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Mog Log: Final Fantasy XIV you want to make a living

Final Fantasy XIV has many stories are told, and now I’m back in the mess. Amdapor keeping is an interesting dungeon, for example, as a whole mechanics tomestones is fascinating to me. But it also brought me within spitting distance of some people describe the game, the real drawback is that there is no Read More

MMO crafting system is your favorite?

I’ve done a lot of crafting gathered at the recent Final Fantasy XIV, and I would ever stop any exaggeration, let’s just say that I like a lot. Especially the production of the usual collection of resources press the button to go walk the dog MMO superior specification, and the gathering also relates to the point Read More

Final Fantasy Worlds Collide FFXIII Lightning join FFXIV

A good share of the - if not most - playing Final Fantasy XIV folks, because the previous FF franchise relationship. Moreover, this fact is not lost on the Square Enix. In fact, the studio has just released a new video today is another Final Fantasy game heroine to join the realm of Eorzea. Although the title character Lightning return: Read More

Final Fantasy XIV announced at TGS new content

This is nearly a month since Square Enix company re-launched their second online game, Final Fantasy XIV: rebirth of a state. While many of us still made ​​our way through the story, on 50, the other players are already out there looking for more content. Approximately 2.1 update before the launch we have heard some Read More

Daily Grind: What is your favorite online games do little things?

I enjoyed quite a bit of Final Fantasy XIV, and not just because of the wonderful multiclassing system or square ornate fantasy costumes. It is also true, my avatar face, while sitting in his playful animation and niftier the fishing log addictive fishing game, and such a trifle. Let us not forget the traditional Final Fantasy victory theme, my character in his hotel room bed Read More

The daily grind: MMO unexpected you love it?

You know, I really like Final Fantasy XIV. I especially like crafting, harvesting and greater IP loose sprinkled throughout Eorzea. Of course, who does not like that level until the victory of the music? I may be preaching the choir here, because the game is so popular, in fact, had to Read More

Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV Online sales recovery

Problems in the server queue struggle and players complaints, it looks as if feeling a little better about Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV operating status: Rebirth of the realm - much better, the game is again available in digital form from the official store to buy Squaresoft . Sales were halted shortly Read More