will have respawned. Often the fastest mining route involves cutting the most out of the way node out of your farming circle and instead just focus on the 3 that are closest in proximity. This is particularly true if one of the nodes is around aggressive monsters. Any time you have to stealth you are likely wasting time.

Quick Note #2: How Experience Points are Calculated
When mining, you get a base amount of experience points given the type of item you are trying to mine based on its level and your current level. While you get a slight bonus for mining items above your level and a slight penalty for mining items below your level, it does not become significant until you are many levels above the item you are trying to mine, at which experience points earned will drop by about 50% compared to the previous level.

For each successful mining attempt, you start to get bonus experience points. The first 4 mining attempts do not offer much bonus experience points, but on your 5th (and beyond) successful mining attempt, you get 50% bonus experience points added to the flat total.Additionally, mining a high quality item will give you a 200% bonus to the amount of experience points earned. The perception trait is needed to mine high quality items. This does not stack with your experience points chain or any other bonuses. If the base experience points for mining an item is 300, then you will earn 900 experience points for a High Quality item. You will earn 1050 for Chain #4 and beyond on a high quality item, since the 50% bonus from the chain only applies to the base.

Due to the nature of chains and experience points, you never want to mine items that are more than a level or two above your character, while leveling off of items that are lower then your current level tends to provide more experience as the higher success rate, high quality item rate, and chain rate more than makes up for the minor experience points penalty.Wish u all enjoy yourself in Final Fantasy XIV.

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Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Guide

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is the much more successful re-launch of FFXIV. I have been playing it quite a bit lately, and in my opinion it is the most entertaining MMORPG to come out in quite some time.If you are thinking about picking up the game (which I highly recommend), I will be posting some tutorials and guides over time in between my Starcraft2 and Diablo3 posts, starting with this FFXIV leveling guide.

level up your ffixv acc

FFXIV Power Leveling guide

Multiple Classes
The first thing to mention is that in Final Fantasy XIV, you can level up every class with a single character. There are currently 8 main classes in game: Gladiator, Pugilist, Marauder, Lancer, Archer, Conjurer, Thaumaturge, and Arcanist. These are the 8 classes which you can currently level up. Advanced classes like the Monk and Bard share levels with their parent class (Pugilist and Archer in this case) so if you have a 50 Archer, you unlock Bard just by doing a quest.

It is important to make this distinction because different leveling paths are recommended for different characters. You will have to level more than one class in FFXIV – not only do the advanced jobs require multiple classes as a prerequisite, but you can also use up to 5 select abilities from other classes when using your main class.

Methods for Earning Experience Points in Final Fantasy XIV ARR
Grinding: Grinding refers to killing enemy monsters for experience points. “Experience Chains” do exist in FFXIV – each time you kill an enemy at your level or higher, if you kill another one within a short amount of time, you get bonus experience points. The higher the chain goes, the more experience points you earn, but the shorter the time between kills. Chains cap out when there is only 10 seconds on the timer after a new enemy kill. Solo grinding is not very effective past level 10 in FFXIV, but grinding does work in part

Questing: Quests provide experience points much like in other MMORPGs, similar to WoW. Additionally, there are Levequests which provide experience points and are somewhat akin to daily quests.

Dungeons: In FFXIV, there are a variety of 4-man dungeons spread throughout the levels that you can complete for experience points. Most dungeons are unlocked by completing the main story line quest, although Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay and Sibold in Ul’dah will unlock a few more dungeons you can access while leveling.

Guildhest: In the Duty Finder, you will find something known as a “Guildhest”. Guildhests are essentially short instanced fights which result in experience points and gil upon completion. There are 2 Guildhests available every 5 levels starting at level 10 and ending at level 40, but you have to complete all available Guildhests to unlock the next tier, regardless of current level.

FATEs: Full Action Timed Events, or FATEs, are dynamic world quests that spawn constantly throughout the game world. They are marked on the map zone wide for whatever zone you are currently in and are denoted by a pink emblem. FATEs provide a massive experience points reward upon completion, so they are a favorite for players looking to level up quickly. FATEs also provide seals for your Grand Company, which you can use for a variety of rewards and to increase your rank. You can also trade in 10,000 seals to reset a given class’s attribute points, so save up!

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The best way to get FFXIV gil

As all of Final Fantasy players know, there are 2 ways of getting FFXIV gil. The first one is you just farm gold by yourself. You have to pay a lot of time on this kind of hard work. To a new FFXIV player, perhaps he can get only 500k-1000k at most a day. And on this gold farming day, you must pay all of your time except having 3 meals on this boring process. You can use the 1000k gil you got from the hard and boring work to do almost nothing in FFXIV. For example, you can use it to buy cheap equipments, low ranked items, or some other gold ore. All these cheap things can’t make your account strong.

ffxiv guide

ffxiv guide

With a pure range, your main objectives are range, defense, and hit points. (Don’t worry, hit points are like a side note; they level as you level). Start out with leveling at cows, or in Lumbridge, just taking basic requirements suited to the beginning level. When your character at this level, you don’t need to spend that much FFXIV gil.

Also, take a variety of food items and a range potion is suggested, as this will raise your range stat by 10 levels enabling for quick and fast exp gain. Now when you have at least reached about 20 defense 20 range and the varied hp level you are on, start training on rock crabs located in Rekkela. These are a great source of exp giving you 192 exp per crab. It may seem to take a while to kill them at this level with your range level so low, so still use the range potion also with rock crabs. Also, take a good source of food.

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Final Fantasy XIV Gil Farming Guide

Gil is very tight in Final Fantasy XIV. After completing the initial round of quests, there are not many ways for gil to be brought into the game’s economy on a daily basis. Given that crafting is expensive to FFXIV powerlevel and repair bills really start to add up at level 50, a lot of players have been looking for good ways to make gil.

FFXIV tips

FFXIV: Real Reborn

We have collected the FFXIV gil guide in order to prvide players with several methods for farming gil as Discipline of War or magic classes.Below ,u will discover 4 great methods for farming gil ranked in accordance of the sucess i had with each particular method .

FFXIV Gil Guide Method #1: Potash and Coke
Location: Castrum Meriadianum or The Praetorium
Required Level: 50
Gil Per Hour: 135k
The Strategy:
Running either Castrum Meriadianum or The Praetorium for Tomestones of Philosophy is a time-honored tradition for level 50 players who are working on unlocking their Darklight set or Relic weapon. However, did you know that you can trade 125 Tomestones of Philosophy for Potash or Coke, two highly prized crafting ingredients that are used in top level recipes? You can get them from Auriana in Revenant’s Toll (the same vendor that sells Darklight gear).

FFXIV Gil Guide Method #2: Raptor Skins and Sinew
Location: Path between Camp Overlook and the Floating City of Nym (right outside the east exit of Camp Overlook in Outer La Noscea)
Required Level: 35
Gil Per Hour: 55k (at 50)
The Strategy:
Just east of Camp Overlook, there is a relatively short strip of land that contains 10 Velociraptors. While there are only about 10 of them in the entire camp, they respawn very quickly, so even at 50 and with great gear, you never run out of enemies to farm.

he Raptors are particularly good to farm because not only do they drop valuable items with big demand, but they drop these items at an extremely high drop rate. In particular, in this location we will be farming Raptor Skins and Raptor Sinew. Raptors can drop up to 3 Raptor Skins at a time as well as a single piece of sinew.

FFXIV Gil Guide Method #3: Snurble Tufts
Location: Burning Wall (East of Camp Drybone and Highbridge)
Required Level: 50
Gil Per Hour: 12k
The Strategy:
Golden Fleece (the golden karakul that spawn in the Burning Wall) drop Snurble Tufts at a decent drop rate. While the drop rate is not great, it is not bad either, and there are more than enough Golden Fleece to go around. I was able to find 9 snurble tufts in 15 minutes, and at 350 gil a piece at the time, this worked out to 12,600 gil per hour. It ended up being no where near the amount of gil offered by running dungeons and farming raptors

FFXIV Gil Guide Method #4: Water Crystals
Location: Urth’s Fount (Southeast of Quarrymill in Gridania)
Required Level: 50
Gil Per Hour: 8.8k
The Strategy:
Water Elementals spawn thickly with no other enemies around deep in Urth’s Fount .My theory was that perhaps crystal drop rate would be high enough on these condensed enemies to make farming them worthwhile.

While farming elementals worked in FFXI.Crystal are just too easy to get via gathering in FFXIV unless the amount of Crystal offered by mining or botany significantly drops.The most effective method for u to making gil is to find your own gil making method.

Element Weaknesses in FFXIV

“Final Fantasy XIV,” released in 2010, is an online role-playing game for the PC. Despite its online nature, “FF XIV” has several similarities to previous single player “Final Fantasy” games available on the home consoles. One of these similarities is the elements. Knowing the weaknesses and strengths of these elements is crucial to success in the game.

ffxiv news

ffxiv guide

Several aspects of the game, such as enemies, spells and even your character, are defined by the elemental system. The game includes six types of elements: Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Lightning and Water. Each element is strong against one element but weak against another. This can benefit you, such as using a Fire spell against an Ice creature; or it can harm you, such as when a Wind spell is used against your character if he has a high Fire elemental attribute. While it is clear what elemental types your spells and character are, it is not listed in-game what elemental types an enemy is. Sometimes it is easy to tell, as an enemy who is on fire is of the Fire persuasion. Most of the time you can only tell from trial and error.

Knowing the properties of each element, including their weakness, can assist you in battle. Fire is strong against Ice but weak against Wind. Ice is strong against Wind but weak against Fire. Water is strong against Earth but weak against Lightning. Earth is strong against Lightning but weak against Water. Lightning is strong against Water but weak against Earth. Lastly, Wind is strong against Fire but weak against Ice. When you use an element that opposes an enemies’ element and want to buy ffxiv gil , you will deal additional damage to that enemy.

When an elemental type is used against something that is of the same element,the damage done is lessened by a large amount .For example ,casting a Fire-based enemy.U can use this to your advantage;every time u gain a level,u can add points to an elemental attribute.This has two purposes.It can make u more resistant to spells of that elemental type and it can also increase the damage of your own spells

How Elements are used
Elements are used primarily in spells ,such as read lotus,a fire-based spell, or Seismic shock ,an Earth -based spell.As u increase the points in your character’s elemental attribute,u can increase the damage these spells do.For example,assigning points to your Fire attribute increases the damage thatRed Lotus will do. It is a good idea to assign your points equally across all elements; while it may seem like a good idea to assign as many points as possible into Fire to increase your Red Lotus spell, this will make you extremely weak against Ice. Assigning your points equally ensures that you are equipped for any situation.

How to buy safety FFXIV gil

In the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV, gil is the currency of the realm, and to reach the highest levels, you need a lot of it. You use gold to buy stronger weapons, more powerful armor, level your skills up and learn trade skills, all of which can add up to a hefty sum as you progress toward level 80. You can earn gold through your trade skills, or you can buy it from one of the many gold merchants on the Internet. Although it is not illegal to buy FFXIV gil online,here are some tips for u to buy FFXIV gold online safely.

ffxiv gil tips

ffxiv gil guide

1.Find a seller from whom to purchase your ffxiv gil. There are many sellers on the Internet and sometimes you will see them advertising in-game in the Trade Chat channel.

2.Research the seller you wish to use to see if it is reliable and compare prices. Because it is against the game’s TOS to buy and sell gold, there are few repercussions for sellers who don’t deliver what they’ve promised. Search for reviews of different sellers and go with the one who has the best reviews.

3.Make a small initial purchase. You don’t want to spend a lot of money only to find out that the seller has scammed you and has no intention of delivering the gold. Buy the smallest amount it has to offer to gauge how reliable it is. The seller will want to know what server you are on, what faction you play and what your character’s name is. The seller may also require an automated phone verification.

4.Wait for the seller to make delivery. The gil should be delivered to your in-game mailbox. Most gold sellers have a timetable on their website that shows an estimate of how long it takes to deliver gold to each server and faction. If the seller delivers the gold on time, then it is probably safe to make a larger purchase from the site.

Tips & Warnings
Be wary of making very large transactions; these are more likely to catch the attention of the Game Masters (GMs). If you are caught buying gold, they will deduct it from your account and you have no recourse for the money you spent to purchase the gold. You can also be suspended or even banned from the game if they deem the offense serious enough.

My Little Chocobo in Final Fantasy XIV

Chocobo is a creature of the  Final Fantasy XIV Gil, a large and normally flightless bird, with a resemblance to galliformes and ratites, capable of being ridden and otherwise used by player characters during gameplay. In A Realm Reborn, players can not only get access to their very own Chocobo to ride at any time , but also able to fight alongside the Chocobo in battle. Now I will tell you how to get a Chocobo as well as Final Fantasy XIV Gil in the game. You will be tasked to visit each of the three Grand Companies based in Limsa Lominsa, Gridania and Ul’dah before you decide which one to join at about level 20.

 Final Fantasy XIV Gil

Final Fantasy XIV Gil

In order to own your own Chocobo in Final Fantasy XIV Gil,you can buy some gils or you can use FFXIV Power leveling .If you want to know ,you can go to read the ffxiv news firstly.
In Final Fantasy XIV Gil,and then your first mission given by the Grand Company is “My Little Chocobo”, which amounts to getting your own mount. You’ll be tasked with getting 2000 Grand Company Seals, or the currency used by each GC, to buy various weapons and gear. So you must know some good ways to getting so many Seals. The monsters you’ll need to kill are relatively spread out, but you won’t need to complete the full hunting log to get 2000 Seals. This is made easier if you’ve attuned to many Aetheryte Crystals around the world




The Final Fantasy XIV’s horse year

As we steadily collect another set of holiday hats for little reason other than an inexplicable need to collect these things,it’s a fair time to look at the next year for Final Fantasy XIV‘s development. The game launched well, has made some missteps, and the next year is really going to determine how well it can manage over the long term.

ffxiv new development

ffxiv 2014

I’m not pretending that I have a picture-perfect roadmap for the game over the next year, but I do think there are some pretty obvious things to be addressed. There are gaps to be filled in, systems that could stand to be improved, and more systems that would have a positive effect on retention and play. So let’s look at what the next year will hopefully bring other than equine headpieces.

1.Broadening endgame
For a game that’s been out for about four months now, it’s hard to be too harsh on Final Fantasy XIV’s endgame, but it’s worth noting that item level 90 is increasingly a deal. You get level 80 rewards from Crystal Tower, Artifact +1 is easier to acquire, and Binding Coil of Bahamut is a thing that exists. Our average item level creeps ever upward, and this could cause problems down the line.

2.Better weapon options
As it stands right now, weapons are limited to one of two acquisition methods. You buy one of the high-quality crafted level 70 weapons, or you fight a bunch of Primals. Your only way to actually work at a specific weapon is to fight your way up through Titan, and Titan is still tuned extremely high for the required item level of the fight. This means that whether or not you’re going for a relic run, your options are “get lucky or get used to Darklight weapons.”

3.More jobs
This one is obvious. People like having more options for play; let them have those options. Give us more jobs to play around with.

4.More customization
And here’s a close cousin to the last point. In fact, I would be happy with no new jobs or classes or whatever for a while if we had a few more options about how our existing classes and jobs play. Right now the only difference between my character and another Scholar in the same gear is character model and whether or not that player chose the handful of cross-class skills that actually matter or not.

5.Personal housing
Free company housing has been a complete was thus far. There are a handful of companies that have houses, most of which have no need of crafters providing furniture because if you can afford the house, you have people who can make that for you. The prices will be lowered after a great deal of waiting for people who apparently made the very wrong choice to continue playing on servers with invested players. The point is that this whole system has been handled badly from day one.

What do u expect? New classes, new areas, new levels, new story stuff. I’m thinking we’re not getting Musketeer until the expansion, and while it might seem obvious, I’d love to see Ishgard open the gates and let people in for the first time since launch.

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Final Fantasy XIV Gil

Final Fantasy XIV Gil

Visit a gold vendor website.Select either a US or European server Japanese and choose your faction.Provide your  FF14 Gil character name and realm location.Provide payment and contact information, including your phone number. A vendor may call to confirm your order prior to in-game delivery. The vendor may offer you an option to set a time frame during which you will be online to accept gold.Log onto the Final Fantasy XIV Gilcharacter you specified to the vendor. Wait. An unknown player in-game will whisper to you regarding your purchase. The character will typically have a low level and will instruct you which major city to meet him in. Group with the character so that you can locate him on your mini-map and then go meet him.In order to trade sucessfully pls keep out of maintance.When you meet the character, open a trade window. The character may ask you to put an item in to trade. Choose something of little value. The character will type in the gold amount. Click Trade. When the character clicks trade, the trade window will close and the gold will show up in your account. You can then leave the group.
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