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Significant Final Fantasy Gil in FFXIV

In the opinion of majority of players, Final Fantasy gil seems not enough in many cases while playing the game, thus, we will discuss about the significance of the gil in Final Fantasy XIV.

FFXIV Gil is used in Final Fantasy XIV. Well, A Realm Reborn is the fourteenth installment of the Final Fantasy series, and the second one to be exclusively online. While struggling with a rocky initial launch, the game has been redesigned and reworked from the ground up, with long time players and the general gaming public reacting positively to the revamp.

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Choosing from an impressive array of weapons and equipments, you’ll need Gil, Which will help u explore world Hydaelyn and equip your character however you wish. Opt for the best service and buy FFXIV Gil from ffxiv4gil. Playable races in FFXIV include the Hyur, the Elezen, Lalafell, Roegadyn, and Miqo’te. The game also sports new battle, Armoury and Job systems, entirely different from the ones featured in Final Fantasy XIV.

It will be called hydaelyn, once the FFIXV takes place in a fantasy world, and the revamp is set during a time of upheaval and disaster known as an umbral era that the original incarnation took place during a peaceful and prosperous Astral era.

FFXIV 2.1 version updating

“Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn” in the official website recently released details about the upcoming update on December 17 version 2.1 new housing system, version 2.1 will add new content main storyline, really difficulty true king Mo Coulee crusade, three new Man of God, self-built housing systems, treasure hunt system, 4V4 arena system, random copies, beauty shops, daily tasks.

Players will need to purchase a piece of land, regardless of whether you are members or not are able to purchase land in any city, but memebers can buy Guild authorized land. Currently each player can only buy a piece of land, in the future or to open multiple pieces of land for purchasing .



After that the players also need to purchase a piece of land to obtain housing permits, licenses can be purchased at the NPC , when you have land and housing permits, you will be able to build your own house it.
The Appearance of the house four parts are integrated settings: roof, exterior walls, doors, windows, you can customize the selected roof decoration, wall decoration, house and fence.
Some furnishings can be placed in the garden outside the house, the player can move, rotate and delete these outdoor furnishings. The number of display can be placed in your garden will depend on the size of land owned

Once the placement of furniture and furnishings in the house or garden, you can not conduct secondary trading

Interior furnishings parts very much, wallpaper, flooring and interior lighting can be customized to adjust. A wide variety of furniture will be used to decorate the interior of your estate, including tables, lamps, plants, wall shelf, carpet, and more. Some furniture can be placed on the table, such as a lamp.
With the 2.1 version of the FFXIV GAME open, more interesting content will also be added to the game: Inter handmade (can be made airship), room music player, Chocobo bird rooms, electronic bulletin boards, clothing dummy model (put on your equipment as shown).

Updated news of the FFXIV GIL you perhaps wonder

Each of the players are thirsty for a large amount of ffxiv gil as many as possible, for that the gil would greatly significant to their upgrade, thus you had better not miss the any update of ffxiv gil.

As we know, Final Fantasy Gil, in other words, ffxiv gil, is the primary currency of Final Fantasy XIV or FFXIV. Gil is perhaps more important in FFXIV than in any other games as players can purchase practically anything in-game using the currency. Since gil is so valuable in FFXIV, enterprising high-level adventurers will often act as mercenaries to carry new players through the game’s difficult encounters.

ffxiv gil


Like all the guide for the public, the aim of the new gil guide is to provide players with reliable methods for making as much gil as they could ever need to purchase whatever they desire in-game, from the most expensive materia to mercenary services provided by other players. In order to accomplish this goal, the gil guide covers both solo farming, group farming, and crafting options to provide players with a wide variety of methods for making gil.

Even though the updated gil guide does include a farming guide, this is not the typical farming guide that simply lists locations of profitable enemies to battle. Instead, the guide goes a step further by breaking these locations down into leveling camps so that players can farm while simultaneously leveling up a new character or even while ranking up their companion. There are even more outside-the-box options for level 50 players, including a detailed guide into materia farming as well as a section dedicated to level 50 group farming.

Charming Final Fantasy 14 characters which one is ur favorite

“Final Fantasy 14” is a Japanese development of a MMORPG, that massively multiplayer online role-playing game, in mid-2010 worldwide PS3, XBOX and PC platforms on sale simultaneously, supports Japanese, English, French and German 4 languages. “Final Fantasy 14” full beyond “Final Fantasy 11” quality, represents a pinnacle of the Final Fantasy series, is a milestone in the online game.
there are many charming chars in the game , which one is ur favorite








1.Gun Warlock

Warlock is handed the gun to display their guns as the main weapon of the soldier. Good length advantages of the use of guns thrusting attack from outside the range of enemy attacks. Because by the powerful forces of urban national Yalamige (Allah Mhigo) pikemen impact, so before thrusting a spear to the mainstream. But now the gun has been integrated into a variety of different forms, depending on the species and can display colorful slash attacks or strikes. Long-distance battle with the javelin throw with a now quite popular.

2.Bow Warlock
Warlock is a bow and arrow bow as the main weapon of the soldier, good features full use of projectile weapons, attack the enemy from a distance or curved shot. To choose a favorable response to the enemy firing position and select the corresponding characteristics of the type of arrows and other tactical concept has considerable requirements. The most popular is the Yiaojieya Elf (Elezen) longbow archers are good at art and Orcs (Miqo’te) short bow hunter traditional surgery. In addition, while proficient stoning surgery a lot of people.

3.Kaji division
Kaji division are ways to produce weapons blacksmith metal props artisans, major props for the cross hammer. Can be forged sword in the studio, but also to the camp ground in the wild dagger, no matter what time and place can do business. Career can be traced back the origin of the ancient Bronze Age, including mentoring system since ancient times in an unbroken tradition since technology and the most advanced technologies, such as artillery, have now been mixed together, there are many different genres.

4.Conditioning Division
Conditioning division is proficient in French food ingredients and conditioning craftsman, major props for the pan. Adjustable sort cuisine with fire, water and other people’s property to fill an empty stomach. Although it is already dedicated since prehistoric occupation, but until recent years began to print and publish the recipe and was recognized as the integration of technology. The western half thanks to discipline formerly known as gourmet cook and will ship in the ocean city country Sa (Limsa Lominsa) Admiral Xia Gege Ribadu

Tailors are proficient in textiles and tailoring clothes artisans, major props for the stitches. Can single-handedly collected fiber spinning, weaving yarn collection, collecting a series of fabric sewn clothes working fiber specialists. In addition to a variety of hobbies that people respond to outside research and for fashion is also important to reconcile work. Because of the relationship between occupational characteristics, so there are many tailors will believe the number of rotating spinning wheel weave human lifespan of Nepal goddess Mayer (Nymeia).

6.Leather processing division
Stitched leather processing division is to produce a tanned leather boots, belts and other leather craftsmen, major props for the leather knife. In addition to processing leather outside, buy some from hunting adventurers to bring back the fur and skin scales everyday leather material but also other kinds of work content. As the senior Elf esoteric leather tanning technology is now lifted, so the recent market for use leather to be processed into various products, demand also increases.

Alchemist is proficient craftsmen all minerals, fetish, curse thing, fetish, the main props for the distiller. To change the nature of the substance for the purpose, it can be made ??with the healing effect of nostrums or have toxic effects of drugs and other characteristics play different drugs. Until only recently constructed in Aiaojieya complete system and established technologies. In addition to nearly east incoming ancient Alchemy based outside, and a mix of dwarves (Lalafell) of herbal medicine and the Orcs occultism.

There are  still many other chars like Conjurer, Enchanter, fisheries division and so on . no wonder there are so much players like this game , thatis so ineresting , so dear friend what is ur favorite char ?

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What they have done proved unwise

The announcement that SE published a couple days ago seemed brought a fiercely controversy. In the announcement, banning players with great amount Final Fantasy XIV gils was referred, which is probably unwise. Here are some views of the players.

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ffxiv arr

For example, one of the participants of the controversy named Cocoa expressed his dissatisfy with the announcement straightforwardly. He said like this, I have no idea what SE is doing, nobody knows. This is all just speculation. Someone can easily say, “SE only banned me because I have so much gil! I earned it all legit!” Kinda reminds me of when my younger brother was banned from that Toon Town game for using a hack.

He swore up and down that he didn’t, but of course I found out he did after doing some research on easy to find hacks and finding them on his computer in the default download path lol. I’m not saying whether SE is or isn’t banning based on gil. I’m just saying it’s very easy to make a claim to look innocent.

It is surely that there are some people who are favor of the decision. For example, one of the participants said, it’s easy to say you are innocent since only SE has the technical proof. In addition, I think it is retarded to say SE bans people based on gil number while they actually have any data they need to trace the source of gil.

Here, we just showed two distinct views on the issue, and views vary in the meantime. It is necessary that things need to be improved currently.

It is not that difficult as you imagine in the ffxiv

When playing the high-popularity net game, you are bound to get stuck in the wired hole that the gil seems always insufficient. Hence, we collected data of the game guide, and hope that it would work in your playing.

ff14 farming guide


In the first place, we will discuss the ffxiv farming guide. If you see the mob from fate always grind those, they actually drop more than the normal mobs but only with a small problem. A number of players participate the fate. Even if you can’t get items out of fate, they are giving you good payments upon completion. Not to mention exp and faction towards your guild and grand company.

In the second place, as for the redundant farming, sprites those are not worth to farm although they drop crystals but you can get them much faster through discipline of land.

Finally, you must wonder how can you do when there are no blocking paths. Well, you can make your entire team stay at the entrance and have your tank hit sprint and run to grab all the treasure chest in all of the rooms. After all the chest has been grabed and respawn to entrance. Now if the tank can run to the first boss’s room and have all the team members follow then have the team members stack to a corner of the boss’s room and let the tank die. The entire trash mob should return back to their own position and you can have the healer res the tank and get the boss without clearing the entire dungeon.

New guides you are bound to be interested of FFXIV ARR

As the game updated yet, guides must have been updated accordingly. We currently share the new gil guides with you who are crazy about the hot net game, and it may work in your playing.

The brand new ffxiv gil guide is designed to help players maximize their amount of gil they can earn per hour. Below is the rough introduction of the guide.

ff14 gil guide


Gil is the major currency of Final Fantasy XIV. Gil is perhaps more important in FFXIV than in any other mmorpg as players can purchase practically anything in-game using the currency. Since gil is so valuable in FFXIV, enterprising high-level adventurers will often act as mercenaries to carry new players through the game’s difficult encounters.

To help players make as much gil as whenever they need in the game, the purpose of the new ffxiv gil guide is to provide players with reliable methods, from the most expensive material to mercenary services provided by other players. In order to accomplish this goal, the gil guide covers both solo farming, group farming, and crafting options to provide players with a wide variety of methods for making gil.

Except that, the most beneficial methods to make for every profession will be found out. Not only are that, but full sheets for each profession are provided detailing the ideal number of items to list for every Market Board slot in-game. However, even players who do not want to take up crafting can expect to make more than enough gil from the farming guide alone.