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Mog Log: Final Fantasy XIV you want to make a living

Final Fantasy XIV has many stories are told, and now I’m back in the mess. Amdapor keeping is an interesting dungeon, for example, as a whole mechanics tomestones is fascinating to me. But it also brought me within spitting distance of some people describe the game, the real drawback is that there is no way to really make money in the endgame. Install your repair bills, you do not get any further money to you, thus opening a leak, never really closed.

Honestly, I think this is interesting, because I did more money, because restart than when I first started. Buy relics precursors, gear, maintenance, and so on.Here to supply buy Cheap FFXIV Gil,FFXIV Power leveling

Certainly, the game’s economy has some problems, but these problems just from people not familiar with the game handle things like money. Over the past few years have taught us how to make money in the MMO, Final Fantasy XIV, but not back to those ideas. This is a different model here.

Good environment : A Realm Reborn

Square Enix know how to do anything , it creates an interesting world, make it look beautiful . This is the best looking Final Fantasy do ? No, but it is undoubtedly some pretty spectacular environment exploration. Game runs smoothly , although only a couple of times the texture a bit skewed. Each country has a different landscape, really makes you feel like you have in different parts of the fictional world tour . Whether you want to add even more immersion , because you often find yourself in a downpour blinds your vision . Plus some incredible music, familiar atmosphere of Final Fantasy , you will feel at home . It is certainly a world, you could lose yourself in.

The actual game , whether it is how to get started you expect a MMO launch . You can create a character and pick a category . The beginning of a network game can always feel a little overwhelming, but the realm of rebirth done a very good job , and slowly explain everything as it becomes relevant . It does not send spam at the beginning of everything, or cheap inform you that you can be on your menu , instead of checking primer slowly explain something to you . When you encounter something new , the game pops up a small menu , explain it to you . Throughout the game , as long as this situation continues , because it is something new. This is very helpful for newcomers who do not use this style.

A Realm Reborn as a whole, more casual MMO gamers. It is not really tough or too complicated, until late in the game . I would not call this game ” button mashing ” because it certainly is not that simple. However, there are certainly some MMO will laugh at this game required simple . I was a boxer ‘s mentality , so my job is very simple, as a treatment , will no doubt bring a completely unique experience.

As I said, the game becomes more difficult course, followed by a steady increase in the difficulty seems to be fairly balanced . Overall, however, the game never really kick your teeth , do you think this is impossible . Generally speaking, if you die , it is because you have done something stupid . This is not the difficulty of the game is not fair . The realm of rebirth is a cake walk , of course , this does not mean that it certainly does not mean it is bad. It can even be considered a good thing, to see how it is with open arms to welcome new immigrants , rather than avoiding unnecessary novices. This is simply a warning , there are hardcore MMO gamers. This is not going to challenge you as much as other games , but it’s still enjoyable.
Final Fantasy Characters

MMO crafting system is your favorite?

I’ve done a lot of crafting gathered at the recent Final Fantasy XIV, and I would ever stop any exaggeration, let’s just say that I like a lot. Especially the production of the usual collection of resources press the button to go walk the dog MMO superior specification, and the gathering also relates to the point where you can not AFK, because you are actively engaged in and make a choice.

Speaking of the best – Evers, though, this will make the daily grind an interesting question. Do not you agree? Therefore, in order to make official, MMO with your favorite drafting and / or collection of mechanics?

Final Fantasy Worlds Collide FFXIII Lightning join FFXIV

Final Fantasy worlds collide as FFXIII's Lightning joins FFXIV

A good share of the – if not most – playing Final Fantasy XIV folks, because the previous FF franchise relationship. Moreover, this fact is not lost on the Square Enix. In fact, the studio has just released a new video today is another Final Fantasy game heroine to join the realm of Eorzea. Although the title character Lightning return: FFXIII, Lightning also appeared during the fighting and the player with the realm of rebirth à activities (fate), the successful completion of which will net players gear and weapons modeled after the one found in FFXIII.

In this cross-promote the other side, players can acquire new lightning return Miqo’te costumes and weapons and shields from the city FFXIV: ARR as its theme. Clothing new Chrysalia weapons and shields the inner world of hidden clues, by clearing quests.Here to supply buy Cheap FFXIV GilFFXIV Power leveling

The new equipment, weapons and shields FFXIII in the galleries below and watch the fate of lightning join FFXIV trailer after the cut.

Final Fantasy XIV announced at TGS new content

This is nearly a month since Square Enix company re-launched their second online game, Final Fantasy XIV: rebirth of a state. While many of us still made ​​our way through the story, on 50, the other players are already out there looking for more content. Approximately 2.1 update before the launch we have heard some discussion, but recently the producer Naoki Yoshida at Tokyo Game Show, for everyone to quickly see if we have something to look forward with ARR’s first major update.

For those level-capped players looking for a new instance is running, there will be some new dungeons 2.1 update. In these new instances are rent the latest RAID, Crystal Tower. This will be a 24-player dungeon, according to Yoshida, not inferior to lose some of the players point of view is guaranteed wipe.

If the dungeons and law enforcement officers are not your thing, or you’ve been longing for something a little more unpredictable than the scripted NPC battle, 2.1 update will also bring new PvP Arena features ARR. In Wolves hut, two teams of four players will face off against each other, fighting and glory.

2.1 The other main function is to update a bit less operational focus: Players houses. All three city-states in Eorzea prospective homeowners about 380 different kinds of parts, to make your house stand out from others.

Yoshida also hinted at some other functions, from 2.1 update:

Treasure Hunt (no real information other than looking for treasure, and can be done alone or in a group)
Hard Mode for a special enemies (they kept secret the identity of the monster now)
Daily original task
Content Search – random match (random match a variety of content. Give the device token).
Hairdressing (to change your hairstyle)

Daily Grind: What is your favorite online games do little things?

At the end, yes, Magitek Armor.

I enjoyed quite a bit of Final Fantasy XIV, and not just because of the wonderful multiclassing system or square ornate fantasy costumes. It is also true, my avatar face, while sitting in his playful animation and niftier the fishing log addictive fishing game, and such a trifle. Let us not forget the traditional Final Fantasy victory theme, my character in his hotel room bed and curled up to sleep after a hard day’s adventures timing.Here you can buy the cheapest and most practical Final Fantasy XIV GilFFXIV Power leveling

Large audience what? Of course, you have a few small but necessary feature that lets you get back to your favorite online games. What are they?

Wings Over Atreia: Aion anniversary , marking four years

Ah ? What, you say – Another year has passed you ? Ah , I will … you’re right ! If you’re anything like me, Aion fourth year of a large climb at an extremely slow rate of 4.0 you waiting for a big expansion and a new class of all newsbytes and teasing . Then, once dark betrayal finally arrived, in the last quarter of this year, almost no notice compression . Quite frankly , it does not really feel as if four years have passed since the first opened Atreia , welcome eager Daevas, but it does have . So, happy fourth birthday, Aion !
Wings Over Atreia  Aion's anniversary marks four years
As is customary in this large-scale, on this auspicious anniversary , I want to dedicate over Atreia wings reflect on the past year, what has changed since our last recalled the past and remains unchanged. We invite you to join me many memories …… Of course, the cake !

Build a better world

As you may have noticed , over the years , NCsoft Company AION a huge expansion and the number of smaller, but still substantial content updates every year . And this year is no different : while the biggest news is the introduction of the much-anticipated 4.0 patch , as well as smaller updates, such as addressing the RMT plagues and features that make folks offline friends to invite friends list, but also to expand and improve the way Aion Apart from increasing the quality of the land .

Bring it on !

Fore this year than the previous one thing is to expand the non- AI enemy fighting chance . Raise the level cap from the Rift Valley Rift event to add new siege system transformation in Katalam Danaria, one seems to really want to focus more on providing the parties and more diversified way to participate in PVP.Here to supply buy  FFXIV Gil, FFXIV Power leveling Whole new area of multiple bases , have more opportunities to get some action and changing the balance of power in these regions .

Those fighting either gift or decorative feathers filling the giant cake. Although only I received a gift box just syrup, turned out to be two need to combine and make a new pair of wings four features ! I only need two feathers , so you might see me and I can hunt these events and more . But also to seek hidden cake . Welcome to join me in these adventures.

Final Fantasy XIV exceeded one million unique login, preview the first patch

You will live here.

It may seem as if everyone these days playing Final Fantasy XIV. Naoki Yoshida, producer of the scene in the latest letter, made ​​it clear that although it is not for everyone, the game certainly attracted a considerable number. Since the launch has happened over one million unique login, when you consider that the game’s troubled launch of the historical average of 617,000 daily logins and 344,000 unique users, which is quite good concurrent peak.

But the development team is not concentrated only in the past. The game’s first patch is in the works, which is due to hit the live servers this year, it contains a lot of additional content. Will include housing, the game will be the first new PVP Arena and extremely difficult battle for each Primals. Patch will also include a new raw confrontation King Moogle MOG two dungeons, a new dungeon, daily tasks, random matching incentives, treasure hunting system, hard mode … a lot of things, in other words. So, maybe those ten thousand unique players are onto something.

The daily grind: MMO unexpected you love it?

You know, I really like Final Fantasy XIV. I especially like crafting, harvesting and greater IP loose sprinkled throughout Eorzea. Of course, who does not like that level until the victory of the music?

I may be preaching the choir here, because the game is so popular, in fact, had to stop selling square, for a time, but I do not know. Here to supply buy FFXIV Gil I guess how much I dig it, I was surprised, so I am very pleased, in fact, I’m going to enjoy these two games pretty way.

How about you do a large audience? Have you ever accidentally do a game? Which one?

Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV Online sales recovery

Problems in the server queue struggle and players complaints, it looks as if feeling a little better about Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV operating status: Rebirth of the realm – much better, the game is again available in digital form from the official store to buy Squaresoft .

Sales were halted shortly after, FFXIV restart, because the server is unstable, and many other problems. Those who are lucky enough to snag a copy before selling off the assembly line has been suffering by logging restrictions and other emergency measures put in place to help even things out, and to keep the server explosion.

With sales of online and more people rushing into the fray, Final Fantasy XIV seems finally to be able to go forward, a Chocobo size step by step.